Kawakami joined the Warriors in the first year cast a 3.86 earned run average results

It is believed that the Yomiuri Giants and Nippon Ham Fighters are interested in the team of Kawakami, a day job in addition to the team is willing to down a team more than other parts of Sichuan, on payroll, but has been shown Kawakami, unwilling to Tokyo Arena play, and the Japanese pitcher who tends to stay in the U.S. campaign.

In the past two seasons combined Kawakami race 50 games, including 41 games is the starter, but the cast only embarrassing record 8 wins 22 lost, 4.32 earned run average.

Kawakami joined the Warriors in the first year cast a 3.86 earned run average results, but luck is not very good, only lost by 7 record 12 wins, only the first 15 games this season starting, Kawakami pitched only 1 win 9 of defeat, 4.48 ERA performance, which was subsequently moved to the bullpen, even in August when he was sent to 3A. Even if the ball end of the quarter the chance, but the Warriors do not want to give Kawakami pitch space, both destined to break up a way to go.


Major League today (12 May) announced the 2010 season

Major League today (12 May) announced the 2010 season, Silver Slugger Award winner Will Lewis, appeared in four new faces this year, including the Toronto Blue Jays Sandro Costa (Jose Bautista), Florida Marlins ugra (Dan Uggla), and two Colorado Rockies players Trotsky Wieruszewski (Troy Tulowitzki) and Gonzalez (Carlos Gonzalez). The New York Yankees and Washington Nationals have a player were awarded.

Silver Slugger Award this year, players were only five winners last year, and this result is head coach of Major League teams and coaches vote, and voters have provided the team can not vote for their own players.

Midland selected list (the number of winners bracket): Catcher - Minnesota Twins Moore (Joe Mauer) (4), first baseman - Cabrera Detroit Tigers (Miguel Cabrera) (3), second baseman - Yang Ji Kannuo (Robinson Cano) (2), third baseman - Boston Red Sox Beltran (Carlos Beltran) (2), shortstop - Chicago White Sox Manny Ramirez (Alexie Ramirez) (1), outfielder - Blue Bird Sandro Costa (1), Texas Rangers Hamilton (Josh Hamilton) (2), Tampa Bay Rays Crawford (Carl Crawford) (1), designated hitter - Ranger Ge Leinuo (Vladimir Guerrero ) (8).


People choose to the two left-hander Scott Olsen and Jesse English transferred

People choose to the two left-hander Scott Olsen and Jesse English transferred to a minor league contract, but they eventually will become a free agent.

Olsen will be transferred to the National Little League, but who has three years left Major League vote on the selection of years refused to be decentralized, and thus become a free agent. As Olsen flies past two years in the National and unsatisfactory, so once the free agent, is expected to vote in the left will not go back to Washington.

Olsen Marlins in 2002 was selected, and in 2005 major league debut, spent three season in the Marlins after more than in 2009 to wear the national jersey, but only in the beginning of the season cast Olsen month and a half of the ball, because shoulder injuries the disabled list, although short 6,7 months had returned to the team, but still ahead of the end of last season.


Less need to play against National League pitcher of the bundle service

In addition to combat, the starting pitcher Lewis lost only 2 points of 7.2 Council is also a good investment and Rangers to win one of the key, he said the feeling of home is really great, "I'm sure the fans together, we can advantage. "Lewis said, to pay good grades, was a" comfortable power "dictates. Washington is praised, "we need a good investment!"

Less need to play against National League pitcher of the bundle service, the Rangers attacked more easily, the other hand, a giant in the American League came to a kind of feeling not open, the audience only 5 hits, relying on two solo home runs in win 2 points. Head coach of the wavelet (Bruce Bochy) said, "This is a different league, which is the American League, and their larger support of the people."

Prior to the game, the Rangers struck out specially invited King, Ryan is one of the team owners (Nolan Ryan) kick-off, arrested by the former club of iron, is to stay in Washington's I-Rod is responsible for the national catch. Ryan, 63, sent the ball though only slightly, but according to "ESPN" reported that the ball is still about 68 miles (about 109 km) level, we can see the ear of the years passed he was still healthy and strong.


The Phillies once again get angry killer Ross

The Phillies once again get angry killer Ross, four Board may point circle one and win the direction of left field hits to help the Giants get the first point of support, now hit the third war, each had a RBI revenue, "I really do not dare to believe I can make the playoffs, the playoffs two months ago, I do not know what it is, is the Giants brought me all this, "Aug. 22 to Ross before transferring from a giant marlin, but repeatedly perform outstanding in the playoffs.

Giants Huff (Aubrey Huff) also knocked in four innings with RBI hits, and of five Sangqi Si (Freddy Sanchez) doubles the direction of ground balls, Atlee (Chase Utely) did not stopped, so that the giant again add 1 point, 3 points, insurance, coupled with the suppression of Kahn, a giant win.

Porch said: "I am very pleased that we overcome the fear, I love my players out."

In the future war will be the fifth, the Phillies Brandon (Joe Blanton), played the giant new Bergman (Madison Bumgamer).


Sabathia pitched 4 inning win their six hits

8 Bureau of downstream to the cavalry by the first hitter Ian Kinsler walked on base, but Kinsler death occurred in the base-running mistakes Shique was contacting the one between second base; Yankees 9, and then sent under guard Terminator Mariano Rivera, Yankees whistle Take the 6 to 5 and grabbed the first win the American League Championship Series.

Sabathia pitched 4 inning win their six hits, all to blame lose 5 points, but relying on his teammates defeat vote escaped fire support, back-2 scoreless innings, 4 strikeouts soared out of Dustin Moseley will win the game; Wilson pitched seven Board gave up 6 hits, lost 3 points, but unfortunately bullpen pitchers do not join in, and wins passing, Darren O'Day vote is lost to swallow.

American League Championship Series will be the second war, Taipei time at 4:00 on the 16th for the Yankees starting pitchers Phil Hughes, Rangers were sent Colby Lewis fight.


Li Zhenchang performed well this season

Li Zhenchang performed well this season, especially in July has no responsibility for the entire month of overkill performance loss, even the disabled list in August, but the Indians hit the ball fall group has long been linked to the idea of him, and then really also appears in the 9 The list announced earlier this month, let Li Zhenchang to accept the stronger hitter ahead of the test.

Presented both the game against war, the end of the first 6 Rafters Council, 5 to 3 lead, Board 6 has a 3 on 3 Registration Board under section 7 of the show Li Zhenchang Board met in turbulence, the council gave up three hits and 1 appears to contain their own mistakes, add 2 points to rival the insurance points, Javelinas still Cannian end points after the chase.

The campaign hits 2 3 Li Zhenchang Board are responsible for loss of 2 points lost, but four died 2K still playing well without the ball skills.


The Warriors 9 counterattack under the patron is limited to the giant Wilson

Warriors have no choice but rescue group took turns at the 9th Bureau of arson, Jinbo Rui (Craig Kimbrel) first walked Shichuan Long (Travis Ishikawa) and then he was Sangqi Si strike hits, and Moran (Peter Moylan) after playing let Huff (Aubrey Huff ) hits than the number of knock to right field tied the direction, and the Warriors second baseman Conrad actually happens at this time fielding errors, ran back to take the opportunity to advance to Sangqi Si points, Giants 3 to 2.

The Warriors 9 counterattack under the patron is limited to the giant Wilson (Brian Wilson) and nothing to show, a giant in the National League playoffs for the first round of war 3 come from behind 3 to 2, a giant battle in the series are also 2 to 1 lead. The key appears in the second baseman fielding errors Conrad, in The campaign "contribution" to 3 turnovers, terrible performance let him say: "I dig a hole to jump into the super, and then sleep in it directly ! "


Wang in front of the future are pessimistic on the idea

Then "BBD" presented their arguments, "If that ball back, he (Wang) or spend some time in the minor leagues to adjust his arm. This is not a elbow injury, the place was shoulder problem, unfortunately land, and that ended his career enough. "

However, in the past but also the rise of another example of the shoulder injury, won last year's comeback award Carpenter Cardinals pitcher (Chris Carpenter) is an example.

Wang in front of the future are pessimistic on the idea, the paper would still point out the indisputable fact that until the date of this year's Hughes, "the king may be since Pettitte, the pitcher from the Yankees farm strongest." Wang China 2005-2008 surprise that The New Yorker, won 19 games for two consecutive quarters in addition, also in 2008 became the first Director of the history of the opening of the Yankees starting pitcher in Asia.


Yankees playoff race reduced to a magic number

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox 3, Lien Chan lost the first two games were, swallowed the four-game losing streak, today (27 days) in order to avoid being swept at home, before the starting pitcher by the Mosley (Dustin Moseley) off into Sri Lanka (Phil Hughes), Daisuke Matsuzaka resisted. The Yankees originally have the opportunity to win in the regular 9 Board, but the "patron saint" Rivera (Mariano Rivera) missed was tied, and finally into the medal playoff before relying on Miranda (Juan Miranda) concave to the bye walks, 4 to 3 win over, now the eastern United States to lose the light behind the half margin of victory.

Yankees playoff race reduced to a magic number, it will be their first in 16 years to 15 degrees into the playoffs. The Red Sox will swallow nearly 13 lost 5 games, they are now the Yankees 6.5 games behind the wild card, ominously, the schedule also remaining 7 games this season.

The first 3 innings by the Red Sox Martinez (Victor Martinez) hit the first score of the Yankees A-ROD 7 retaliate the next 2 points ahead than the number of guns, this is his 29th season boom. The coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) to Rivera on 2 out of 8, the early clock to work, not only because he was not a long race, but also hope to hold only 1 point lead.


Tigers fire audience shoot, hit 13 hits

Recent excellent Weiland, starting the last 7 games, scored 5 wins 0 lose, but also the Tigers between 1987 and 1988 following the pitcher Morris (Jack Morris), the re-create a record of 2 consecutive quarter to reach 200K.

Tigers fire audience shoot, hit 13 hits, including six, Qiju, all coming down 4 points, lay the base wins. Twins starting pitcher Liliannuo (Francisco Liriano) to vote only on the exit 3 innings, gave up four hits, including a fat 2 points guns, cast 4K, 1BB, lost 2 points, all are responsible for loss of points, swallow The following season, lost 9.


Gelandesen 3 innings guns under the command 2 points

Flash "explosion Bureau boxing," Yankees 6, under the Board immediately respond, first take 1 minute to 3 safety light start Jahaza (Matt Garzar) repel, and replace Brad Buddha (Grant Balfour), Gelandesen in Second, third base was the situation the second floor of a bar down the right field stands, the formation of an important third cannon, the Bureau of the Yankees took 4 and a half, again going back to 4 points ahead, even if the light section after the race to recover two points are useless.

Gelandesen 3 innings guns under the command 2 points, 6 again support the next 3 rounds, 5 RBI single market contributor to the Yankees victory. The two wounded soldiers pull Xue Tucker (Mark Teixeira) and the Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu (Nick Swisher) today comeback, "Teixeira" not out ebb and 5 at bats 0 hits, batting average dropped to 2 percent 56, and the Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu 4 the anti-All on base, including two hits and two walks in, also arranged an RBI.

Yankees starter Nova 5.2 Board voted independent of the outcome of loss of 3 points, high Ting (Chad Gaudin) 6 on the debut did not hold the lead, but still picked up the first win this season (four lost); Rivera (Mariano Rivera) to vote a Board lost 1 point, was still successful rescue (32 rescue). Light starting to suffer Jahaza Board voted 5 8 security, including loss of 7 points Gelandesen home runs (5 minutes responsibility loss), swallow the 9th season defeat (14 wins).

