While Ramirez spoke Koumo dashing

While Ramirez spoke Koumo dashing, but competition is fierce in the past glory of winning is not a guarantee now, the Red Sox would like to reverse the situation, must first overcome the "poverty fighting disease", in the past 24 Board 22 Board hanging egg A total of only scored 5 points, with regular season play the impression that there are significant gaps storm.

Red Sox fifth war will face the Indians ace lefthander Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia), both series opener fight, Shabaxiya vote of five lost 8 points dissatisfied embarrassing exit was as high as 3 percent against 68, the red Socks is a boon.


War in the first two Rocky road win, the third fight back at home

War in the first two Rocky road win, the third fight back at home, live only six degrees Celsius and low temperatures, combined with floating light rain from time to time, so that two offensive are "frozen", the first Board under the Rocky relying on a solo home run Halladay Chi was the first point, while a guest of the Diamondbacks in the fourth inning and a solo bomb to recover relying Ruinuo Si into a tie than one.

Both sides are of the sixth inning, the Los Angeles attack grasp the opportunity, the first batter Hatton be sent, one out later, Harper hit a share hits a runner, second base, although the soil Luweisiji been struck, but Then Tuoruiouba direction stick and win three runs left center field home runs, so Rocky to four to one lead to the whistle.

Diamondbacks also know their audience while eight hits, but left 19 on base, plus any reliever Rocky III successfully defend the last three Board, or to leave the victory Los Angeles, the fourth war tomorrow, the two sides will continue to the arena in Los Angeles, Diamondbacks released Owens, Los Angeles sent Molalesi fight wars.


This is not the result of more non-alarmist

Pitched 5 2 / 3 Board suffered a 14 hits, the Indians built the defensive play against Aberdeen, the rate soared to an "unbelievable" 19.06, "Taiwan" was dull in the playoffs this year, although the Yankees coach Torre (Joe Torre) constantly "reminded" Do not forget the outside Wang's contribution to the regular season 19 wins, but even behind the Arab people of Taiwan in addition to fans, but also want to know exactly how the construction of earners?

Yes, the playoffs are Indians no matter how Wang repair, construction of the outside world can not ignore the regular season, Aberdeen's outstanding performance is a key figure in the Yankees Daochiganzhe broke into the playoffs, but when the fourth battle Amin New York fans booed, the bow slowly into the lounge of the screen appears, deeply hurt the hearts of the fans, the greater question mark is: "James really anti-stress level to ACE it?"

This is not the result of more non-alarmist, professional sports more realistic? Time to pull the nine-○ age of the winners of the League of Nations Non-Warriors must go, Since 1991, 15 consecutive playoff appearance, the Yankees more than the current choking, but to ask what the Warriors won several titles? Answer more, no less, only the 1995 champion who once fifteenth win probability is low enough it! Fans are forgetful, and no one will remember the regular season to win a few games the ball, only to remember the last king who is professional sports, the winners and champions can never equate.


Red Sox's fight broke out in the eighth line

Schilling proves he is a contest-type player, a total of 16 times in his playoff start, won nine wins and 2 losses, ERA is only 1.93 of the high level.

Red Sox's fight broke out in the eighth line. The first beaten with clubs by Lugo (Julio Lugo) was recommended for admission, the Angels replaced reliever Shi Pier (Justin Speier), did not think they fall into hell began. Red Sox hit in the Council six hits, hit a total of 11 people coming down 7 points to lay winning foundation.

Angel is by Red Sox pitching audience repression, only relying on in the ninth sacrifice fly scored 1 point irrelevant.

Red Sox ALCS successful promotion, will face the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians between the winner. Red Sox fans the excitement level is also the 2004 Red Sox swept the Angels in the first round, then the Red Sox won the championship after nearly 84 years.


Line in the Diamondbacks beat Cubs pitcher three joint blockade

7 Bureau, Diamondbacks third baseman Renos (Mark Reynolds) Cubs reliever Malmo phase (Carlos Marmol) for a record 95 miles of the straight ball, a stick bomb hit ahead of spring, and then relying on walks and hits an additional insurance No. 3.

