A Realist Painter Painting Check Slave

8, said: check slave
Period: 1890
Creator: Division Italy
Specification: 54cm × 77.3cm
Materials: fabric paint
Keep possession at: private possession
A realist painter painting techniques and vivid picture of slave trafficking process. This is a 19th century Arab general habits, the slave has been stripped of clothes, standing naked against the wall, to accept the buyer's inspection humiliation. Painter with bold brush strokes, a strong sense of light, the performance of this scene.


The Works of Manet and His Exhibition

In 1859, Sharon sent to the works of Manet for the first time, but was rejected by Jury. 1861, his "Spanish guitar singer" and two works selected, and when the show award. In 1863, his large painting "Luncheon on the Grass" to "immoral" charges denied; then painting "Olympia" by critics condemned. So he follow the example of Courbet's practice, with part of the unsuccessful artist, held an "unsuccessful work exhibition." For these works, mixed media, fanatical touted and eliminate harsh ridicule have reached unprecedented levels.

1867, confrontation with the World Exposition Manet exhibition opening. Manet's success is mainly reflected in the portraits, the first to impressionistic light and color into the portrait, creating the Impressionist style. Manet's early academic years of education received, and later studied many ancient works of masters, his paintings both traditional painting a solid shape, there Impressionist school of painting bright, colorful, full of light perception of color, he can be is an important nexus painter. His works (especially portraits) naturally reflects the character's personality and psychology. "Flute boy" with almost no shadow of a plane figure painting method, the performance figures it, from here we can see Monet's talent and sense of ego.


Impressionist painters - Renoir

Impressionist painters as Renoir, early species subjected to political attacks, art on the road with many obstacles, which makes him at that time undergone a number of frustrations and suffering. However, we do not see in his dark and obscure works, his pen, whether it is depicting rural landscapes, pastoral scenes or flowers and fruits, all made us feel the joy of the sunshine, the audience's heart very warm, freedom. In particular, he described those naked women, so we feel a healthy, feel the vitality of a life. Watching Renoir's work, I suddenly thought of the great artists of his pain forever buried in the bottom of my heart, the beauty and happiness to more people. According to historical records, impressionist painter Renoir is a small site in ages, during his lifetime created a surprising number of portraits of his representative works are "swing", "piano girl", "box", "bath women "and so on. It is respected, the painter in the last moments of life, hands still grasping the brush, he would like more fun and beautiful sprinkling earth.

Renoir (Pierre Augusts Renoir, 1841--- 1919), was born in France Limo day, had a small ceramic workshop followed an apprentice pottery maker, and later work is to draw on the work in the ceramic pattern. Early portraits showing the tendency to depict fine, had to imitate Courbet, Courbet's art of especially great impact on him. Later, he began contacts with the impressionist painter, his works have begun to appear beautiful woman. Renoir had participated in the three Impressionist exhibitions, and later due to economic and other factors, decided to defect to the official Salon, and a big success, work style has gradually changed, he seems to feel the Impressionist paintings has come to an end, began his interest shifted to classical painting to go. Renault A Yisheng art road encounter many ups and downs, life is full of suffering, old age, suffering from arthritis pain and suffering, life is almost spent in a wheelchair.


Bacon Painting Style of the Formation

Bacon painting style of the formation, by Rembrandt, Daumier and others of influence and inspiration, but his work was the lack of humanism and entrepreneurial spirit. Filled in his works, is a kind of life, the reality of the pessimistic and negative perceptions, therefore, loneliness and anguish as he likes to show the theme. In Bacon's pen, the image of the characters portrayed are not based on true feelings, but to visualize some of their emotions, to show the audience a picture of the fate of being covered. Always appear on the screen so he needs to shape the pain and horror of the world. Those people are often in the spirit of his pen has been seriously distorted, and even convulsions and full of horror. Is a physical struggle in solitude, or a growling demon. Those who have been called "the devil" monster in a dark space, but also implies that those in power of solitude and loneliness. Later, those grotesque, deformed monster manifested by intense pain and tension caused great shock in the Western art world, while also making the bacon was a huge success, giving him a huge painting in the West's reputation .

Bacon's work demonstrated the concept of Europe after World War II with the popular nature of Sartre's philosophy in a consistent place in the artistic performance of the method, Bacon makes the audience emotionally involved in his work directly, so audience to understand the meaning of existence. His representative works such as those with "learning committee in support of the Pope of Las expensive," "Portrait of Pope Innocent X. learning" and "Triptych", he wanted his own imagination on the screen on the bench - - This is the human condition for the most severe condemnation. Perhaps war, maybe steel and fire, so he witnessed the vulnerability of flesh on steel, and his contempt for those pseudo-Taoist philosophers were the so-called "moral influence" of preaching. He bluntly told the people: "People have to understand that he is a coincidence, no perception of a pure accident." Bacon's life is the spirit of a militant atheist, but also in Europe after the war the "existential" representation of the artist , is a towering figure in European contemporary painting.

Bacon (Francis Bacon, 1909 ---- 1992), was born in Dublin, Ireland, is a famous 18th century philosopher Francis Bacon • collateral descendants. His father was a famous horse trainer in Ireland, Irish Bacon spent his childhood, his childhood love of painting, but never had been to art school received any training, he is a self-taught artist. 1926 moved to London, then began a long painting career. 1945 was a turning point in his painting, works on a variety of exhibitions continue to be received, after 1949, his work attracted widespread attention. Since then, he began a very stable life, to create their own fascination. 1992 and died on his way to Madrid. According to the wishes of his lifetime, no funeral, Ruguan with him, is his creation of a 1972 triptych.