In addition, the Yankees captain Kitt (Derek Jeter) to take 2 points The campaign, to score 1677 career points, and Mantle (Mickey Mantle) tied for third highest score in team history a player, the top two were Gairui Ge (Lou Gehrig) 1888 points and Babe Ruth (Babe Ruth) of 1959 points.


Shabaxiya The campaign is not qualified academic performance

Shabaxiya The campaign is not qualified academic performance, pitched seven Board Board not only in the first 6 opponents stepped Lei Bao, were beaten 7 hits, 4K and 1 sent four balls, the total loss of 3 points. But the line was able to effectively play the Yankees played in nine games Board only 3 and 7 Bureau does not score revenue, other Jieyou score gains for either the Orioles were 5 before and after the pitcher was attacked on 13 hits, 11 stolen crazy points.

Tide in which the Yankees scored on, he Cannone (Robinson Cano) Council on the H-5 2 minutes the most significant gun. This home runs than the number of teams will not only help pull the key, or Cannone first quarter revenue by 101 runs batted in for the evil empire in the 48 775 fans witnessed a St. Louis Cardinals in 2003 after The first branch has three 100 RBI infield team.


Pavano back on the brilliant performance today

Minnesota Twins starting today Pavano (Carl Pavano) unstable conditions, the main investment was the Chicago White Sox 5 Board smacked three home runs, but fortunately in the Twin Cities continue to spread the fire wire and frequently not for him to recover low scores, the last relying on Yonge (Delmon Young) wins the two points lay the foundation gun, smooth to the Twins swept the White Sox by 8 to 5, and won nearly 12 tournaments in 11 wins, and Pavano are lucky seized the first 17 games this season.

Pavano back on the brilliant performance today, the White Sox hit the highly anticipated registration plate is somewhat disappointing; teammates was enough loyalty to the Second Board under the first, relying on Yonge, Tommy (Jim Thome), Rui Puke (Jason Repko) and Hardy (JJ Hardy) in the series of hits, as Pavano won ahead of 3 to 0 advantage, but, he was immediately under the three Board can be Koerner (Paul Konerko) play solo shot after he Council is continuously under four stolen bases, knocking out security points, so the Twins in the fourth end of the remaining 3 to 2 lead.


Board Tejada blasted the first 2 points on the gun

National League West King clerics run into the same area 10 game winning streak in Los Angeles, center of batter angry, Cunningham (Aaron Cunningham), Tejada (Miguel Tejada), A-Gon (Adrian Gonzalez), Ludeweike (Ryan Ludwick) and win Padres 11 hits in 10 successful 10-game winning streak to destroy Los Angeles, priests 6:4 win.

Board Tejada blasted the first 2 points on the gun, get points, five Bureau of Tejada in the circle was the case, fired a 2 RBI base hits, 4 RBIs individual single market, individual enough to outdo all the scores of Los Angeles, The other batter also play to our strengths, nine taught Shisuolasa (Oscar Salazar) solo shot to paint the end.


Metropolitan Council's first breakthrough in 3 block opponents

Although Dickey and effective national campaign to suppress, but it is not without encountering a crisis, of which 6 Board, one person out after being captured bases loaded, Dickey is the biggest challenge, but the 35-year-old is not so shaken, it is calm and under the grasp Two outs, so that people would like to advance the aspirations of the score completely broken.

Survived, Things to Come, escape the bases loaded after the crisis Dickey Council on 7 until the fire support team-mate, pinch of Evans in the one out at second base was the circumstances, timely and win their right fielder, "car cloth edge" roller to second base hits to break the tie 2 to 2, the situation for another city to get ahead, and led the way to the whistle.

Metropolitan Council's first breakthrough in 3 block opponents, relying on Luis Hernandez and Carlos Beltran's base hit sacrifice fly to lay an all points, then won 2 to 0 lead, but the people not to be outdone, in the Board under 5 by the Wilson Ramos 2 points gun retaliate center field, so competition has returned to the starting point, but Zhezhi home run or the first rookie catcher Ramos H career.

National starting pitcher Livan Hernandez challenges of the season 10 wins fail, although they pay a 6 1 / 3, lost 3 quality performance, but his teammates did not give enough points to support, so the veteran can only work next time.


Although the light of a Council scored 1 point on

Boston Red Sox rookie outfielder Ryan Kalish today (7) belted slam shot, David Ortiz and Adrian Beltre also knocked a home run each, with starting pitcher Jon Lester pitched six Board soared out of the performance of 10K to help the Red Sox by 12 to 5 win over the Tampa Bay Rays, suspended three game losing streak.

Although the light of a Council scored 1 point on, but the second half of the Board Rod Ortiz Red Sox 4, 2 minutes and shot immediately reversed the score, they make up 5 stick Beltre solo shot. 2 Board, the Red Sox to three hits and three walks and then scored three points, Victor Martinez's hits with two RBIs, Ortiz then hit an RBI base hit.

Although the Bureau of light on the recovery of 1 in 3 points, but the Red Sox in 4, 5 min rinse under Bureau of the overall situation, Jed Lowrie elected to four minutes after a bad crowd back, Kalish from the hands of light relief pitcher Andy Sonnanstine blasted slam gun so that a widening gap between the two sides far away.


Dodgers lefty Kuo of Taiwan people face grim overall impression of few words

Dodgers lefty Kuo of Taiwan people face grim overall impression of few words, but he also has considerable affinity side, "vinscullyismyhomeboy.com" disclosure, despite his trainer 2 Kandy (Stan Conte) "reminded" sitting in the outfield before the game he just wants the fans to play pass the ball, make them thumbs up saying his "OH MY GOD!" and Guo better people to do in the end, to help fans sign.

Professional sports fans are the parents of Kuo also know this, though less on the surface appear normal smile, almost indiscriminately, for the fans asked him, 2 That afternoon, he and the Japanese translation of chat in the outfield, to hear courtside audience cry, originally want to play ball, he really did not expect the promised direct the ball to the fans, when the other person pass back, Guo also to gesture "mass well."

This allows the trainer Kandy see very tight, "vinscullyismyhomeboy.com" said Kuo play while Pei Xiaolian, he shouted, "that you use your weak arm, damn What the?" And the website also Gang Guo Da Qiang Road, "Do not tell Torre (Joe Torre) ...." Torre really seems to be found, complete the final pass the ball, Guo heard someone call his lounge, after his hat to the fans that left the outfield.


Morgan (Nyjer Morgan) rely on a teammate infield grounder back to home plate washed

Neither side scoring the first 9 Bureau, 10 people have the opportunity to broken egg on the original, but Morgan (Nyjer Morgan) rely on a teammate infield grounder back to home plate washed, but was contact and grab failed miserably. The second half of the Board, after an out, Manny Ramirez (Hanley Ramirez) win their hits, followed by Pirates of the last two bases, the final goodbye in Tracy hit back to winning the next points, so that lost people come to grief.
And after careful examination, a small 6-week history of surgery in Los Angeles, treatment, severe elbow ligament tear, but is the team doctor for surgery or teacher about Ken (Lewis Yocum). History of the starting 12 games this season, record 5 wins and 3 defeat, 2.91 ERA, threw 92 strikeouts.

In response, national president of Ruizuo (Mike Rizzo), said: "History of the attitude of the face injuries in a professional, he was determined to be ready for surgery and long-term rehabilitation, and not evade, demonstrated the maturity of over-aged." Ruizuo that surgery End History of San Diego will return to a rest home, estimated 18 months to rejoin.


Gonzalez blasted two home runs in this game

Dodge in the 8 inning finally Rocky cow from the hands of a large number of points, played in that one entire Board, with five hits and four bad plus 1 scored 3 points, but then the second half of Los Angeles Board also relied on two hits, including Fowler's first two triples, one breath and then get 2 points, and closing Rocky on to win 10 to 5.

Gonzalez blasted two home runs in this game, this is his 6th consecutive game with a long play, 115 games this season, 61 games to hit a long fight, has accumulated 29 home runs. The Fowler's two triples and let him third base this year, up 12 hits, write down the team single-season history of personal records up to third base hits, Juan Pierre, Juan Uribe, Neifi Perez had a single quarter 11 to third base hits performance.

Dodgers star outfielder Manny Ramirez in game play 6 inning pinch, the results the first one strike Jiugen referee ruling the ball good and bad arguments, the trial was ejected. This is probably his last game wearing a Dodgers jersey, the team finally decided that he allegedly traded to the Chicago White Sox.


Orioles batters to face the first round

Leave the snake nests, wearing white socks, Edwin Jackson's performance reborn, today (27) pitched eight Bureau of the sea soared 10K, led the White Sox 8, Orioles than the 0 to Ku Haha.

Though there have been staged at the end of June no-hitter (8 walks), Jackson lackluster performance this season in Arizona, WHIP values as high as 1.50; 731 trading deadline, but before the return to American League, joining the White Sox, Jackson feels like rebirth, 4 times before Fat total of 28 Board only lost 4 points (3 responsibilities to lose), during the capability strikeouts is surprising, strong hair 34 Old Mr. Chang K.

Orioles batters to face the first round, Jackson walked alone to the one on base opportunities, Nick Markakis 4 Bureau of the honor of being the first one on base hits by the batter, even by mistake, direct steal third base, but still could not break through Jackson blockade, 8 Board Kutun eight duck eggs.

Red Sox fans not only see the home team got the victory

Red Sox fans not only see the home team got the victory, but also to appreciate the masters of this beautiful Park Terminator sent garrison; Pine Park Board on the 9 on stage started to face Lopez, Lopez hit a strong level flight record hit the ball, the result of the reaction Piper fast, exciting and tidy in order to pick the ball left-handed gloves, kill, let batters dumbfounded; send Kashimoto three sailors on this Council for three times, into a live team offensive and defensive victory .

Pine Park 1 Office of the backup no mistake, the number 18 ball and 13 ball is strike the ball, scored 32 times this season a successful rescue, defense rate of 2.96. Red Sox starting pitcher Beiqi Te (Josh Beckett) pitched 6.1 Board sent 7K, suffer loss of two H-3, lucky to get 4 wins, ERA 6.50.


Werth of the Philadelphia's value is that it is a good long-range gunner

Werth of the Philadelphia's value is that it is a good long-range gunner, and in many lefties hit line is an indispensable right hand main, once he send out and the Phillies can only rely on for 2 years as Nongchangpaiming First, the current in the 3A's Domonic Brown, and the bench Ben Francisco and Ross Gload.

If Oswalt deal fell through, the Phillies have to be reinforced on the cow, or else get fit infielder to fill the need 1 month to rejoin the Chase Utley of the combat capabilities vacancies.


Overbearing Boluokete pitch momentum

Former New York Yankees relief pitcher Boluokete (Scott Proctor) contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, signed a 1 year 1.115 million U.S. dollars contract, Torre will continue to fight in the total training.

Overbearing Boluokete pitch momentum, the later part of last season, was traded from the Yankees to the Dodgers, he was a race last year with the Yankees 52 games with the Dodgers in a game 31 games, 83 games the year out of competition, the main 86.1 Board voted 5 wins and 5 win defeat, 3.65 ERA results, is a useful bullpen Naicao combat capability.

Boluokete annual salary of 444,923 U.S. dollars last year, this year the 1.3 million U.S. dollars, but the Dodgers had only willing to pay 920,000 U.S. dollars, the final negotiations to 1 year 1.115 million U.S. dollars "deal."

Dodgers now only left to vote Bermel (Joe Beimel) Select salary arbitration, Bermel 83 games last year, a race, won the primary vote 67.1 Board 4 wins and 2 losses, 3.88 ERA results, he requested annual salary of 212.5 million, but the Dodgers only willing to provide 1.7 million U.S. dollars.


