The Phillies once again get angry killer Ross

The Phillies once again get angry killer Ross, four Board may point circle one and win the direction of left field hits to help the Giants get the first point of support, now hit the third war, each had a RBI revenue, "I really do not dare to believe I can make the playoffs, the playoffs two months ago, I do not know what it is, is the Giants brought me all this, "Aug. 22 to Ross before transferring from a giant marlin, but repeatedly perform outstanding in the playoffs.

Giants Huff (Aubrey Huff) also knocked in four innings with RBI hits, and of five Sangqi Si (Freddy Sanchez) doubles the direction of ground balls, Atlee (Chase Utely) did not stopped, so that the giant again add 1 point, 3 points, insurance, coupled with the suppression of Kahn, a giant win.

Porch said: "I am very pleased that we overcome the fear, I love my players out."

In the future war will be the fifth, the Phillies Brandon (Joe Blanton), played the giant new Bergman (Madison Bumgamer).


Sabathia pitched 4 inning win their six hits

8 Bureau of downstream to the cavalry by the first hitter Ian Kinsler walked on base, but Kinsler death occurred in the base-running mistakes Shique was contacting the one between second base; Yankees 9, and then sent under guard Terminator Mariano Rivera, Yankees whistle Take the 6 to 5 and grabbed the first win the American League Championship Series.

Sabathia pitched 4 inning win their six hits, all to blame lose 5 points, but relying on his teammates defeat vote escaped fire support, back-2 scoreless innings, 4 strikeouts soared out of Dustin Moseley will win the game; Wilson pitched seven Board gave up 6 hits, lost 3 points, but unfortunately bullpen pitchers do not join in, and wins passing, Darren O'Day vote is lost to swallow.

American League Championship Series will be the second war, Taipei time at 4:00 on the 16th for the Yankees starting pitchers Phil Hughes, Rangers were sent Colby Lewis fight.


Li Zhenchang performed well this season

Li Zhenchang performed well this season, especially in July has no responsibility for the entire month of overkill performance loss, even the disabled list in August, but the Indians hit the ball fall group has long been linked to the idea of him, and then really also appears in the 9 The list announced earlier this month, let Li Zhenchang to accept the stronger hitter ahead of the test.

Presented both the game against war, the end of the first 6 Rafters Council, 5 to 3 lead, Board 6 has a 3 on 3 Registration Board under section 7 of the show Li Zhenchang Board met in turbulence, the council gave up three hits and 1 appears to contain their own mistakes, add 2 points to rival the insurance points, Javelinas still Cannian end points after the chase.

The campaign hits 2 3 Li Zhenchang Board are responsible for loss of 2 points lost, but four died 2K still playing well without the ball skills.


The Warriors 9 counterattack under the patron is limited to the giant Wilson

Warriors have no choice but rescue group took turns at the 9th Bureau of arson, Jinbo Rui (Craig Kimbrel) first walked Shichuan Long (Travis Ishikawa) and then he was Sangqi Si strike hits, and Moran (Peter Moylan) after playing let Huff (Aubrey Huff ) hits than the number of knock to right field tied the direction, and the Warriors second baseman Conrad actually happens at this time fielding errors, ran back to take the opportunity to advance to Sangqi Si points, Giants 3 to 2.

The Warriors 9 counterattack under the patron is limited to the giant Wilson (Brian Wilson) and nothing to show, a giant in the National League playoffs for the first round of war 3 come from behind 3 to 2, a giant battle in the series are also 2 to 1 lead. The key appears in the second baseman fielding errors Conrad, in The campaign "contribution" to 3 turnovers, terrible performance let him say: "I dig a hole to jump into the super, and then sleep in it directly ! "


Wang in front of the future are pessimistic on the idea

Then "BBD" presented their arguments, "If that ball back, he (Wang) or spend some time in the minor leagues to adjust his arm. This is not a elbow injury, the place was shoulder problem, unfortunately land, and that ended his career enough. "

However, in the past but also the rise of another example of the shoulder injury, won last year's comeback award Carpenter Cardinals pitcher (Chris Carpenter) is an example.

Wang in front of the future are pessimistic on the idea, the paper would still point out the indisputable fact that until the date of this year's Hughes, "the king may be since Pettitte, the pitcher from the Yankees farm strongest." Wang China 2005-2008 surprise that The New Yorker, won 19 games for two consecutive quarters in addition, also in 2008 became the first Director of the history of the opening of the Yankees starting pitcher in Asia.