Line in the Diamondbacks beat Cubs pitcher three joint blockade, the center bar plays only Derek Lee (Derrek Lee) hit one hits, turn off the combat is the main reason for losing.

Diamondbacks next game will launch on 12 season 13 games left to vote defeat Davis (Doug Davis) start, Cubs are sending the same cast as the left-Li Lee (Ted Lilly) fight. Davis, Winnie the start of this year had won a victory in games, the games he pitched seven scoreless Board, and struck out eight times. Lee Lee fought in the year before Bear from the Toronto Blue Jays, the regular season also had a field with a rattlesnake grips, threw 8 strikeouts and only lost two points but to swallow the failure to vote. If the Cubs continue to play line hibernation, a hundred years without a crown may have to happen!


Priest for the past 14 games against 13 wins won the Los Angeles

This is the seventh major league history, scored in the regular season plus playoff race, is the first time since 1999. Padres start with zero to three behind, follow, into five to six, and finally the horns extend Unfortunately, with victory still missed.

Priest for the past 14 games against 13 wins won the Los Angeles, specially sent masters starting pitcher Peewee, Peewee Tokachi the past 14 games, a negative surprise, repeated today that the situation can not suppress the opponents, but fortunately by a teammate Gonzalez's grand slam, only to escape the fate of swallow defeat.

Hoffman last Saturday was originally expected to win playoff tickets assistant disabilities, unexpectedly in the playoff two outs in the 11th Board cases, reversed by the Milwaukee Brewers, they swallow the failure to vote today, called the team's number one sinner.


Marlins pitcher Olsen (Scott Olsen) pitched 5.1 Bureau

Marlins pitcher Olsen (Scott Olsen) pitched 5.1 Bureau, gave up seven hits, lost 4, scored 10 wins this season, Cubs Choi Sok (Steve Trachsel) is to swallow the quarter of the 11th lost.

Cubs ace Wood (Kerry Wood) from injury after the board version of the seventh season, in the Board under section 6, no out, bases-loaded situation in the rescue play, the ball only 6 to defuse the crisis, only to hit in the Board voted 2 1 hits, did not lose points, his vote in the last 7 games 8 Council, sent 10 strikeouts and 1 point is not lost, once the state has gradually recovered.

Bear swallow after this defeat, in the National League Central champion of the magic number is still stopped at the 3, and following closely behind the Milwaukee Brewers margin of victory has shrunk to 1.5 games.


The face of hot pursuit of the Brewers

The face of hot pursuit of the Brewers, Cubs fire proof with all 22 Taipei time against piracy team, relying on four home runs, including Manny Ramirez (Aramis Ramirez) single-field Pom, irrigation into six RBIs and closing to 13:8 victory over the visiting Buccaneers.

Manny Ramirez in the No. 1 Board and the Board 7, respectively, knocking out key 3 RBI home run, this is the 19th of his career single-game performance has more than Pom is the 2nd of this month. He said, "If you try to hit a home run, you are partial not hit, you just have to hit the ball, and watch what happens next."

Cubs pitcher Marquis (Marquis) poor performance, only pitched 2.2 Bureau, was pounded eight hits, 2 walks sent, lost 7 points and had to exit, but the team relied on the officers and men Yongming, use 6 relief pitcher, effective suppression of anti-piracy team the next, and then rely on the team hit 16 hits, 13 points, including four home runs, defeated the Buccaneers.

"We also need another 1 week of kinetic energy," Cubs coach Bi Naila (Piniella) said: "The feel good to win these games, these are important, are the critical moment of the race, these children are successfully completed." .

As the Brewers Reversal of Fortune Warrior, Bear still retain 1.5 Field margin of victory in the National League Central leader.


History of the National pitcher fireball bursts of 100 miles of this war

History of the National pitcher fireball bursts of 100 miles of this war, have suffered after the stabilization Council voted 6 hit in the 3 only safety, and another eight strikeouts, won 3 wins (2 losses), after the game he said to to the Alliance, there are still many places to learn, college did not, and should be here. He also said that when opponents to defeat you, you have to respond.