Congress has asked the Justice Department against former Orioles slugger Tejada

Congress has asked the Justice Department against former Orioles slugger Tejada (Astros have been transferred) to investigate, questioning Tejada Congressional hearing in 2005 of perjury. Reform Committee, said the main Xiwokeman, the 2002 American League MVP at the hearing readme never used performance-enhancing drugs have never heard of the other players talked about doping issues, clearly a great gap between Mitchell Report .

In the Mitchell report, Tejada's former Athletics teammate Piatt has revealed that he actually does, and Tejada discussed the issue of steroids, it also provides the use of human growth hormone so that the Tejada. Tejada lied once the investigations will involve perjury, facing the future of self-destruction.


No baseball people do not know Tommy Strong (Tommy John)

No baseball people do not know Tommy Strong (Tommy John), Hall of Fame ballot this year received only 29.1% of votes, ahead of only the former St. Louis Cardinals home run king Maguire (Mark McGwire) and more out of 30 votes, two stars a Minglasunshan .

Strong Since 1989, Tommy retired after 5 years with Hall of Fame candidacy, but every year get the job. He won a total of 288 career wins 231 lost an average of 3.31 ERA, wins a few ranked 25th in the history of Jason, and 3 years more than 20 wins, Major League ball up to age 26 years from the 1962-89 years, in particular, he is baseball history The first player to move ligament transplant surgery, medical to remember him, he gave his name this operation, known as "Tommy John Surgery (Tommy John surgery)."

Strong right arm in 1974, Tommy ligament rupture by Hooper (Frank Jobe) doctors surgery or, for baseball history as the first laboratory mice experiments, Tommy did not expect after the operation, after 18 months to return to the Dodgers, then board the board voted 13 years, then won the 164 wins (124 wins before surgery), wrote the first major league legendary phoenix.


Major League doping test last year's "Mitchell Report" of the modern legend named Clemens

"Rocket Man" Clemens (Roger Clemens) received CBS (CBS) "60 Minutes" show host Wallace (Mike Wallace) interview repeatedly stressed that he had not used drugs.

Major League doping test last year's "Mitchell Report" of the modern legend named Clemens, damaging the case with Clemens decade-long experience with the former New York Yankees fitness trainer Mike Nano (Brian McNamee) the statement, McNamee said that Clemens had injected drugs several times, forward vigorously.

Clemens admitted only please McNamee injected him called "lidocaine (lidocaine)" anesthetic agents and nutrients vitamin B12, not the so-called doping.

Wallace hopes Clemens explained again, Clemens asked for further explanation of the ingredients lidocaine and B12 content. Clemens said, lidocaine is a pitcher for the protection of joint lubrication function of anesthetic, B12 is a cell of hematopoietic and protect the role of pitching arm, which are both general maintenance and nutritional agents, not McNamee called doping, This allegation is simply nonsense.

Clemens said he was only injected with only two drugs, both drugs are legitimate things, not drugs. Message to testify in 1999 and 2001 injected drugs, Clemens denied all his to wash the stigma, the United States time to Houston next week he would invite all the media, once again clarify this false rumor.


Hiroshima Toyo Carp on staff ace right-hander Hiroki Kuroda moved to the big Union

Hiroshima Toyo Carp on staff ace right-hander Hiroki Kuroda moved to the big Union, 17, first appeared in the new stadium owners, Dodge, Dodge out Kuroda agreed to a three-year contract worth 35.3 million U.S. dollars, becoming small Lin Yaying , Kosuke Fukudome this year after the first three cross-sea challenge Major League players in Japan.

Will turn 33 in February next year, black field, the effectiveness of Hiroshima 11 years and left 103 won 89 lost 3.69 ERA, with 150 kilometers of power Kuroda fastball, has long been a major league headhunt locked object, the Dodgers assistant general manager of White said: "Kuroda stability ball, the angle sharp slider, splitter vertical drop is also large enough, the ball prestige no doubt."

Kuroda determined in the exercise of FA (free agent) qualification, the sailor, a rattlesnake, the Royal and other teams are interested in recruiting, and even out the price tag is higher than the Dodge, brokers Xierliya said: "Kuroda joined the Dodgers complete Los Angeles, the weather is very comfortable because, to him important than money. "

Kuroda was Japan in 2004 Athens Olympic national champion, a tournament of 26 games last season, lost eight record 12 wins 3.56 ERA, was selected for three consecutive years the Central Union Star team.

"We look forward to Kuroda to a firm start and show resistance to investment in Japan over the past features, the burden of more innings pitched." Dodgers general manager Kelei Ti stressed: "Kuroda is the next quarter, starting or placed in cow, the final decision still rests with coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) hands. "


Recently, with the old club will renew the New York Yankees slugger "A-Rod"

Recently, with the old club will renew the New York Yankees slugger "A-Rod" , as in the previous quarter's outstanding performance, today was named Major League Baseball MLB Most Valuable Player. This is his third career win this award, the winning number of the second largest in Major League.

The Dominican-born American Yankees third baseman, and win the league last season were the highest of the 54 home runs and 156 RBI the other contributions, back to 143 points, batting third as 14, and another twenty-four stolen bases.

The vote in the media, A-Rod include 28 first-place votes to score 320 eighth obtain this honor. Detroit Tigers outfielder Ouduoniezi Zeyi two first place votes and eight second place score 250.
Los Angeles Angels of Ge Ruiluo ranked third in the voting, the Boston Red Sox, "Dad," Otis is in fourth place.

A-Rod in 2003 when the effectiveness of the Texas Rangers scored a career's first Most Valuable Player award, then in 2005 again as a player was named to the Yankees. The only major league win more than three Most Valuable Player Award is the effectiveness of the San Francisco Giants last quarter of the Bonds, has so far won a total of seven career.


Major League rookie of the winner announced on the 13th

Major League rookie of the winner announced on the 13th, Red Sox second baseman Peizhuo Ya (Dustin Pedroia) include 24 first place votes to dominate the American League, was awarded the National League Rookie of the hit 34 home runs for the Brewers to play strong Junior Brown (Ryan Braun).

Pei Zhuoya baseball career win as Red Sox as full of "surprises", has been doubted he was only 175 centimeters tall and the possibility of major league players all big burly break one day, with 3 Peizhuo Ya hit rate of 17 percent and full year results of only 6 turnovers, so Boston fans just love this "mini-version of" the second baseman.

Pei Zhuoya after winning distress: "Each stage has questioned me, saying I was too short, slow, poor arm strength, etc., but the fact that more people believe me and giving me the opportunity to (the Alliance) to shine. "

Compared to Midland almost "overwhelming" vote, the National League Rookie of the competition is intense, and by the end of May before the major leagues from the 3A Brown rose to the hands of the clubs were popular, 3 into 24 batting, 34 total base hits and 97 runs batted in, "star" of the combat achievements of the Brown received 17 first place votes to score 128 points win over the Rockies shortstop Tuoweisiji (Troy Tulowitzki) 126 points, was named National League rookie of the .

That award, Brown was finally put down the hearts of stone, tensions at home in California to sleep Brown admits: "I mind a blank, the only sure thing is that this is certainly a very close vote."


Has overcome testicular cancer to Lowe

Although it is not being noticed, but Lowe is not to look down on the outside, season 3 of the 24 batting average, 120 RBIs were career highs, as brave performance in the playoffs, had 15 RBIs in 15 war, second only to teammate Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) 16 RBI, Derek Lowe after the game did not forget the champagne drenched body laugh at yourself: "It's like icing on the cake, this is the best』 『accessories!"

Has overcome testicular cancer to Lowe, played in the final year of the contract value, reflects the spirit of Amistad, the Red Sox won the World Championship to determine, the third base stands fans constantly chanted "Re-sign Lowell ~ Re-sign Lowell ", requested renewal of the Red Sox and Derek Lowe, by nature optimistic attitude to the Lowe says with a laugh:" Is a free agent after the talk, here (Boston) played very happy, now I just want to concentrate on celebrating the win. "


The former Seibu pitcher binary pine (soil reaction) Daisuke

The former Seibu pitcher binary pine (soil reaction) Daisuke, Kazuo Matsui, after an absence of four years will meet in the World Series, but this time their relationship has become a rival from his comrades.

"Rocky Socks war" into the countdown, in addition to super-strong cast Becket (Josh Beckett) can cut the Rockies in the opener seven straight playoff series, the "Heisei monster" Pine (soil reaction) Daisuke and the "nuclear warhead" Matsui This is the first Central Committee Jia former teammates clash, affects the hearts of fans in Asia.

Kazuo Matsui came Koshien Name doors PL Gakuen, the effectiveness of the Seibu period, the Pacific League the second best shortstop makes people want, in particular, Ichiro Suzuki 2001 season he moved to Alliance, the "hit, run, observe the" three beat players Matsui become a fan favorite Western Union, main and received his first stick "warheads" reputation, 10 years experience on staff to leave 09 combat rate of 3 percent, a record 306 stolen bases.

2003 ball end of the quarter, Matsui exercise FA (free agent) the power, duties and went to join city, but "nuclear warhead" light does not illuminate the road Matsui's major league, the effect of city and during the coaching staff has not been reused, and have actually the object of the New York fans boo, until this year before Matsui, "comeback", the rate of 2 percent against 88, 32 stolen bases a firm Rockies starting second baseman.


While Ramirez spoke Koumo dashing

While Ramirez spoke Koumo dashing, but competition is fierce in the past glory of winning is not a guarantee now, the Red Sox would like to reverse the situation, must first overcome the "poverty fighting disease", in the past 24 Board 22 Board hanging egg A total of only scored 5 points, with regular season play the impression that there are significant gaps storm.

Red Sox fifth war will face the Indians ace lefthander Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia), both series opener fight, Shabaxiya vote of five lost 8 points dissatisfied embarrassing exit was as high as 3 percent against 68, the red Socks is a boon.


War in the first two Rocky road win, the third fight back at home

War in the first two Rocky road win, the third fight back at home, live only six degrees Celsius and low temperatures, combined with floating light rain from time to time, so that two offensive are "frozen", the first Board under the Rocky relying on a solo home run Halladay Chi was the first point, while a guest of the Diamondbacks in the fourth inning and a solo bomb to recover relying Ruinuo Si into a tie than one.

Both sides are of the sixth inning, the Los Angeles attack grasp the opportunity, the first batter Hatton be sent, one out later, Harper hit a share hits a runner, second base, although the soil Luweisiji been struck, but Then Tuoruiouba direction stick and win three runs left center field home runs, so Rocky to four to one lead to the whistle.

Diamondbacks also know their audience while eight hits, but left 19 on base, plus any reliever Rocky III successfully defend the last three Board, or to leave the victory Los Angeles, the fourth war tomorrow, the two sides will continue to the arena in Los Angeles, Diamondbacks released Owens, Los Angeles sent Molalesi fight wars.


This is not the result of more non-alarmist

Pitched 5 2 / 3 Board suffered a 14 hits, the Indians built the defensive play against Aberdeen, the rate soared to an "unbelievable" 19.06, "Taiwan" was dull in the playoffs this year, although the Yankees coach Torre (Joe Torre) constantly "reminded" Do not forget the outside Wang's contribution to the regular season 19 wins, but even behind the Arab people of Taiwan in addition to fans, but also want to know exactly how the construction of earners?

