So far this season, has three games major league no-hitter

Major League season, the fourth no-hitter there! Today (26, Taiwan time) Diamondbacks and Rays 3 Lien Chan's first game, Diamondbacks starting pitcher Jackson (Edwin Jackson) 9 Bureau does not hit in any one out hits, 8 walks cast, performing no-hitter in shutout victory and closing to help the team 1 to 0 victory over light Jackson scored 5 wins this season.

So far this season, has three games major league no-hitter, the Rockies were Ximannizi (Ubaldo Jimenez) in the April 17 Battle Warrior to cast the no-hitter shutout, Athletics lefthander Braden (Dallas Braden) in the May 9 light cast on the full game, and Halladay (Roy Halladay) play against the Marlins complete game performance; Jackson again to create a simple records.

Jackson The campaign reached 149 with the ball the ball is also a season high eight walks in all in the first three Board; In addition, the history of Arizona, which is the second no-hitter.


Rays hit the three home runs the team scored five points

Rays hit the three home runs the team scored five points, starting pitcher Jahaza beaten six hits in eight innings lost one-third, won the eighth win this season. Warriors with the White Sox pitcher last race is war, the former Golden State Rottweiler Qiju White Sox's Floyd no any errors with the points, but eight innings Warriors Takashi Saito was the White Sox can win their two points of Koerner gun winning a competition. MLB jerseys

Giants starting pitcher Ken Board was satisfied with three to play nine hits and lost seven exits, Astros bullpen after pitching a total of five hits and only two have not been playing games on his own, nine innings on the Lunteruiya giant hits from the zero 7 tracked more than seven or five to lose.


Red Sox first baseman Youkilis (Kevin Youkilis) at 4 Jushang Ban

Red Sox first baseman Youkilis (Kevin Youkilis) at 4 Jushang Ban, the second pitcher from the Twins Shinuo Wei (Kevin Slowey) knocked two-run homer in the hands broken egg, and then captain Weiruitike (Jason Varitek) and then added something made spring homer, Red Sox 3-0 lead.

Shi Nuowei to fight Twins starting pitcher position this year, he was knocked two home runs before the door gods were about David Ortiz struck out (David Ortiz) and Luomanruizi (Manny Ramirez).

The Twins starting pitcher Bonser (Boof Bonser) have shown that Daisuke Matsuzaka is more than excellent, he also pitched two Bureau, only beaten a hit cast a strikeout, no lose points.


U.S. Major League Baseball will start in Beijing

U.S. Major League Baseball will start in Beijing, China, by the same in the United States West Los Angeles Dodgers vs Padres, the time for the March 15 and 16, all in a couple of days, location is at the Beijing Western District 5 Baseball Song field.

5 Pine baseball field is built for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games baseball field, the subway arrived in the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Olympic team before the invitation to Major League exhibition games in this conduct is to test the new baseball facilities, Road Dodgers and Padres baseball field in 5 loose 2 performances after the game, will make use of views, so as to improve Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee will be an important reference.

Before this, only five pine baseball on August 20 last year, has invited a Japanese team engage in a "Good Luck Beijing baseball" (Good Luck Beijing baseball tournament).

It is reported that five baseball games in the Olympics before the pine, in addition to host the Chinese baseball team can concentrate fully on this, the other team that missed the first baseball field in 5 loose concentrate fully.


U.S. Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball, MLB) will start today in Beijing

U.S. Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball, MLB) will start today in Beijing, China. Competition time for March 15 and 16 teams for the Los Angeles "Dodgers" and San Diego "Padres." MLB Chinese mainland official website will be synchronized on the line on race day, as the partner of one of MLB BroadWebAsia (BWA), has reached an agreement with MLB, specify the site's podcast 2.0 - amber MLB Network as the exclusive operator of China's official website.

According to the staff of Amber Network, MLB Network will be the Chinese government formally opened on March 15, the site will serve as a MLB in mainland China's only official website. Official online line, China's sports fans can watch the MLB through the site trip to China information and events of all Chinese situation, race day, Amber Network will provide live Internet video is more live, so that more fans can not personally We glimpse of baseball's charismatic. cheap MLB jerseys

Amber Network CEO Li Xihao that baseball is very popular in the United States, but the awareness level in China is still shallow, the MLB official to China and established network in China to promote far-reaching popularity of baseball. Chinese fans also can Tongguo official website of the Simplified Chinese data Qingsong land searches to Daliangbisai information, without Zai as before only from sports channels and Guowai website to see the information on the MLB and baseball events.


What the ball for Fan Keer leave?

What the ball for Fan Keer leave? Used to be a record vote of the transmission loss of the ball (changeup). The ball was kissed, Fan Keer although literally "black and blue," but without losing sense of humor, said: "so lucky, he did not break my jaw." He does not cast blame Weilemaier lost his rest a 3,4 days after the match could be played.

