Online games industry, 25.6 billion in revenue last year

Chinese online games industry in 10 years, growth in output of more than 100 times, but behind the explosive growth of the brand development, content management and control, operational management mode worrying, advocate a healthy green online games not just a slogan.

Press and Publication Administration to countersign the Sun Shoushan recently in China Game Industry Annual Conference speech, disclosed that in 2009 the actual sales of China's online game revenue 25.62 billion yuan, 39.4% more than last year for the telecommunications, IT, traditional publishing and other related industrial belt value to 55.0 billion. 2-300000000 yuan from the original scale of the development to the present more than 250 billion industry, China's online games industry in 10 years, an increase of 100 times, China will become a gaming powerhouse.

However, online games online games from the powerful big countries still have a long distance. Explosive growth of the online gaming industry and the existence of a range of issues highlighted China's current management systems in the online games lag. If you want to maintain long-term development of online games industry momentum, our existing management model of online games will be crucial breakthrough in battle.

Contrarian growth of online gaming industry

Now that the "lipstick effect" in China's online games industry, Jin Xian, once again confirms the cultural and entertainment industry, counter-cyclical. In the context of the international financial crisis, China's online games industry has become a haven for the financial crisis and achieved remarkable results. 2009 online game revenue reached 25.62 billion yuan actual sales compared to 2008 growth of 39.4%, much higher than the end of last year most of the market research firm predicts 25% -35% growth rate, the fifth consecutive year to maintain strong growth momentum and to bring the relevant industrial output value 55.0 billion.

According to reports, web games and casual games last year, growth was particularly evident in real income reached 1.2 billion yuan and 5.99 billion yuan. Of particular concern is the original national online games started to play a leading role. Data show that in 2009 China's national self-developed online games the actual sales revenue of 16.525 billion yuan more than in 2008 increased by 50.1%, accounting for online gaming market last year, 64.5% of actual sales revenue.

In this regard, well-known economic commentator SONG soldiers commented that "from the current online games the speed of development and the future sustainability of the situation, China's future online games in 5 to 10 years are still in the fast-growing trend among. From the This point of view, the prospects for China's online game development potential is still very large. "

Power does not mean that online games online games power: Content Development and Management Model worrying

However, many industry insiders believe that, from a global market perspective, China did not become a powerful gaming ideas and products. Behind the prosperity in a thriving, the problem still exists.

First, China's online games independent R & D capability to be improved. From the data point of view, original online games in China the actual sales volume has reached more than 160 million, accounting for 64.5% of the total, but with a high degree of brand recognition and internationally competitive products are still worth mentioning, let alone such as "Warcraft the world ", as in the industry with far-reaching influence of online games. Web game has slowed markedly in 2009, even though the year was all the rage, so as to push China's online gaming market will Tencent arena boss location "QQ farms", the initial network is happy to imitate the "Happy Farm" mode, but from the source on the a happy network is copied Facebook and abroad a number of semi-finished game. If there is no more rich content, with the stolen food warm gradually dispersed, the player's loss will be inevitable.

Second, the lack of creativity allows the development of many of the local game content are more rough, often with violence and sex to attract eyeballs. If a large number of online games with triad theme, the most prominent underworld beating, killing, looting and other anti-social behavior, rendering scenes of bloody violence and to promote the so-called gang culture, and beautify the triad life, vulnerable to the adverse physical and psychological effects on young people to play down the rule of law awareness, distorted moral values and worldviews.
At present, China is still a lack of relevant laws and regulatory system, the government management system to be improved, business operation mode is also exploring into China's online games are far powerful way. If you want to get online games industry, sustainable development, online games need to overcome the management model.

Healthy green online games will be the road of sustainable development

Sun Shou Shan at the annual meeting was also pointed out that to promote and advocate green online games to lead the industrial development direction. Information Agency in China this year to promote the implementation of green online game publishing project, and strive to use about five years time, the Chinese online game online games publishing industry-led push to green the new stage of development. Green online games will be a healthy road of sustainable development.

In addition to charging mode exploration of the nature of the green online games or content. Green online games will remove pornography, gambling, violence and other content, a positive, positive, healthy content, to promote The Sound of Music, digging promote the traditional culture, will be the perfect combination of art and entertainment, so that the course of the game players get a useful spiritual experience.

Meanwhile, the approval strict supervision of the management system in place can guide the sound development of online gaming industry, but also essential to build strong online games one of the factors. In September 2009, China's Ministry of Culture for the first time defined the online games industry, department, Press and Publication Administration is responsible for online games for "pre-approval." For the online games industry in the emerging issues, Press and Publication Administration, said at the annual meeting, to further strengthen the supervision network games, online games for non-compliance products will be banned and made eight regulatory measures to further refine the approval threshold to a good online game access.
Therefore, the current classification system for online games and the introduction of the improvement is even more urgent. Question has become obsessed with youth online games online games are widely regarded as a scourge of the main reasons for online games classification system for all walks of life after a long but so far has been "difficult birth." It is learned from the Beijing University and the Central China Normal University jointly conducted online games grading standards has been completed. However, the development and introduction of grading standards need to be cautious, which greatly challenges the fairness and comprehensiveness.
How to define the level of the game? How to verify players age? Who controls the standards of discourse right? How to truly reflect the rule-making in the player's opinion? These problems if left alone, I am afraid that the standards drawn up in turn be reduced to a little effect of agonizing, one such former "online game fatigue system" destiny, desire beautiful, very tired to implement.