Yes, the playoffs are Indians no matter how Wang repair, construction of the outside world can not ignore the regular season, Aberdeen's outstanding performance is a key figure in the Yankees Daochiganzhe broke into the playoffs, but when the fourth battle Amin New York fans booed, the bow slowly into the lounge of the screen appears, deeply hurt the hearts of the fans, the greater question mark is: "James really anti-stress level to ACE it?"

This is not the result of more non-alarmist, professional sports more realistic? Time to pull the nine-○ age of the winners of the League of Nations Non-Warriors must go, Since 1991, 15 consecutive playoff appearance, the Yankees more than the current choking, but to ask what the Warriors won several titles? Answer more, no less, only the 1995 champion who once fifteenth win probability is low enough it! Fans are forgetful, and no one will remember the regular season to win a few games the ball, only to remember the last king who is professional sports, the winners and champions can never equate.


Red Sox's fight broke out in the eighth line

Schilling proves he is a contest-type player, a total of 16 times in his playoff start, won nine wins and 2 losses, ERA is only 1.93 of the high level.

Red Sox's fight broke out in the eighth line. The first beaten with clubs by Lugo (Julio Lugo) was recommended for admission, the Angels replaced reliever Shi Pier (Justin Speier), did not think they fall into hell began. Red Sox hit in the Council six hits, hit a total of 11 people coming down 7 points to lay winning foundation.

Angel is by Red Sox pitching audience repression, only relying on in the ninth sacrifice fly scored 1 point irrelevant.

Red Sox ALCS successful promotion, will face the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians between the winner. Red Sox fans the excitement level is also the 2004 Red Sox swept the Angels in the first round, then the Red Sox won the championship after nearly 84 years.


Line in the Diamondbacks beat Cubs pitcher three joint blockade

7 Bureau, Diamondbacks third baseman Renos (Mark Reynolds) Cubs reliever Malmo phase (Carlos Marmol) for a record 95 miles of the straight ball, a stick bomb hit ahead of spring, and then relying on walks and hits an additional insurance No. 3.

Line in the Diamondbacks beat Cubs pitcher three joint blockade, the center bar plays only Derek Lee (Derrek Lee) hit one hits, turn off the combat is the main reason for losing.

Diamondbacks next game will launch on 12 season 13 games left to vote defeat Davis (Doug Davis) start, Cubs are sending the same cast as the left-Li Lee (Ted Lilly) fight. Davis, Winnie the start of this year had won a victory in games, the games he pitched seven scoreless Board, and struck out eight times. Lee Lee fought in the year before Bear from the Toronto Blue Jays, the regular season also had a field with a rattlesnake grips, threw 8 strikeouts and only lost two points but to swallow the failure to vote. If the Cubs continue to play line hibernation, a hundred years without a crown may have to happen!


Priest for the past 14 games against 13 wins won the Los Angeles

This is the seventh major league history, scored in the regular season plus playoff race, is the first time since 1999. Padres start with zero to three behind, follow, into five to six, and finally the horns extend Unfortunately, with victory still missed.

Priest for the past 14 games against 13 wins won the Los Angeles, specially sent masters starting pitcher Peewee, Peewee Tokachi the past 14 games, a negative surprise, repeated today that the situation can not suppress the opponents, but fortunately by a teammate Gonzalez's grand slam, only to escape the fate of swallow defeat.

Hoffman last Saturday was originally expected to win playoff tickets assistant disabilities, unexpectedly in the playoff two outs in the 11th Board cases, reversed by the Milwaukee Brewers, they swallow the failure to vote today, called the team's number one sinner.


Marlins pitcher Olsen (Scott Olsen) pitched 5.1 Bureau

Marlins pitcher Olsen (Scott Olsen) pitched 5.1 Bureau, gave up seven hits, lost 4, scored 10 wins this season, Cubs Choi Sok (Steve Trachsel) is to swallow the quarter of the 11th lost.

Cubs ace Wood (Kerry Wood) from injury after the board version of the seventh season, in the Board under section 6, no out, bases-loaded situation in the rescue play, the ball only 6 to defuse the crisis, only to hit in the Board voted 2 1 hits, did not lose points, his vote in the last 7 games 8 Council, sent 10 strikeouts and 1 point is not lost, once the state has gradually recovered.

Bear swallow after this defeat, in the National League Central champion of the magic number is still stopped at the 3, and following closely behind the Milwaukee Brewers margin of victory has shrunk to 1.5 games.


The face of hot pursuit of the Brewers

The face of hot pursuit of the Brewers, Cubs fire proof with all 22 Taipei time against piracy team, relying on four home runs, including Manny Ramirez (Aramis Ramirez) single-field Pom, irrigation into six RBIs and closing to 13:8 victory over the visiting Buccaneers.

Manny Ramirez in the No. 1 Board and the Board 7, respectively, knocking out key 3 RBI home run, this is the 19th of his career single-game performance has more than Pom is the 2nd of this month. He said, "If you try to hit a home run, you are partial not hit, you just have to hit the ball, and watch what happens next."

Cubs pitcher Marquis (Marquis) poor performance, only pitched 2.2 Bureau, was pounded eight hits, 2 walks sent, lost 7 points and had to exit, but the team relied on the officers and men Yongming, use 6 relief pitcher, effective suppression of anti-piracy team the next, and then rely on the team hit 16 hits, 13 points, including four home runs, defeated the Buccaneers.

"We also need another 1 week of kinetic energy," Cubs coach Bi Naila (Piniella) said: "The feel good to win these games, these are important, are the critical moment of the race, these children are successfully completed." .

As the Brewers Reversal of Fortune Warrior, Bear still retain 1.5 Field margin of victory in the National League Central leader.


History of the National pitcher fireball bursts of 100 miles of this war

History of the National pitcher fireball bursts of 100 miles of this war, have suffered after the stabilization Council voted 6 hit in the 3 only safety, and another eight strikeouts, won 3 wins (2 losses), after the game he said to to the Alliance, there are still many places to learn, college did not, and should be here. He also said that when opponents to defeat you, you have to respond.

National scored a total blow out 13 hits, Dunne, Harris has a heavy blow to reward performance, and Dunn also plus three RBI. Giants pitching staff is tragic national blockade, the audience only 4 hits and attack the first battle will be in Washington frustrated; starting pitcher Ken Board voted 6 hit in the 11 hits, including two homers loss of 8 points (7 responsible for loss), swallow defeat this season 8 (6 wins).


But many veteran baseball people and experts

Although the Strasbourg (Stephen Strasburg) rely on a perfect start, frequency will be more shining star halo grazing, there are still many people that he is still qualify the current All-Star Game selection. But such reports came out, for many people pleaded small history, which places "baseball.about.com" Hom expert Patrick (Scott Kendrick) straight choke unreasonable, "All-Star Game, do not do to let the fans see that joy it? "

While his teammates today, A Short History of Fire is not quite the situation with the first time to swallow bitter taste of defeat in the taste of major league, but he pitched six Board sustained winds 9 strikeouts skill, it still provides the majority of fans to cheer and applause, but with a start before he founded the old K rookie record, leaving the previous rumors that he will be All-Star season, the news spread like wildfire.

But many veteran baseball people and experts, however, took opposing views, including the head coach of the Cincinnati Reds Baker (Dusty Baker), the United States "ESPN" anchor and the Hall of Fame star Morgan (Joe Morgan), have said they do not agree that this year's Short History a proposal Star Game, "is not the time now, not to the era of Strasbourg." The group of famous, talking heads of the opposition, but also to stand even behind the counter could not help a small history of the party.


The team with the Yankees play against the Pirates (GCL Pirates) have two Taiwanese players

U.S. fortunes this year, the Bay Area Alliance Yankees (GCL Yankees) Guo Fu Lin, Taipei time on the Pirates team battle, hit his baseball career No. 1 hits, and 5 of his battle to play number 2 hits, there are 2 RBIs to help the Yankees beat the Pirates by 11 to 4 teams.

Fu Lin Guo early appearance yesterday, did not show today, keep his starting third base is still, playing the first 5 bars, 2 Bureau of his first hit sacrifice fly, hit back to professional baseball career, 1 RBI, 4 Board and win base hit, this is his No. 1 security, and playing back 2 RBI, 8 Board and then pounded a hit; currently Guo Fu Lin hit rate is 2 percent 86.

The team with the Yankees play against the Pirates (GCL Pirates) have two Taiwanese players, Xu Zhiwei and Chi-Hung are the three at bats did not hit.


Down Lin Xikang (Tim Lincecum) require much time?

Down Lin Xikang (Tim Lincecum) require much time? Red Sox 3 Bureau is you today, Lin Xikang 3 Bureau threw three walks and was hit five hits and lost 4 points, immediately go for the giant while the Red Sox start Rest (Jon Lester) completed only 9-Board lost 1 point, a smooth victory won 9, Red Sox beat Giant 5:1.

The first European Council embankment hereby (David Ortiz) on the use of spring home run, told the overthrow Linxi Kang's determination today, the Second Board bases-loaded situation, Rest self, playing back a sacrifice fly points, Shikuteluo ( Marco Scutaro) has a soft of hits and then the next 1 minute, 3 Bureau of the Hall (Bill Hall) hit a last straw that breaks the Linxi Kang.


Wang struggle in the United States the past 10 years

From the Yankees ace, dropping to zero injuries after surgery to re-start the construction of low earners can imagine, the family support day for 10 years, gave him the strength to stand up again. Wang said, "his family said they are encouraged not to despair, rehabilitation can be a good time to start all over again, if they can not play, is back to Taiwan citizenship." Asked whether he had been doing the worst? Wang answered very simply, "For ah."

Wang struggle in the United States the past 10 years, the most remembered in Taiwan is, and team-mates time with athletics. Wang said, "like into the national team to a group training there, are living together, together we concentrate fully on, with a meal, do anything together."

For 10 years, good or bad experiences, build earners are no longer thinking too much, and now the best hope is that the Alliance as soon as possible and then return to their ambitions.


So far this season, has three games major league no-hitter

Major League season, the fourth no-hitter there! Today (26, Taiwan time) Diamondbacks and Rays 3 Lien Chan's first game, Diamondbacks starting pitcher Jackson (Edwin Jackson) 9 Bureau does not hit in any one out hits, 8 walks cast, performing no-hitter in shutout victory and closing to help the team 1 to 0 victory over light Jackson scored 5 wins this season.

So far this season, has three games major league no-hitter, the Rockies were Ximannizi (Ubaldo Jimenez) in the April 17 Battle Warrior to cast the no-hitter shutout, Athletics lefthander Braden (Dallas Braden) in the May 9 light cast on the full game, and Halladay (Roy Halladay) play against the Marlins complete game performance; Jackson again to create a simple records.

Jackson The campaign reached 149 with the ball the ball is also a season high eight walks in all in the first three Board; In addition, the history of Arizona, which is the second no-hitter.


Rays hit the three home runs the team scored five points

Rays hit the three home runs the team scored five points, starting pitcher Jahaza beaten six hits in eight innings lost one-third, won the eighth win this season. Warriors with the White Sox pitcher last race is war, the former Golden State Rottweiler Qiju White Sox's Floyd no any errors with the points, but eight innings Warriors Takashi Saito was the White Sox can win their two points of Koerner gun winning a competition. MLB jerseys

Giants starting pitcher Ken Board was satisfied with three to play nine hits and lost seven exits, Astros bullpen after pitching a total of five hits and only two have not been playing games on his own, nine innings on the Lunteruiya giant hits from the zero 7 tracked more than seven or five to lose.