In fact, Fan Keer kiss a lot of experience was a serious ball, 7 July 2004, he was hit the ball into the right eyes, wearing a black eye like a spot to leave for medical treatment, hang wounded to August 14 only from the new Back to the venue. The doctor in his right cheek in a small metal plate installed, this time was the ball kissed the doctor to take this opportunity to put the board took out a piece of metal, Fan Keer also naughty, said: "This time was better played low, and have a chance to show that a metal plate, and I very lucky. "


Sponsored by the American Major League Baseball's World Baseball Classic today in Tokyo

Sponsored by the American Major League Baseball's World Baseball Classic today in Tokyo, Japan, a spokesman for the Alliance are Pouilly (Bob DuPuy) officially announced in 2009 the second World Baseball Classic group identified 16 countries, divided into 4 areas and 4 were the host country area A, respectively, in Japan, B area in Mexico, C district in Canada, D District in Puerto Rico, Chinese Taipei was in the A zone. Area 4 competition this country, date and venue are: A Region: China, Chinese Taipei, Japan and South Korea, March 5 -9, held at Tokyo Dome. B Zone: Australia, Cuba, Mexico and South Africa, Mar. 8 -12 days held in Mexico. C area: Canada, Italy, the United States and Venezuela, March 8 -12 days held in Toronto. D,: Dominica, the Netherlands, Panama and Puerto Rico, March 7 -11 days held in Puerto Rico. The second round of the district to take the top two into the semi-final place in the United States, San Diego and Los Angeles. World Baseball Classic team may report every 25 players, all participants can be assigned to broadcast such dividend payment and ticketing. MLB jerseys


The problem also plagued the wounded Torre

The problem also plagued the wounded Torre, Kent (Jeff Kent), Garciaparra (Nomar Garciaparra) and Lalo his (Andy LaRoche) and other three main infielder is injured, forcing Torre to think about opening of the war to Who will replace them with, consider the list include the Clansmen and Villager Abu Rui worry (Tony Abreu) and even Du Weite (Blake DeWitt).

Kent will play the opening match of the current opportunity is hard to say half and half, Garciaparra injured his right hand inside definitely will be disabled list, and Lalo after his knee surgery will be back at least five months, but it also increases the Clansmen and Villager opening of the war on the major league opportunity.


The National League is even more exciting

The National League is even more exciting, and Arizona Diamondbacks Celeron huge investment Weber (Brandon Webb) will be away to the Hallrin Cincinnati Reds (Aaron Harang).

Fought in the two-year New York Mets left-hander Cy Young Award winner (Johan Santana) to prove they have the highest paid pitcher in Major League worth, we should start right away on the Florida Marlins, the Marlins are home is the introduction of left-cast(Mark Hendrickson) command, people below the glasses.

San Francisco Giants have Cy Young lefty, Chito (Barry Zito) this year, his seven-year contract on 100 million the second year, starting tomorrow, the challenges in the Los Angeles Dodgers for Penny (Brad Penny).


Victory is the Blue Jays starting pitcher Macon (1 win 0 lose

Qi Ju Red Sox bullpen can not stop the Blue Jays half of the offensive, using the three pitchers, or are "serious injury" Thomas (Frank Thomas) and win winning two RBI doubles, eight innings under Half Blue Jays and then rely on Aikesitan (David Eckstie) Tim was the first 6 points.

Victory is the Blue Jays starting pitcher Macon (1 win 0 lose), the second Red Sox pitcher Asma (David Aardsma, 0 wins and 1 loss) Qiju one up to send, then for end, does not solve any persons, or bear the lost war.


Phillies star shortstop is also the National League most valuable player last year

New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies, three series, the second war, the first Phillies win, 5 to 2.

Phillies star shortstop is also the National League most valuable player last year, Rollins (Jimmy Rollins), because of a sprained left ankle can not be a race, Rollins position by the Bulangleite (Eric Bruntlett) temporarily. mlb jerseys

The first two sides to 1 to 1 tie, 3 Bureau, the Mets no one out, by first baseman Del Gado (Carlos Delgado) base hit, and right fielder Churchill (Ryan Church) captured a base hit 1, third base, second baseman Yi Sili (Damion Easley) hit an RBI base hit a one out, the pitcher skin of non-established (Mike Pelfrey) Passing on the base using catcher the Mets over the formation of barrier Rui Yasi shortstop (Jose Reyes) against time to replace Rollins's Bulangleite mistakes.


Rangers starting pitcher Badia (Vicente Padilla) 3 Council vote before the very perfect

Rangers starting pitcher Badia (Vicente Padilla) 3 Council vote before the very perfect, but four Jushang Ban was knocked four hits, including Wales, 1 RBI doubles, and Ou Fobei of 3 RBI base hit, losing breath 4, Badia (1 win and 1 loss) pitched six inning today, playing seven hits and lost 5 points, 4 points is a commitment to defeat ERA war. MLB jersey

Rangers put seven Jushang Ban Japanese relief pitcher Fu Sheng and the men play, but he put the barrel up the fire, was knocked out four hits and lost 3 points, but also to pull than the number of Blue Jays.

Rangers get 5 points 4 points which is Hampton (Josh Hamilton) contributions, including Qiju blasted under the two-run homer, while Buleilake (Hank Blalock) has a spring home run.