Crude salt elephant leg slimming methods

Crude salt elephant leg slimming methods

Although most of the summer, the opportunity to reveal the meat has passed, but the winter will continue to be popular with the capri short skirt, legs, any fat, can not be ignored.
First of all hands of a handful of crude salt Shou Zhi.

2 and then sit on a chair or on the ground, put his feet on the location of any object above the heart, and then wet the entire water right foot, the hands of the particles of salt evenly coated in the belly with a fist to push back and forth wiping 20 times.

3 Similarly, the particles of salt evenly coated in the thigh to the waist, push the direction of wiping 20 times.

4 When the whole leg was pushed to the wiping of fever, use plastic wrap to wrap the whole leg, 10 minutes after the removal of cling film and use warm water wash away particles of salt.

Edit Comment:

Salt is an indispensable body of a substance, crude salt has been an early rise in the beauty, and beauty and was widely used and the emergence of a portion of the salt system, cosmetics, as to be used for weight loss in this regard, the crude salt diet is a lot of money in downsizing methods, after the showing of several blogs there is some effect, but only through the row of excess moisture off the body and play a role in weight-loss, but not why people are suitable for coarse salt to lose weight, crude salt to lose weight is not less body fat, but also help you rule out the body of excess water, this method of weight loss is more appropriate in edematous obesity. For a simple fat-type obesity, this method may not achieve weight loss results.

Some people used the crude salt weight-loss method that is indeed the effective elimination of edema, this method only edema caused by obesity effect, the helpless in the face of real fat. At the same time some guests and doctors reflects a skin allergy or have damage the skin phenomenon. However, because of inexpensive, I believe that many sisters would like to try, so if it does a way, it is best to use pasteurized off coarse salt and distilled water, you can control bacterial infection.

However, in effect, no matter what weight-loss method will take some time to achieve real results, so coarse salt weight-loss method may not be able to see the results a day two days, so we must persevere.

Crude salt thin warm Tip:

1, massage is very important, can promote blood flow to help the water discharge, but remember to put it mildly, rubbing too heavy, but will lead to more rough leather clothing.

2, sensitive skin, remember not to use the use of edible salt or coarse salt, so that will make your skin injuries. The so-called crude salt is the salt we eat is not so fine, just like the original people to eat salt, salt may cause enormous, are uneven.

3, you want to Ban Cheng paste, we should note that the proportion of salt and water, more some salt, less water can be.

4, Ban Cheng paste gently in the post where you want to slim down massage, without wounds, should not have stung the feeling of pain ah, is not uniform paste, as well as large particles of salt in it, if the sense of uncomfortable, stopped for some time bar.

Identification Results:

Crude salt more suitable for weight-loss method edematous obese, the fat of the simple obesity has no effect!


7 diet of lies to deceive you

Trying to lose weight has been a long time, you feel the weight is not much change? To see that he is not deceived by these lies.

Do you often say to yourself:

Lies 1: "As long as 19 o'clock and will no longer eat, they can lose weight by!"
When to eat is not important, the key is to eat what, how much to eat. If you eat a heavy meal during the day, but also without proper training to digest, even at night without supplementary feeding, is also president of meat!

Lies 2: "Every day weigh-in, you can always pay attention to remind me to lose weight!"
The right diet and exercise to lose weight can guarantee minus 500 grams of body weight per week, but the scale of home weight scale does not clearly show such a subtle change, if the daily weigh-in, no progress will feel frustrated. The correct approach is to adhere to exercise ,3-4 weeks on a regular basis, said once, you will find that he is indeed a lot of light!

Lies 3: "I do not need exercise can reduce the weight, because I can reduce the calorie intake."
May not exercise, you can naturally slim down, but not a long time to maintain, over period of time will rebound. It is only through strong muscle movements can speed up the metabolic rate, consume more heat.

Lies 4: "Oh, Is there any way? My obesity is a genetic father to my mother!"
Indeed, you may be the genetic parents of this little bit genes, but more often is that you may not be conscious of the "inheritance" of the parents of some bad habits.

Lies 5: "I always put a few clever mix with food to eat, because it can more effectively help 'burn' the body's heat."
According to experts, validation, together with a few food to eat, but will generate more heat.