Red Sox first baseman Youkilis (Kevin Youkilis) at 4 Jushang Ban

Red Sox first baseman Youkilis (Kevin Youkilis) at 4 Jushang Ban, the second pitcher from the Twins Shinuo Wei (Kevin Slowey) knocked two-run homer in the hands broken egg, and then captain Weiruitike (Jason Varitek) and then added something made spring homer, Red Sox 3-0 lead.

Shi Nuowei to fight Twins starting pitcher position this year, he was knocked two home runs before the door gods were about David Ortiz struck out (David Ortiz) and Luomanruizi (Manny Ramirez).

The Twins starting pitcher Bonser (Boof Bonser) have shown that Daisuke Matsuzaka is more than excellent, he also pitched two Bureau, only beaten a hit cast a strikeout, no lose points.


U.S. Major League Baseball will start in Beijing

U.S. Major League Baseball will start in Beijing, China, by the same in the United States West Los Angeles Dodgers vs Padres, the time for the March 15 and 16, all in a couple of days, location is at the Beijing Western District 5 Baseball Song field.

5 Pine baseball field is built for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games baseball field, the subway arrived in the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Olympic team before the invitation to Major League exhibition games in this conduct is to test the new baseball facilities, Road Dodgers and Padres baseball field in 5 loose 2 performances after the game, will make use of views, so as to improve Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee will be an important reference.

Before this, only five pine baseball on August 20 last year, has invited a Japanese team engage in a "Good Luck Beijing baseball" (Good Luck Beijing baseball tournament).

It is reported that five baseball games in the Olympics before the pine, in addition to host the Chinese baseball team can concentrate fully on this, the other team that missed the first baseball field in 5 loose concentrate fully.


U.S. Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball, MLB) will start today in Beijing

U.S. Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball, MLB) will start today in Beijing, China. Competition time for March 15 and 16 teams for the Los Angeles "Dodgers" and San Diego "Padres." MLB Chinese mainland official website will be synchronized on the line on race day, as the partner of one of MLB BroadWebAsia (BWA), has reached an agreement with MLB, specify the site's podcast 2.0 - amber MLB Network as the exclusive operator of China's official website.

According to the staff of Amber Network, MLB Network will be the Chinese government formally opened on March 15, the site will serve as a MLB in mainland China's only official website. Official online line, China's sports fans can watch the MLB through the site trip to China information and events of all Chinese situation, race day, Amber Network will provide live Internet video is more live, so that more fans can not personally We glimpse of baseball's charismatic. cheap MLB jerseys

Amber Network CEO Li Xihao that baseball is very popular in the United States, but the awareness level in China is still shallow, the MLB official to China and established network in China to promote far-reaching popularity of baseball. Chinese fans also can Tongguo official website of the Simplified Chinese data Qingsong land searches to Daliangbisai information, without Zai as before only from sports channels and Guowai website to see the information on the MLB and baseball events.


What the ball for Fan Keer leave?

What the ball for Fan Keer leave? Used to be a record vote of the transmission loss of the ball (changeup). The ball was kissed, Fan Keer although literally "black and blue," but without losing sense of humor, said: "so lucky, he did not break my jaw." He does not cast blame Weilemaier lost his rest a 3,4 days after the match could be played.

In fact, Fan Keer kiss a lot of experience was a serious ball, 7 July 2004, he was hit the ball into the right eyes, wearing a black eye like a spot to leave for medical treatment, hang wounded to August 14 only from the new Back to the venue. The doctor in his right cheek in a small metal plate installed, this time was the ball kissed the doctor to take this opportunity to put the board took out a piece of metal, Fan Keer also naughty, said: "This time was better played low, and have a chance to show that a metal plate, and I very lucky. "


Sponsored by the American Major League Baseball's World Baseball Classic today in Tokyo

Sponsored by the American Major League Baseball's World Baseball Classic today in Tokyo, Japan, a spokesman for the Alliance are Pouilly (Bob DuPuy) officially announced in 2009 the second World Baseball Classic group identified 16 countries, divided into 4 areas and 4 were the host country area A, respectively, in Japan, B area in Mexico, C district in Canada, D District in Puerto Rico, Chinese Taipei was in the A zone. Area 4 competition this country, date and venue are: A Region: China, Chinese Taipei, Japan and South Korea, March 5 -9, held at Tokyo Dome. B Zone: Australia, Cuba, Mexico and South Africa, Mar. 8 -12 days held in Mexico. C area: Canada, Italy, the United States and Venezuela, March 8 -12 days held in Toronto. D,: Dominica, the Netherlands, Panama and Puerto Rico, March 7 -11 days held in Puerto Rico. The second round of the district to take the top two into the semi-final place in the United States, San Diego and Los Angeles. World Baseball Classic team may report every 25 players, all participants can be assigned to broadcast such dividend payment and ticketing. MLB jerseys


The problem also plagued the wounded Torre

The problem also plagued the wounded Torre, Kent (Jeff Kent), Garciaparra (Nomar Garciaparra) and Lalo his (Andy LaRoche) and other three main infielder is injured, forcing Torre to think about opening of the war to Who will replace them with, consider the list include the Clansmen and Villager Abu Rui worry (Tony Abreu) and even Du Weite (Blake DeWitt).

Kent will play the opening match of the current opportunity is hard to say half and half, Garciaparra injured his right hand inside definitely will be disabled list, and Lalo after his knee surgery will be back at least five months, but it also increases the Clansmen and Villager opening of the war on the major league opportunity.


The National League is even more exciting

The National League is even more exciting, and Arizona Diamondbacks Celeron huge investment Weber (Brandon Webb) will be away to the Hallrin Cincinnati Reds (Aaron Harang).

Fought in the two-year New York Mets left-hander Cy Young Award winner (Johan Santana) to prove they have the highest paid pitcher in Major League worth, we should start right away on the Florida Marlins, the Marlins are home is the introduction of left-cast(Mark Hendrickson) command, people below the glasses.

San Francisco Giants have Cy Young lefty, Chito (Barry Zito) this year, his seven-year contract on 100 million the second year, starting tomorrow, the challenges in the Los Angeles Dodgers for Penny (Brad Penny).


Victory is the Blue Jays starting pitcher Macon (1 win 0 lose

Qi Ju Red Sox bullpen can not stop the Blue Jays half of the offensive, using the three pitchers, or are "serious injury" Thomas (Frank Thomas) and win winning two RBI doubles, eight innings under Half Blue Jays and then rely on Aikesitan (David Eckstie) Tim was the first 6 points.

Victory is the Blue Jays starting pitcher Macon (1 win 0 lose), the second Red Sox pitcher Asma (David Aardsma, 0 wins and 1 loss) Qiju one up to send, then for end, does not solve any persons, or bear the lost war.


Phillies star shortstop is also the National League most valuable player last year

New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies, three series, the second war, the first Phillies win, 5 to 2.

Phillies star shortstop is also the National League most valuable player last year, Rollins (Jimmy Rollins), because of a sprained left ankle can not be a race, Rollins position by the Bulangleite (Eric Bruntlett) temporarily. mlb jerseys

The first two sides to 1 to 1 tie, 3 Bureau, the Mets no one out, by first baseman Del Gado (Carlos Delgado) base hit, and right fielder Churchill (Ryan Church) captured a base hit 1, third base, second baseman Yi Sili (Damion Easley) hit an RBI base hit a one out, the pitcher skin of non-established (Mike Pelfrey) Passing on the base using catcher the Mets over the formation of barrier Rui Yasi shortstop (Jose Reyes) against time to replace Rollins's Bulangleite mistakes.


Rangers starting pitcher Badia (Vicente Padilla) 3 Council vote before the very perfect

Rangers starting pitcher Badia (Vicente Padilla) 3 Council vote before the very perfect, but four Jushang Ban was knocked four hits, including Wales, 1 RBI doubles, and Ou Fobei of 3 RBI base hit, losing breath 4, Badia (1 win and 1 loss) pitched six inning today, playing seven hits and lost 5 points, 4 points is a commitment to defeat ERA war. MLB jersey

Rangers put seven Jushang Ban Japanese relief pitcher Fu Sheng and the men play, but he put the barrel up the fire, was knocked out four hits and lost 3 points, but also to pull than the number of Blue Jays.

Rangers get 5 points 4 points which is Hampton (Josh Hamilton) contributions, including Qiju blasted under the two-run homer, while Buleilake (Hank Blalock) has a spring home run.


Rangers starting pitcher Badia (Vicente Padilla) 3 Council vote before the very perfect

Rangers starting pitcher Badia (Vicente Padilla) 3 Council vote before the very perfect, but four Jushang Ban was knocked four hits, including Wales, 1 RBI doubles, and Ou Fobei of 3 RBI base hit, losing breath 4, Badia (1 win and 1 loss) pitched six inning today, playing seven hits and lost 5 points, 4 points is a commitment to defeat ERA war.

Rangers put seven Jushang Ban Japanese relief pitcher Fu Sheng and the men play, but he put the barrel up the fire, was knocked out four hits and lost 3 points, but also to pull than the number of Blue Jays.

Rangers get 5 points 4 points which is Hampton (Josh Hamilton) contributions, including Qiju blasted under the two-run homer, while Buleilake (Hank Blalock) has a spring home run.


Cardinals star first baseman Pujols (Albert Pujols) against rate of 3 90

Cardinals star first baseman Pujols (Albert Pujols) against rate of 3 90, hit three home runs and eight RBI, right fielder Lu Weike (Ryan Ludwick) against rate of 3 into 43, hit a 3 homers and 10 RBI, left fielder Duncan (Chris Duncan) against rate of 3 into 08, hit a home run three RBIs, center fielder An Kaier (Rick Ankiel) rate of 2 percent against 86, hit 4 hits and 11 RBI.

Brewers defeat the current record eight wins four National League Central Division ranked second, behind number one record 9 wins and 4 defeat of the Cardinals by 0.5 games.


4 Ju Shangban when Wang was the Red Sox lost the first three points chase into 3:3 tie

But the Yankees beat the diamond line with Council immediately in the second half reaction, the third rod Abu Rui worry (Bobby Abreu) from the Red Sox starting pitcher Bakehuozi (Clay Bucholz) in the hands belted two-run homer, and then the fourth Rod A-Rod made again a solo shot, leading the Yankees 3-1, this is A-Rod his first 522 home runs, beyond Williams (Ted Williams), and Macaulay dimension (Willie McCovey), cheap MLB jerseys ranked in 15th in major league history.

4 Ju Shangban when Wang was the Red Sox lost the first three points chase into 3:3 tie, the next half-Council again supported the anti-Yankees, four hits, including Mollet (Chad Moeller) and 1 RBI hits Jeter (Derek Jeter) 2 RBI hits, get three points, also hit the Bakehuozi end, the Red Sox put Tawaruizi (Julian Tavarez) relief, but also threw a wild pitch complimentary points, Yankees 7: 3 lead.


Second half of Twin Cities Board relied on three hits and scored a further 3 minutes

Second half of Twin Cities Board relied on three hits and scored a further 3 minutes, followed by no further away points, but it was too late, Marc West Brook (1 wins and 2 losses) was first sent 7 game play 8 hits and lose 3 bear the lost war.

The Twins starting pitcher Blackburn sinker to cheat Indians, there are four and a half Bureau of the end of the play is to hit a double play, including Dell, Lu Qi (David Dellucci) arranged the two, Blackburn cast a total of 7.2 Bureau, no balls and four walks, and only 1 contact body send the ball was hit eight hits, 0 lose points, Blackburn (1 win and 1 loss) won the No. 1 Major League career field Yankee, Twin Cities Terminator Nathan (Joe Nathan) is the complete success of this year, the 6 th rescue, now 6 years has not missed an opportunity too.


