Appreciation of the Korean Landscape Painting Feel Kind Charm

Art comes from life, and higher than life. Good art gives the viewer more of a spiritual experience. Bo Po Po-chun mall arts network there are many fine works of art collection, a wide range, but I love landscape painting alone, especially when the number of Korean painting them, painting a clear bright style, rigorous realism creative attitude, are so Korean painting thriving vitality. Bo Baby Jane mall in the collection of many artists from the hands of Korean paintings, Bo Po network Tibetan faithful can look at.
The development of Western painting landscape oil painting is produced by a branch of late, which is mainly to create the natural landscape painting, landscape painting in these works, whether people or things appear, more or less exposure for the background of their do set off. North Korea has always been a realist approach to painting, known for rigorous writing style. In the following these two paintings we can came to realize that.
Oil paintings porcelain making money online miscellaneous jade artists "Cat" painting style of work as a whole, fresh, natural, green always bring people a comfortable feeling. Paintings in two interdependent play slapstick big cat at the moment is being in a sea of vibrant green, the grass dotted with flowers scattered, dropped the hat on the ground, and dragonflies flying over the air, the painting movement combined with dynamic contrast static, gives the viewer the feeling of fresh and natural, more likely to cause the viewer in a spiritual resonance.
Oil paintings porcelain making money online miscellaneous jade artists painting "White Swan" and Bo Baby Jane, also from the mall, animal oil painting, whether it is the portrayal of animals, or background, against the background between the two there is another, complementary relationship. White Swan in the creator's pen noble, peaceful demeanor, attention to detail are all present in the world, faint ripples across the surface, it is soothing to white swans swimming posture when doing an excellent footnotes.