Lies 6: "If you eat something before exercise, I exercise, when it will consume more fat."
In fact, an empty stomach to do exercise, you simply can not guarantee the effective exercise to consumption of heat, the best approach is to 3 hours before exercise to complement something necessary "fuel."

Lies 7: "If you eat low-fat foods, you can lose weight by!"
Intake of low-fat content of foods can prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases, but can not achieve weight loss goals.


Rescue team went to Haiti and China to complete search and rescue mission back to Beijing

China International Rescue Team to Haiti to complete the earthquake disaster emergency search and rescue mission, today (27 days) arrived in Beijing. This is China's international rescue team since 2001, the sixth since the establishment of participation in international disaster relief.

Haiti after the earthquake, China sent the first time by the 60-member international rescue team. China's international rescue team under the coordination of the United Nations unity, to overcome various difficulties, which insists on the front line of disaster relief. China's international rescue team excavated the remains of eight Chinese peacekeeping police and a number of the remains of United Nations officials. In addition, they treat more than 2,500 wounded. At present, one from the 40-member Chinese medical disease prevention and rescue team was still in Haiti, Port au Prince to carry out medical and epidemic prevention and humanitarian relief missions.

Chinese international rescue team to Haiti by the search and rescue, medical aid and logistical support composed of three units, including the Beijing Military Region Corps of Engineers 24 rescue team members, the Armed Police General Hospital, 15 medical, 10 earthquake experts, and journalists accompanying such person. They were carrying more than ten tons of search and rescue equipment, rescue equipment, as well as hundreds of three kinds of search and rescue dogs.

More news: http://seo-chan.blogspot.com/


Three operators need to build an anti-vice linkage mechanism

The end of 2009, a mobile WAP site to remove bad information, the storm swept through cleansing mobile Internet industry, according to incomplete statistics, in addition to China Mobile's official mobile internet portal "Monternet", the variety of independent WAP Web site, the number of at least two 10000, these independent WAP, also known as free WAP, the main reason lies in its content is completely free of charge, flow as its most valuable resources, which exist for the pornographic websites provide a breeding ground.

A series of reports in the media, the "mobile Internet Shehuang incident", the three operators are also first time to take the relevant measures.

China Mobile arm anti-vice

China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou November 27, 2009 announced that China Mobile would be an additional input 1 million yuan in special funds for technology research, to further establish and improve the WAP bad information monitoring system, firmly crack down on pornographic websites WAP mobile phones. China Mobile noted that it has full mobilization to deal with an iron fist, "She Huang," The WAP mobile phone sites. First, manually dial tests, reports from the public and the media exposure found in a variety of ways such as pornographic websites, an investigation has revealed that blocking the law, as at 18 o'clock on November 29, 2009 China Mobile has 626 mobile phones had been blocking pornographic websites; 2 is to strengthen cooperation in business management, for all of China Mobile WAP service fee agreement with service providers and content providers to suspend billing, inventory, and sought assurances that prohibits the use of such third party ad network business promotion; third, in order to prevent illegal links Prior to the establishment of an effective monitoring system, China Mobile to stop selling its own business through the Internet web site.

As the industry's analysis of China's move to give up profits, "size fits all" approach would maximize the clear in a short time, "She Huang," The WAP site.

China Telecom shielding WAP

China Telecom announced WAPSP services to all of the first shield, one by one audit, qualified and then open; after there were indications that China Telecom has been allocated measured 2665 mobile value-added services, straighten out the ISP (Internet Service Provider) 141, clean off WAP sites are not for the record 49 clean-up close, though not yellow but there are unhealthy content WAP sites 101. China Telecom said that the current WAP business management, especially outside of the block pornographic websites there is a certain degree of difficulty, they are by constantly changing IP addresses, and even take a different time, serving different content and other despicable means to avoid regulation, so that China Telecom by the original means and measures is difficult to eliminate completely. To this end, China Telecom decided at an early stage in accordance with the provisions of the relevant government departments to clear off the illegal pornographic websites based on the full service for all WAPSP shield, clean up and rectify and make black and white list processing.

In the interview with the media, China Telecom spokesman said that China Telecom has always been resolutely implement the national anti-pornography regulation arrangements for the deployment of the network, fully cooperate with the campaign against management work, and never stopped.

China Unicom to set a "military order"

Anti-vice in this turmoil, China Unicom, the same swift action. Earlier, China Unicom and the first batch of Renmin 15 partners, open a policy of "military order." It is learned that, since at 0:00 on the December 6, 2009, China Unicom to open the 15 to the user community has a public commitment, and after a rigorous review of the first partners to provide information services. China Unicom will be closed to other yet to make a public commitment to the community of enterprises information services. China Unicom official said, will these companies provide information services for their critical review of public commitment to the community.
At this point, the three major carriers have said that the establishment of WAP business information content security monitoring system, the negative information on the implementation of mobile Internet technology, filtering, while receiving real-time reports for all users. Insiders analysis, in order to ban "palm yellow net", we need to establish linkage mechanism.