The Rockies in the game share the seven pitchers

The Rockies in the game share the seven pitchers, the first seven pitchers Bakehuozi (Taylor Buchholz) voted in the last 2.2 Bureau, was hit only a loss of 1 minute ERA of hits, but the team lost, become a lost battle pitcher (1 wins and 2 losses); Dodgers in this game spent five pitchers, the last pitcher Chan Ho Park voted in the last 3 innings, no loss of points, a victory the pitcher, which is Park Chan-ho from 2007 1 victory since (0 lost) MLB jersey.

Rockies last 6 games, 5 lost, no longer so brave last year.


Eight innings, the April Howard once again the poor performance of meritorious deeds

Eight innings, the April Howard once again the poor performance of meritorious deeds, slamming home runs in spring, the season 6 hair.

Phillies wrapped up by 3 to 2 win over the Padres game three with 2 wins and 1 loss record made.

Two starting pitcher has nothing to do with the outcome, the fifth Philadelphia pitcher Ji (Brad Lidge) Board voted not to be a hit scoreless play, pitcher to win. Padres third team pitcher Thatcher (Joe Thatcher) 1.1 The Board voted to fight a hit by lost 1 point, to swallow defeat.


Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Tim Wakefield (Tim Wakefield) butterfly ball flying today in Detroit

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Tim Wakefield (Tim Wakefield) butterfly ball flying today in Detroit, confuse the Tiger hitters, plus Red Sox home runs left and right door god offensive and closing the 5-0 shutout Tigers, winning the recent 5 game winning streak, while four scored 2 wins 0 Lien Chan lost in this series is invincible.

Wakefield pitched the game of 8 Board only beaten two hits and no mistake, sending the largest single game this season 6 strikeouts, no walks on balls, two outs in the second half of a Council is Jean (Carlos Guillen ) win their first base cheap MLB jerseys hits in a row resolved 17 Tiger batters, until the second half of a Qiju out before because the second baseman sent Asian Capital (Dustin Pedroia) the failure to Jean again on base, but still can not score ; Tiger catcher Luolikuizi (Ivan Rodriguez) with two outs in eight innings in the second half after the knockout from the hands of Wakefield doubles, unfortunately also lacks the strength.


Although the Tigers so far this year performance is far better than expected

Although the Tigers so far this year performance is far better than expected, but recently swept the Yankees in the Yankees home with three consecutive victories, third baseman Gene (Calos Guillen) against rate of 3 percent 13,3 homers 14 RBI and right outfielder Europe East Martinez (Magglio Ordonez) rate of 3 percent against 04,6 homers 24 RBI, artillery Cabrera (Miguel Cabrera) against rate of 2 percent 52,6 homers 22 RBI.

Record the last 10 games the Yankees won cheap MLB jerseys 5 lost 5, won 9, lost 9 and away. Tigers 6, recently lost 10 games 4 wins, home wins, 11 defeats and 7 record.


Just returned from the disabled list

Just returned from the disabled list, but the movement back home starting pitcher Harden (Rich Harden) is not an ideal situation, only 3.2 Board voted, he was playing eight hits and lost 5 points, when the campaign withdrew behind a home Fandao to 4:5 points.

So after the two sides is 6:6 before the sixth inning of a tie game, Rangers starting pitcher Pangsang pitched 5.1 out of 5 walks Council vote, was beaten seven hits and lost 6 points, as Hadden has nothing to do with victory or defeat.


Game, two home runs and there are not, the White Sox have a two-base hit

Game, two home runs and there are not, the White Sox have a two-base hit, Angels team returned with three two-base hit. But the White Sox's two-base hit now 9, on the occasion of 3:3 tie, is played by the White Sox catcher first Peel JI (AJ Pierzynski) the play, the next bar to the right center field and far-reaching inter- while fly ball to pass into the Peel Sienski 3 barrier, then White Sox designated hitter pitcher Tommy (Jim Thome) 1-base hits to return home plate Peel JI, White Sox depends on this 1 points to a 4:3 win over the Angels cheap MLB jerseys.

Angels in the game with a four pitchers, Terminator, "K-Rod" Luolikuizi (Francisco Rodriguez) 9 lost 1 point on the ERA, tasted defeat this season 1 (0 lost); of any pitcher with 4 White Sox 3, any pitcher Dothel (Octavio Dotel) is the winning pitcher (2 wins and 2 losses), White Sox Big Fat Terminator Jane Coles (Bobby Jenks) were given 8 field rescue .

Two 4 Lien Chan series, the 2 wins and 2 losses.


Unfortunately, their starting pitcher Gulaleijia (Armando Galarraga) the loss of points more

Unfortunately, their starting pitcher Gulaleijia (Armando Galarraga) the loss of points more, pitched five inning hit seven hits and 5 walks also sent, lost 5 points are earned run, including the Lamb ( Mike Lamb) homered in the sixth inning on a solo home run, his third base today, there is a hit, run back to get 4 points.

Willis replaced Gulaleijia pitching (Dontrelle Willis) is since April 11 for the first time after a race, a record, he sent 2 rescue a Bureau of bad walked four and was playing a hitter lost 1 point, the tiger cow shed a total of three pitchers were pounded six hits, eight, 92 Council then lost 4 points.

Twins Shinuo Wei (1 win 4 lose) is the winning pitcher in this game, Jialaleijia (3 wins and 2 losses) are losing the war swallowed.

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Giants in the game with a 5 pitcher, any pitcher Walker 4

Marlins beat the 1st 2 to replay, specially to the 3A's Indira Cruz (Eulogio De La Cruz) to rise to the big leagues and show him as a starter, cast 3.0 Bureau, was hit two hits , lost 2 points ERA, though only voted in 3 innings, and is also independent of the outcome, but had to diversify the pitcher throws the Board's mandate.

Giants in the game with a 5 pitcher, any pitcher Walker 4 (Tyler Walker) started at 9 the next batter on the left of a 2-base, resulting in failure due to, bear the game's lost war (2 wins 3 lost); Marlins also used five pitchers, since the term after the pitcher Gregg (Kevin Gregg) 1.0 Board voted, without loss of points, won the season 4 win (2 losses).

The game is both the second day replay of Game 2, Marlins on the 1st with 2 wins, 4 Lien Chan in the series, the two teams in 2 wins and 2 losses.

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Wu Teli (Chase Utley) belted three home runs and RBIs

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Colorado Rockies, the three series the second war, the first Phillies team to win.

One Council, the Phillies captured two out bases loaded, right fielder Jenkins (Geoff Genkins) were four bad walks back to the Phillies crowd 1 min.

3 Bureau, the Rockies first base hit consecutive 3 Attacking 1 point.

Of five, the Phillies second baseman Wu Teli (Chase Utley) belted three home runs and RBIs, 17 made this season, Major League ranks first, followed by first baseman Howard (Ryan Howard) was 4 bad walked, Jenkins then belted two-run homer, Phillies 5 minutes then let's use this last half lay Katsumoto.

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Today, the Chicago Cubs vs. Baltimore Orioles

Today, the Chicago Cubs vs. Baltimore Orioles, three cross-League series final battle, each side won the first two games in a mlb jerseys.

Third inning, the Orioles attack the overall situation, captured two out bases loaded, first baseman Millar (Kevin Millar) was four bad walks Orioles squeezed back to 1 minute, third baseman Huff (Aubrey Huff) 2 base hits with two RBIs, Huff 4 5 Number of hits and two RBI to play, left fielder Peyton (Jay Payton) of a base hit with 2 RBI, Orioles 5 points this half Board.

Fourth inning, Orioles right fielder Makakesi (Nick Markakis) out in the second one, second base with runners on the case, hit two RBI doubles.


Know each other ins and outs of the playoffs two strong teams into the championship held in Fenway Park series

Know each other ins and outs of the playoffs two strong teams into the championship held in Fenway Park series. Thirst for victory two teams in the regular season, when the final two months are thinking about what will be facing. After three games, things look a little different. Angel morale, especially in the Atlanta Braves signed Mark Takesila, they is fearless on the court. But the Red Sox blow it in chaos. Jia Ruite. Anderson hit 11 home runs a season for the Angels hand in four RBI. Angels to 9:2 victory over the Red Sox in Fenway Park. This victory is the angel of the White Sox's eighth win of the season with the Red Sox battle record is 8 wins and 1 negative. cheap mlb jerseys


Love Yibananzi also came close to being traded from the sailor

Four days ago, Love Yibananzi also came close to being traded from the sailor. Monday night, he used a slam home run to break a number of record holder Ken. Small Griffey 5 RBI single bureau records. Now the sailor's record is Love ‧ Yibananzi 6 RBI single bureau. April 29, 1999, in the match play against Tiger, Griffey hit a little 9-year-old to keep records. In the sailor's seventh high in bases-loaded situation, he would hit into a home run pitch; of this Board with the same bases loaded, he hit a two RBI base hit . Finally, in Sai Fuke court, in front of 27,758 spectators, sailors 11:6 wins Minnesota Twins. "I do not know it was the same bureau," Davis said, "just play and not think about what bases loaded."


Thursday from the Baltimore Orioles to transfer over

Devil Rays for Chad. Ford make room for the arrival, while those who go are Ford, Thursday from the Baltimore Orioles to transfer over, may be the Devil Rays in Saturday's accession.
5:3 victory in Friday night, the sailor, the Ruiya Si was told he was going to leave. "It's not easy, we have elected a man, now elected him," Devil Rays manager Zhou Maidan said, "I just told him that last year we played well. I also want to let him know how much I appreciate him. I think we have good relations, we'll miss him. you have to move on, you always strive to become excellent.


Tuesday at Dodger Stadium

Tuesday at Dodger Stadium, when Andre. Iser get the Dodgers win the Phillies winning 4:3 time-sharing, Dodgers manager Week Toll to win beyond the first week of Maikekaixi 2127, ranking seventh victory of the list administrator.

"It's a memorable moment, more than one reason." Tor said. mlb jersey


Luomanruizi Yankee hit in the face of rate of 0. 321,55 homers

Luomanruizi Yankee hit in the face of rate of 0. 321,55 homers, 163 RBI, which is more than any team. Tor know that it is his ability. To Tor surprise Luomanruizi two weeks to pay this amount of efforts. "Do you think this is his talent, but unless you see him training every day, or simply could not imagine," Thor said, "I say while this is not a mistake. Has been entangled in this problem is boredom. He never his ability as a matter of course, this is what I see. " mlb jersey


At Fenway Park on two consecutive days of pitching

At Fenway Park on two consecutive days of pitching, leading to the butterfly ball Timuweike Field Red Sox right shoulder cramps, enter the 15 injured list. His team has always wanted to establish a rotation list of dates back to the pitcher, but now has been uncertain. "We want to do is, we will be placed on the injured list a partner, let him have the opportunity to come back healthy pitching, rather than voting for a return to the injured list," Fulangsike said, "so we did." Fulangsike said Red Sox have been trying to set a return date in order to arrange. There are two days to begin nine days of discharge, and the list can be changed if needed, re-plan. However, still not sure what. "If someone needs a break, we can change about the list, but now do not know," Fulangkena said, "We asked him how he felt Wakefield, if he be in good health, we can let him out of competition. We just try to do a better arrangement. "


Test results showed no ligament injuries

Test results showed no ligament injuries. "Unfortunately," Cardinals starting pitcher Brandon ‧ rupah said, "He's the team for a long time. I feel sorry for him, he experienced so much this year, injuries have plagued him, but he has been to fight. " mlb jerseys

Cardinals record of 70 wins this season, 58 negative, winning percentage was 0.547, ranking the National League Central's third place behind first place Chicago Cubs 7 games. The number of wins than the Cardinals in the NL East and the West have more than top, but unfortunately with the stronger and the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs in one area, only grievances came in third.


