Gonzalez blasted two home runs in this game

Dodge in the 8 inning finally Rocky cow from the hands of a large number of points, played in that one entire Board, with five hits and four bad plus 1 scored 3 points, but then the second half of Los Angeles Board also relied on two hits, including Fowler's first two triples, one breath and then get 2 points, and closing Rocky on to win 10 to 5.

Gonzalez blasted two home runs in this game, this is his 6th consecutive game with a long play, 115 games this season, 61 games to hit a long fight, has accumulated 29 home runs. The Fowler's two triples and let him third base this year, up 12 hits, write down the team single-season history of personal records up to third base hits, Juan Pierre, Juan Uribe, Neifi Perez had a single quarter 11 to third base hits performance.

Dodgers star outfielder Manny Ramirez in game play 6 inning pinch, the results the first one strike Jiugen referee ruling the ball good and bad arguments, the trial was ejected. This is probably his last game wearing a Dodgers jersey, the team finally decided that he allegedly traded to the Chicago White Sox.


Orioles batters to face the first round

Leave the snake nests, wearing white socks, Edwin Jackson's performance reborn, today (27) pitched eight Bureau of the sea soared 10K, led the White Sox 8, Orioles than the 0 to Ku Haha.

Though there have been staged at the end of June no-hitter (8 walks), Jackson lackluster performance this season in Arizona, WHIP values as high as 1.50; 731 trading deadline, but before the return to American League, joining the White Sox, Jackson feels like rebirth, 4 times before Fat total of 28 Board only lost 4 points (3 responsibilities to lose), during the capability strikeouts is surprising, strong hair 34 Old Mr. Chang K.

Orioles batters to face the first round, Jackson walked alone to the one on base opportunities, Nick Markakis 4 Bureau of the honor of being the first one on base hits by the batter, even by mistake, direct steal third base, but still could not break through Jackson blockade, 8 Board Kutun eight duck eggs.

Red Sox fans not only see the home team got the victory

Red Sox fans not only see the home team got the victory, but also to appreciate the masters of this beautiful Park Terminator sent garrison; Pine Park Board on the 9 on stage started to face Lopez, Lopez hit a strong level flight record hit the ball, the result of the reaction Piper fast, exciting and tidy in order to pick the ball left-handed gloves, kill, let batters dumbfounded; send Kashimoto three sailors on this Council for three times, into a live team offensive and defensive victory .

Pine Park 1 Office of the backup no mistake, the number 18 ball and 13 ball is strike the ball, scored 32 times this season a successful rescue, defense rate of 2.96. Red Sox starting pitcher Beiqi Te (Josh Beckett) pitched 6.1 Board sent 7K, suffer loss of two H-3, lucky to get 4 wins, ERA 6.50.


Werth of the Philadelphia's value is that it is a good long-range gunner

Werth of the Philadelphia's value is that it is a good long-range gunner, and in many lefties hit line is an indispensable right hand main, once he send out and the Phillies can only rely on for 2 years as Nongchangpaiming First, the current in the 3A's Domonic Brown, and the bench Ben Francisco and Ross Gload.

If Oswalt deal fell through, the Phillies have to be reinforced on the cow, or else get fit infielder to fill the need 1 month to rejoin the Chase Utley of the combat capabilities vacancies.


Overbearing Boluokete pitch momentum

Former New York Yankees relief pitcher Boluokete (Scott Proctor) contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, signed a 1 year 1.115 million U.S. dollars contract, Torre will continue to fight in the total training.

Overbearing Boluokete pitch momentum, the later part of last season, was traded from the Yankees to the Dodgers, he was a race last year with the Yankees 52 games with the Dodgers in a game 31 games, 83 games the year out of competition, the main 86.1 Board voted 5 wins and 5 win defeat, 3.65 ERA results, is a useful bullpen Naicao combat capability.

Boluokete annual salary of 444,923 U.S. dollars last year, this year the 1.3 million U.S. dollars, but the Dodgers had only willing to pay 920,000 U.S. dollars, the final negotiations to 1 year 1.115 million U.S. dollars "deal."

Dodgers now only left to vote Bermel (Joe Beimel) Select salary arbitration, Bermel 83 games last year, a race, won the primary vote 67.1 Board 4 wins and 2 losses, 3.88 ERA results, he requested annual salary of 212.5 million, but the Dodgers only willing to provide 1.7 million U.S. dollars.


Congress has asked the Justice Department against former Orioles slugger Tejada

Congress has asked the Justice Department against former Orioles slugger Tejada (Astros have been transferred) to investigate, questioning Tejada Congressional hearing in 2005 of perjury. Reform Committee, said the main Xiwokeman, the 2002 American League MVP at the hearing readme never used performance-enhancing drugs have never heard of the other players talked about doping issues, clearly a great gap between Mitchell Report .