National scored a total blow out 13 hits, Dunne, Harris has a heavy blow to reward performance, and Dunn also plus three RBI. Giants pitching staff is tragic national blockade, the audience only 4 hits and attack the first battle will be in Washington frustrated; starting pitcher Ken Board voted 6 hit in the 11 hits, including two homers loss of 8 points (7 responsible for loss), swallow defeat this season 8 (6 wins).


But many veteran baseball people and experts

Although the Strasbourg (Stephen Strasburg) rely on a perfect start, frequency will be more shining star halo grazing, there are still many people that he is still qualify the current All-Star Game selection. But such reports came out, for many people pleaded small history, which places "baseball.about.com" Hom expert Patrick (Scott Kendrick) straight choke unreasonable, "All-Star Game, do not do to let the fans see that joy it? "

While his teammates today, A Short History of Fire is not quite the situation with the first time to swallow bitter taste of defeat in the taste of major league, but he pitched six Board sustained winds 9 strikeouts skill, it still provides the majority of fans to cheer and applause, but with a start before he founded the old K rookie record, leaving the previous rumors that he will be All-Star season, the news spread like wildfire.

But many veteran baseball people and experts, however, took opposing views, including the head coach of the Cincinnati Reds Baker (Dusty Baker), the United States "ESPN" anchor and the Hall of Fame star Morgan (Joe Morgan), have said they do not agree that this year's Short History a proposal Star Game, "is not the time now, not to the era of Strasbourg." The group of famous, talking heads of the opposition, but also to stand even behind the counter could not help a small history of the party.


The team with the Yankees play against the Pirates (GCL Pirates) have two Taiwanese players

U.S. fortunes this year, the Bay Area Alliance Yankees (GCL Yankees) Guo Fu Lin, Taipei time on the Pirates team battle, hit his baseball career No. 1 hits, and 5 of his battle to play number 2 hits, there are 2 RBIs to help the Yankees beat the Pirates by 11 to 4 teams.

Fu Lin Guo early appearance yesterday, did not show today, keep his starting third base is still, playing the first 5 bars, 2 Bureau of his first hit sacrifice fly, hit back to professional baseball career, 1 RBI, 4 Board and win base hit, this is his No. 1 security, and playing back 2 RBI, 8 Board and then pounded a hit; currently Guo Fu Lin hit rate is 2 percent 86.

The team with the Yankees play against the Pirates (GCL Pirates) have two Taiwanese players, Xu Zhiwei and Chi-Hung are the three at bats did not hit.


Down Lin Xikang (Tim Lincecum) require much time?

Down Lin Xikang (Tim Lincecum) require much time? Red Sox 3 Bureau is you today, Lin Xikang 3 Bureau threw three walks and was hit five hits and lost 4 points, immediately go for the giant while the Red Sox start Rest (Jon Lester) completed only 9-Board lost 1 point, a smooth victory won 9, Red Sox beat Giant 5:1.

The first European Council embankment hereby (David Ortiz) on the use of spring home run, told the overthrow Linxi Kang's determination today, the Second Board bases-loaded situation, Rest self, playing back a sacrifice fly points, Shikuteluo ( Marco Scutaro) has a soft of hits and then the next 1 minute, 3 Bureau of the Hall (Bill Hall) hit a last straw that breaks the Linxi Kang.


Wang struggle in the United States the past 10 years

From the Yankees ace, dropping to zero injuries after surgery to re-start the construction of low earners can imagine, the family support day for 10 years, gave him the strength to stand up again. Wang said, "his family said they are encouraged not to despair, rehabilitation can be a good time to start all over again, if they can not play, is back to Taiwan citizenship." Asked whether he had been doing the worst? Wang answered very simply, "For ah."

Wang struggle in the United States the past 10 years, the most remembered in Taiwan is, and team-mates time with athletics. Wang said, "like into the national team to a group training there, are living together, together we concentrate fully on, with a meal, do anything together."

For 10 years, good or bad experiences, build earners are no longer thinking too much, and now the best hope is that the Alliance as soon as possible and then return to their ambitions.