Most of that night's game was Lansi Kang "monotonous" strikeout occupies

If Travis Yoshikawa recent results show the ability that he has, he may do in 2009 can be a good first baseman. Since August 13th his second homer since showed his potential, this is the Giants desperately short of. When asked whether he can do is at least passable long hitters, he said, "I think the answer is, but it does not depend on me. I believe in God, if he wants that to happen, I have been working forever. "

Most of that night's game was Lansi Kang "monotonous" strikeout occupies. "If that means boring," Lansi Kang said, "so I like boring."


Carl's Yankee career is different

Carl's Yankee career is different. 4 years in the Yankee to 39.95 million contract signed after a series of injuries limited him for playing time, so far, he only played for 20 Yankee games.

Pavano strange story from his first start back from injury back to the mound, it was in the April 9, 2007. That game has many strange scenes, including an original third baseman struck out the Orioles pull Maier Schwimmer, has become a base hit, and finally form a out. mlb jerseys

Yankees beat Orioles in this 5:3 match to fight the Yankee out card still five games behind the Red Sox.


This competition, the results of the competition for both teams made all the difference

In the playoff, Red Sox in the rest area was empty, all the transitions, and only one person, that day is not the right play, this is the Red Sox shortstop Norma. Garciaparra. This is in stark contrast. A shortstop -Jiter, made a sacrifice to the team; another shortstop - Norma. Garciaparra, due to injury before the rest. Can imagine such a sharp contrast in how much pain he has. Less than a month, the Red Sox order to enhance the defense, after an absence of 86 years for the world champion, will he deal. wholesale mlb jerseys

This competition, the results of the competition for both teams made all the difference. Think about the past and present, this may be two teams on the court the last time in this historic battle. Since the opening of Yankee Stadium, Yankees won 26 World Series champion Red Sox twice. But in the past four years, the Red Sox twice in Yankee zero. This season, although less likely to be a Red Sox Yankee has been leading.


However Kenderuike rest area immediately summoned an assistant

Wednesday, Howe. Kenderuike because of leg muscle tendon strain out of the race. The Los Angeles Angels second baseman hit in the fourth direction of a strong guerrilla ground ball, Athletics shortstop Bobby Crosby diving net smash ‧ caught, and activist with a double play opportunity But Kenderuike or fielder's choice with a base station. He then Mark Takesila with a base hit on the second base, this hit also sent back to Eric Aybar. mlb jerseys

However Kenderuike rest area immediately summoned an assistant. In Kenderuike away from the game, the head coach and trainer Bejier Maikexiou West Point to his fate rest, put on Sean. Luolikuizi. Earlier this year, the same leg muscle tendon him on the injured list for two months, missed 42 games. Kenderuike the absence of the infield to the angels created the same, they have lost Messersmith. Yizi, he strained his left thumb muscle can not be a race, there Wednesday Gann left big toe inflammation. Fagan Williams.

Kenderuike recently admitted to the second bar, and now into the daily watch list.


As a pitcher, only concerned about the pitch, gradually found their rhythm

As a pitcher, only concerned about the pitch, gradually found their rhythm, not to think about each ball are likely to bring the team into the abyss, not to be pressure on a burden, this is a good feeling. Rockies starting pitcher Aaron. Cook felt. Friday, in the 9:4 victory in the San Diego Padres game, Rocky got wholesale mlb jerseys breath in the third quarter.

"To try not to own too relaxed, because I want to ensure that the time has also been replaced to maintain a leadership team," Cook said, "In that situation may soon get a quarter, you feel there pitching more space. "


Astronaut general manager believes that stability in accordance with Abreu hit a race with two excellent advantages

Astronaut general manager believes that stability in accordance with Abreu hit a race with two excellent advantages, should get a good price tag.

U.S. Major League spring training this month on the 14th (U.S. time), means that unemployment in the free agent still must find a new head Road cheap mlb jerseys, within ten days, including former New York Yankees outfielder Abreu (Bobby Abreu). Abreu has not yet been determined but that the future trend, the Houston general manager Wade astronaut (Ed Wade) that "obviously, Abreu has been underestimated his ability."


In addition, the Philadelphia end of last year to 3 years 31.5 million dollars to sign Raul Ibanez

In addition, the Philadelphia end of last year to 3 years 31.5 million dollars to sign Raul Ibanez, Chicago Cubs 3 years 30 million dollars to keep Milton Bradley, but that according to Abreu's ability to Wade, the contract should be such price tag.

It is understood that the New York metropolitan Abreu hopes to stay in New York after the news, then that team is very interested in him, but Abreu's agent Peter Greenberg said, "As long as a reasonable price tag team We do not need long years of the contract, one has to accept about. "Greenberg said, present there are up to 6 pellets on the expression of interest in Abreu.


This third base hit of his sailors loaded the history

This third base hit of his sailors loaded the history, allowing him to create a new record - he was the first sailor to achieve in a game five hits, five times back to home plate to score the players.

Jeb months (June 23, 1993), Alex ‧ Weilikuizi (June 5, 1997), John (June 16, 2001) was shot entirely against Bell before Cui The three players. Bell Cui performance of this field is the second game home runs, the fourth game and the first base hits in the sixth, seventh doubles, triples the eighth, but the ninth inning to hit a ground ball to be blocked out.


For A-Rod caught in book storm Torre

For A-Rod caught in book storm Torre, the Yankees captain said that even behind Kitt come out A-Rod.

Former head coach of the New York Yankees Joe Torre's new book published by "The Yankee Year" today in the United States the next day for Torre discussed in the book, the players privately nicknamed A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) is a "liar" and in private under the regular and Kitt (Dreak Jeter) rivalry. Kit for the first time to jump out even behind the captain's identity, "A-Rod is my teammate, I support him, and all the Yankees teammates are very him."


The first time in 13 years the Yankees have not reached the playoffs last year after the end of the season

After this period of rehabilitation, Chien-Ming Wang's injured right ankle last year, is 100% recovered, but in spring training, Girardi will be back after injury, pay special attention to the situation of Wang, Chien-Ming Wang pitching first When the strength of shot, whether it back to the same intensity, the second is to fill the seats in a Wang base, the ability to do not hesitate to use their feet to step Lei Bao; If these two conditions as expected, that there may be warnings, too early in spring training to be appropriately adjusted Caixing.

The first time in 13 years the Yankees have not reached the playoffs last year after the end of the season, the Yankees baseball bitter experience, positive reinforcement, especially to spend big money to sign CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett two, but also re-signed Andy Pettitte, and Joba Chamberlain will be transferred to start, with Wang, the five-member quite strong starting pitching staff, many experts optimistic about the performance of the Yankees will have a good season; now look back from injury after Wang performed? He can dispel the doubts of the mind.


Becket hit a home run but the Red Sox lost to swallow defeat Phillies to vote

Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett on today though to show their talents in fighting, knocked one in the sixth inning solo shot, but turbulence occurs in the Qi Ju, scored a total off 7 points 6 innings, the Red Sox and closing also 6: 11 loss to Philadelphia Phillies.

Becket become the CC Sabathia, the first two career American League team in effect when the inter-union competition in hit two home runs in a pitcher. Becket audience to play number 1 3 hits, struck out 1.

Becket pitching performance today, but not against brilliant. 6 innings was hit 11 hits, 5 strikeouts cast, lost 7 points in 6 minutes is the ERA, he was in Qiju Jimmy Rollins hit a solo shot later, it was Shane Victorino hit a hit after the exit.


Rogers in the effect of season on Cleveland's first Pro Bowl

Rogers in the effect of season on Cleveland's first Pro Bowl selection in his 16 games with 4.5 Qinsha and 81 interception. He such a tall (6 feet 4 inches, 350 pounds) but has a unique alarming rate, Rogers free kick in the block and additional points are also very good. Prior to the injury last season, Rogers blocked a free kick - his career in the 13th, also blocked two additional points (penalties).

Rogers and Brown, head coach Eric - Mancini before the start of last season, are a difficult start. Mancini was hired a few weeks later in Cleveland, a city in the awards dinner ignored Rogers, Rogers felt Mancini underestimated. Rogers repeatedly asked to be traded. But then two separate chat and resolved their differences, and Mancini often praised Rogers. Last season because of his charisma, his teammates frequently call him "Big Baby."

Rogers's arrest is the latest incident with the gun-profile players. NBA Washington Wizards guard Gilbert - Gilbert Arenas into the locker room because the gun was sentenced recently to live into the "halfway" in a month and suspended for two years transforming the community. New York Jets took over Plaxico foreign - borres pleaded guilty in the gun after the period is his two-year sentence. NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Guard - Delong Te - West was arrested in Maryland are facing charges of weapons possession.


Buffalo Bill team contract six players at the same time

Buffalo Bill team has and 6 players renew including security Wei George - Wilson and linebacker Keith - Ellison.

Wilson last season 12 field starter but get career highest 4 steals. He and Ellison are restrictive free agent, this month early all received team provide contract. Ellison last season 8 games starting, later quadriceps injured lead season reimbursed.

Bill team Mon and three proprietary free agent renewal: linebacker Jon - Cortot, defensive Houwei Kai ri - Harris and Jonathan - Stupak.

Free agent foreign took over Felton - Harkins also and team renew he last season in Buffalo internship group.


Redskins coach Zorn

Redskins team owner known for Schneider are known for their very generous, but his coach in the selection of repeated failures, the recent 7 years for the five coach, he bought the Redskins in 1997, team, 2000 season, head coach Norv Turner was fired midway , the current Lightning coach in 2001 season and paid employment Marty Schottenheimer, a year after his dismissal (the latter served as Lightning coach), 2002, appointed the University of Florida football coach Steve Sperrier, resigned two years later, in 2004 requested the Hall of Fame coach Gibbs to reappear, resigned after 07 end of the season, Zorn is the 5th head coach. It is noteworthy that the last three erythroderma team coach Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier and Gibbs were not winning more than half.

There is no coach Zorn experience, not even served as offensive coach or defensive coach. The Coach in the NFL, the coach is the offensive and defensive following two coaches, and then down to is the various locations of the assistant coach. Zorn had only quarterback Seattle Seahawks assistant coach, to the Seahawks out of the Berk tuning known. Redskins a few weeks ago, he has been employed as attack coach. However, after the process of looking for coach blocked, and then decided to promote him to a two-hop, directly as a coach. Zorn specializes in West Coast offense system, is bound to the offensive line will have to re-create erythroderma, especially the young quarterback Jason Campbell will experience some sharpening. Redskins team owner of this amazing move, can receive the Most Effective, the new season will be a horizon. However, according to Redskins team history, has been appointed coach of the four did not experience the new coach's first season in the Redskins record winning more than half were not, therefore, Zorn was not optimistic about the prospects for this season.


Cowboys beat Lions

Cowboys 28, Lions 27

6 wins 2 losses start of the Lions even have a negative five games, could only stand and hand the wild card will be lost. This field of jeans, leading the three, but was not guaranteed in section 4, so that a red cowboy twice a touchdown pass, one-point air to go Lions. Lions only themselves to blame a series of unlucky fourth quarter, in particular kicked a penalty 35 yards to give breathing space cowboy in order. Cowboys quarterback if the ball very efficient silent, 44 pass 35 in the 302 yards, 2 touchdowns. Tight end Viton 15 times the ball 138 yards, set in the first attack.