In the Mitchell report, Tejada's former Athletics teammate Piatt has revealed that he actually does, and Tejada discussed the issue of steroids, it also provides the use of human growth hormone so that the Tejada. Tejada lied once the investigations will involve perjury, facing the future of self-destruction.


No baseball people do not know Tommy Strong (Tommy John)

No baseball people do not know Tommy Strong (Tommy John), Hall of Fame ballot this year received only 29.1% of votes, ahead of only the former St. Louis Cardinals home run king Maguire (Mark McGwire) and more out of 30 votes, two stars a Minglasunshan .

Strong Since 1989, Tommy retired after 5 years with Hall of Fame candidacy, but every year get the job. He won a total of 288 career wins 231 lost an average of 3.31 ERA, wins a few ranked 25th in the history of Jason, and 3 years more than 20 wins, Major League ball up to age 26 years from the 1962-89 years, in particular, he is baseball history The first player to move ligament transplant surgery, medical to remember him, he gave his name this operation, known as "Tommy John Surgery (Tommy John surgery)."

Strong right arm in 1974, Tommy ligament rupture by Hooper (Frank Jobe) doctors surgery or, for baseball history as the first laboratory mice experiments, Tommy did not expect after the operation, after 18 months to return to the Dodgers, then board the board voted 13 years, then won the 164 wins (124 wins before surgery), wrote the first major league legendary phoenix.


Major League doping test last year's "Mitchell Report" of the modern legend named Clemens

"Rocket Man" Clemens (Roger Clemens) received CBS (CBS) "60 Minutes" show host Wallace (Mike Wallace) interview repeatedly stressed that he had not used drugs.

Major League doping test last year's "Mitchell Report" of the modern legend named Clemens, damaging the case with Clemens decade-long experience with the former New York Yankees fitness trainer Mike Nano (Brian McNamee) the statement, McNamee said that Clemens had injected drugs several times, forward vigorously.

Clemens admitted only please McNamee injected him called "lidocaine (lidocaine)" anesthetic agents and nutrients vitamin B12, not the so-called doping.

Wallace hopes Clemens explained again, Clemens asked for further explanation of the ingredients lidocaine and B12 content. Clemens said, lidocaine is a pitcher for the protection of joint lubrication function of anesthetic, B12 is a cell of hematopoietic and protect the role of pitching arm, which are both general maintenance and nutritional agents, not McNamee called doping, This allegation is simply nonsense.

Clemens said he was only injected with only two drugs, both drugs are legitimate things, not drugs. Message to testify in 1999 and 2001 injected drugs, Clemens denied all his to wash the stigma, the United States time to Houston next week he would invite all the media, once again clarify this false rumor.


Hiroshima Toyo Carp on staff ace right-hander Hiroki Kuroda moved to the big Union

Hiroshima Toyo Carp on staff ace right-hander Hiroki Kuroda moved to the big Union, 17, first appeared in the new stadium owners, Dodge, Dodge out Kuroda agreed to a three-year contract worth 35.3 million U.S. dollars, becoming small Lin Yaying , Kosuke Fukudome this year after the first three cross-sea challenge Major League players in Japan.

Will turn 33 in February next year, black field, the effectiveness of Hiroshima 11 years and left 103 won 89 lost 3.69 ERA, with 150 kilometers of power Kuroda fastball, has long been a major league headhunt locked object, the Dodgers assistant general manager of White said: "Kuroda stability ball, the angle sharp slider, splitter vertical drop is also large enough, the ball prestige no doubt."

Kuroda determined in the exercise of FA (free agent) qualification, the sailor, a rattlesnake, the Royal and other teams are interested in recruiting, and even out the price tag is higher than the Dodge, brokers Xierliya said: "Kuroda joined the Dodgers complete Los Angeles, the weather is very comfortable because, to him important than money. "

Kuroda was Japan in 2004 Athens Olympic national champion, a tournament of 26 games last season, lost eight record 12 wins 3.56 ERA, was selected for three consecutive years the Central Union Star team.

"We look forward to Kuroda to a firm start and show resistance to investment in Japan over the past features, the burden of more innings pitched." Dodgers general manager Kelei Ti stressed: "Kuroda is the next quarter, starting or placed in cow, the final decision still rests with coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) hands. "


Recently, with the old club will renew the New York Yankees slugger "A-Rod"

Recently, with the old club will renew the New York Yankees slugger "A-Rod" , as in the previous quarter's outstanding performance, today was named Major League Baseball MLB Most Valuable Player. This is his third career win this award, the winning number of the second largest in Major League.

The Dominican-born American Yankees third baseman, and win the league last season were the highest of the 54 home runs and 156 RBI the other contributions, back to 143 points, batting third as 14, and another twenty-four stolen bases.

The vote in the media, A-Rod include 28 first-place votes to score 320 eighth obtain this honor. Detroit Tigers outfielder Ouduoniezi Zeyi two first place votes and eight second place score 250.
Los Angeles Angels of Ge Ruiluo ranked third in the voting, the Boston Red Sox, "Dad," Otis is in fourth place.

A-Rod in 2003 when the effectiveness of the Texas Rangers scored a career's first Most Valuable Player award, then in 2005 again as a player was named to the Yankees. The only major league win more than three Most Valuable Player Award is the effectiveness of the San Francisco Giants last quarter of the Bonds, has so far won a total of seven career.


Major League rookie of the winner announced on the 13th

Major League rookie of the winner announced on the 13th, Red Sox second baseman Peizhuo Ya (Dustin Pedroia) include 24 first place votes to dominate the American League, was awarded the National League Rookie of the hit 34 home runs for the Brewers to play strong Junior Brown (Ryan Braun).

Pei Zhuoya baseball career win as Red Sox as full of "surprises", has been doubted he was only 175 centimeters tall and the possibility of major league players all big burly break one day, with 3 Peizhuo Ya hit rate of 17 percent and full year results of only 6 turnovers, so Boston fans just love this "mini-version of" the second baseman.

Pei Zhuoya after winning distress: "Each stage has questioned me, saying I was too short, slow, poor arm strength, etc., but the fact that more people believe me and giving me the opportunity to (the Alliance) to shine. "

Compared to Midland almost "overwhelming" vote, the National League Rookie of the competition is intense, and by the end of May before the major leagues from the 3A Brown rose to the hands of the clubs were popular, 3 into 24 batting, 34 total base hits and 97 runs batted in, "star" of the combat achievements of the Brown received 17 first place votes to score 128 points win over the Rockies shortstop Tuoweisiji (Troy Tulowitzki) 126 points, was named National League rookie of the .

That award, Brown was finally put down the hearts of stone, tensions at home in California to sleep Brown admits: "I mind a blank, the only sure thing is that this is certainly a very close vote."


Has overcome testicular cancer to Lowe

Although it is not being noticed, but Lowe is not to look down on the outside, season 3 of the 24 batting average, 120 RBIs were career highs, as brave performance in the playoffs, had 15 RBIs in 15 war, second only to teammate Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) 16 RBI, Derek Lowe after the game did not forget the champagne drenched body laugh at yourself: "It's like icing on the cake, this is the best』 『accessories!"

Has overcome testicular cancer to Lowe, played in the final year of the contract value, reflects the spirit of Amistad, the Red Sox won the World Championship to determine, the third base stands fans constantly chanted "Re-sign Lowell ~ Re-sign Lowell ", requested renewal of the Red Sox and Derek Lowe, by nature optimistic attitude to the Lowe says with a laugh:" Is a free agent after the talk, here (Boston) played very happy, now I just want to concentrate on celebrating the win. "


The former Seibu pitcher binary pine (soil reaction) Daisuke

The former Seibu pitcher binary pine (soil reaction) Daisuke, Kazuo Matsui, after an absence of four years will meet in the World Series, but this time their relationship has become a rival from his comrades.

"Rocky Socks war" into the countdown, in addition to super-strong cast Becket (Josh Beckett) can cut the Rockies in the opener seven straight playoff series, the "Heisei monster" Pine (soil reaction) Daisuke and the "nuclear warhead" Matsui This is the first Central Committee Jia former teammates clash, affects the hearts of fans in Asia.

Kazuo Matsui came Koshien Name doors PL Gakuen, the effectiveness of the Seibu period, the Pacific League the second best shortstop makes people want, in particular, Ichiro Suzuki 2001 season he moved to Alliance, the "hit, run, observe the" three beat players Matsui become a fan favorite Western Union, main and received his first stick "warheads" reputation, 10 years experience on staff to leave 09 combat rate of 3 percent, a record 306 stolen bases.

2003 ball end of the quarter, Matsui exercise FA (free agent) the power, duties and went to join city, but "nuclear warhead" light does not illuminate the road Matsui's major league, the effect of city and during the coaching staff has not been reused, and have actually the object of the New York fans boo, until this year before Matsui, "comeback", the rate of 2 percent against 88, 32 stolen bases a firm Rockies starting second baseman.