Colt 44, Ravens 20

Ravens last week, dropped nearly to the Patriot, hopes people crow day and night match in the weeks to perform well. Unexpectedly, the colt Section 3 touchdowns, including two errors in the use of a crow easily by 23 to 0 lead in the beginning of section II a gain another victory, competition ahead of a foregone conclusion. Ravens this season will undoubtedly reveal the true level. III colt to make severance substitute battle, so save a little face crows. Ravens quarterback Burrough pass was intercepted three times, a second clean sheet, and one on the right hand over the ball four times want to, do not lose also be difficult.


Compensatory draft picks is based on salary

Compensatory draft picks is based on salary, playing time and postseason honors formula for decision. A team losing more or better players get more than that to be eligible for. This draft picks can not be traded.

Tiger Team with the highest compensation draft picks, the first three 33-bit (Total No. 96 overall). In the 09 seasons before they lost TJ Houshmandzadeh, Stacey - Andrews and Ryan - but only signed a Fitzpatrick JT O'Sullivan. Titan team has been the second-highest draft picks, they have lost Albert - Han Bosworth, Criscar, Brandon - Jones, Eric - King, Daniel - Loper and Chris = West James, signed by about 10000 - sea, Nate - Washington and Mark - Jones.

Since 1994, the first time that a compensatory draft picks initiated Baltimore (29) and Dallas (28) get up to Cleveland to be the minimum, only one.


Faffe is older than the fourth linebacker announced his retirement

The evening of January 13 local time, NFL players on active service, one of the oldest, Patriots linebacker Junior - Sow the fourth announced his retirement, he declared that this is the last time, there will be no return.

As a 12-time All-Star, Sow back again this season, joining the mid-patriot, to help the team a division title, but in the playoffs first round game, home defeat to the Ravens do not go further, but the individual contributions of the season Sow Tackle the highest five times so that he single-season Tackle reach 15 times since the post-game interview, he said: "This is my last game."

And Brett - Faffe like Sow is the NFL's only "60 after" players, 19-year career in the first 13 years spent in San Diego and Miami this month on the 19th will be at least 41 years old, In August 2006, he first announced his retirement a few days after the Patriots announced and signed in two seasons to play 14 games starting in 2007 and 2008, he was all staged a "comeback retired" in play, and Sow, retirement and back more than four times up to 2 times Faffe retired back pale into insignificance.


Atlanta fire safety Wei Kok Wei signing

Atlanta Falcons and the former first-round pick Tye - Hill cancellation, and Health and Safety Matt - Giordano signed.

Hill, 2006 St. Louis Rams draft pick was No. 15 in the first round to select. In the ram spent three disappointing seasons, he started shortly before last season, was traded to Atlanta. In the Falcons participated in eight games, Hill had 7 interceptions and one steals. Week 2, he was the team termination.

Giordano has five years of NFL playing experience ,2005-2008 Indianapolis Colts, he played last season for the Green Bay Packers the team. He took part in 60 games, including six starts, a total of 79 interceptor, and 3 steals.


Playoff matches and lightning, respectively Tigers team

Playoff matches and lightning, respectively Tigers team, Sanchez two games before a total of 282 yards passing, 38 passing 24 times success is just Faffe or Manning game data only, but the jet team powerful ground attack and defensive alliance will be Sanchez's first tender into the invisible, "a hero 3 help" the situation and even allow some of Big Brother were all jealous, Brisbane said: "It's clear that he has a strong team around , excellent ground attack, and excellent defense, he need only to pass, his offensive coordinator is Brian - Xiao Teng Hymer, who once served as my San Diego quarterback coach, Brian to help him grow rapidly up. "Sanchez agreed Brisbane's view, recognition of this right to use a conservative quarterback is actually a rookie for protection, he said:" At present, very effective, is also the hope that I will be more opportunities, and now is well-behaved some good. I accumulate experience through each game, while the experience is no substitute, I think the biggest reward is to know what is in the end will bring victory or lead to failure. "

Sanchez's predecessors rookie season may be not so wonderful, Peyton - Manning rookie season, led only to play three wins and 13 losses, equivalent to the regular season last year, the third Pirates of the results, Faffe and Brisbane are also eating is not less bitterness, as reached the Federation final, is to get into things after the NFL a few years, even more than the legendary quarterback who started well, Sanchez is also very clear-headed, he said: "In the offseason I will sit down to see more watch the game, see Brady, Manning, France Brisbane, Vladimir, and how to observe the game, I hope I can learn better. "


Super Bowl viewership data to dominate the U.S. screen

According to Monday's ratings data, the 44th of this year's Super Bowl broadcast also set a record for broadcast CBS (CBS) and investigative bodies Nelson announced that a total of 100 million 65 million U.S. viewers watched the Super wrist television, more than the 1983 TV series "Army field hospital," the final episode of 100 million 60 million, becoming the largest viewership in the history of American television programs.

Steelers Super Bowl last year's Cardinals game against the number of 98.7 million viewers, when a record Super Bowl ratings record was 100 million this year to break 65 million, in a declining television ratings, the era of Super Bowl ratings is climbing every year for the broadcast sector has brought huge business interests in more than three hours of coverage, the 30-second ad asking price of up to three million U.S. dollars, CBS News and Sports is responsible for vice president of Sean - McManus said excitedly : "This is an extremely rare sport in the history of magic moments." Meanwhile, the 44th Super Bowl ratings in the United States reached 45%, the highest 14-year high of 4 percentage points higher than last year, was less than in 1996 Steelers Super Bowl games and the Cowboys game was 46%.

CBS CEO Leslie - Moonves said: "The Super Bowl, and any television ratings are very good in comparison, there are 100 million 60 million people watched the game, it's hard to see this in other places figure. "Moonves also predicted that, CBS this year's Super Bowl advertising revenues have exceeded previous years, broadcasters, this year's record viewership data for all future play a role in promoting the sale of Super Bowl advertising," the Army field hospital " Actor Alan - Alda has also joined the celebrated ranks, he said: "If the" Army field hospital, "the ratings have been exceeded, and the most likely situation is that many people are willing to see the Saints win, I am also, I am pleased to could not have been happy, I love this city. "However, as the number of U.S. households have television sets (100 million 14.9 million units) than in 1983 (83.3 million units) is much larger, so also the Super Bowl ratings is far less than in 1983's "Army field hospital," was as high as 77%, is probably a far-fetched figure.

Nielsen also reported that this year more people choose home watching television rather than go out to bars and friends carnival, because the densely populated eastern part of the weather is too bad, McManus said: "Florida's good weather and northeast of the presence of bad weather at the same time the most favorable ratings. "Although this year's economic situation has not significantly improved, but CBS still will be sold out Super Bowl ads, Nielsen survey, in which Snickers (food), Doritos (food), Google (Internet), But Light (beer) advertising the most popular.


Jason suffered another NFL suspensions

Free agent Jason - Sir Alex Ferguson, the last two seasons in Miami Dolphins team experienced the effectiveness of the sharp front, because doping during the race, in violation of the NFL's policy, even a fine in the next season, stopped the first eight games race.

NFL spokesman Greg - Aiello on Sunday confirmed that notification of penalties will be issued later this week, but failed to provide further details. In 1999, Ferguson is also breaching the suspended NFL drug policy fined, he has been detected in the urine during the anabolic steroids ordered to stop four games. Ferguson's agent, Jimmy - Sexton did not call back on Sunday to comment on the matter.

Sir Alex Ferguson in the end of the season in November last year, when the quadriceps injury and underwent surgery one month later, out of action games. Ferguson, now 35-year-old last season, played for the Dolphins completed in nine games 23 times to intercept. Coach Tony - Sparano called him during his injury a "joke player." A Dolphins spokesman Harvey - Green said that Ferguson is still a free agent, he did not sign a new contract. "We will not make any statements because he did not officially on the list of our players," Green said. The team did not say whether they plan to next season to re-sign with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sir Alex Ferguson in 1997 and was elected to NFL, in 2008, joined the Miami Dolphins before his jet in New York and played eight seasons in the Dallas Cowboys for three seasons playing varsity. His career, a total of 325 times to intercept.

In the 1997 inspection tour rookie training camp, Ferguson tested positive for doping. Suspended in 1999, he moved to deny taking steroids, saying he was just taking a dietary supplement, which he can not be identified, but that does not contain any banned substances. "People think I was a drug addicts or drug addicts and the like, and I think this is ridiculous," Ferguson said at the time, "I will look at the bottle, I know what is steroids, I do not take any damn steroids. "


Maradona led his unit to victory over Germany

Yesterday, Argentina and Germany, two strong Allianz Stadium in Munich, a warm-up match, with the goal Higuain, Argentina, a victory over the ball. Led the team to a road victory, Maradona's World Cup in South Africa after the match once again reaffirmed the goal, "we still have to prove the ability to join the ranks of World Cup contention."

37 minutes, the use of personal ability Dimaliya shot straight after the break, the ball hit the lintel on the pop-up, Germany escaped. Half before the end of Germany's goalkeeper Adler committed a great wrong, Higuain the ball calmly into Buddhism, Argentina lead. The second half of the contest and the scene rather dull and eventually beat Argentina, the ball is still a rival newspaper in Germany's World Cup opponents out of revenge. It is worth mentioning that the old horse coach of Argentina, the 5 times against European teams, in addition to losing to Spain, other games unbeaten.

After the match, Maradona said: "Today, everyone can see my players have the strength, in fact, I have said many times before, but my country people do not agree with my views. If we are willing, I will be for me The country sent a wonderful session of the World Cup. "For this game, nag that" we can win the game, Argentina proved itself alive, as long as we continue to maintain such courage, the World Cup, we do not will be empty-handed. "However, the old horse, or received a bad news after the game, the main defender Demichelis suffered serious injuries, he was in the game Barak Zhuangcheng cheekbone collapse is difficult to predict whether the World Cup.


Microsoft will stop supporting Vista, XP SP2

Microsoft will stop its unpopular WindowsVista operating system to provide technical support, and this time than planned WindowsXP and Windows2000 stop technical support in the early months.

Microsoft said on Thursday, WindowsVista no service pack for the operating system this year, after April 13 will no longer be Microsoft's technical support, so that the platform has been completely want to use this operating system security vulnerabilities under the threat of hackers.

At the same time, WindowsXP2 and all versions of the Windows2000 operating system, technical support for the cut-off time is July 13. Microsoft will shut down at that time security updates for these operating systems.

At the same time, Microsoft WindowsServer2003 mainstream technical support will advance to the extension of technical support phase. This means that users have to pay Microsoft to get technical support, only the security update is still free of charge.

Microsoft believes it is important that all users have the technical support to take action before the end of the user not only know their own choices and to prepare, but also to ensure that its own operating system environment as secure as possible.


The next version of Firefox will not support Mac OS X 10.4

Popular Web browser Firefox development organization Mozilla has officially announced that, after an internal incentive discussions, decided to launch a new version of Firefox the next time when the only support Mac OS X 10.5 and above versions of the operating system to use, while the Mac OS X 10.4 will be abandoned support.

The news came out, although many User dissatisfaction, but the Mozilla Mac developer Josh Aas programmer said, "We believe that the minimum support for Mac OS X 10.5 operating system, in order to allow users to have a better user experience."

At the same time, the new version of the Firefox browser to give up on the Tiger operating system will support, although Mozilla predicted nearly 1.5 million Mac OS X 10.4 users are still using the Firefox 3.5 version of the browser, there are 36000 Tiger fans are using Firefox 3.6 version, but the next time a new release of these users will not be able to upgrade.

Mozilla said Firefox 3.6 version of the beginning of this year's new, Mac OS X 10.4 and Tiger operating system, users can choose to use that version.