Yankees playoff race reduced to a magic number

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox 3, Lien Chan lost the first two games were, swallowed the four-game losing streak, today (27 days) in order to avoid being swept at home, before the starting pitcher by the Mosley (Dustin Moseley) off into Sri Lanka (Phil Hughes), Daisuke Matsuzaka resisted. The Yankees originally have the opportunity to win in the regular 9 Board, but the "patron saint" Rivera (Mariano Rivera) missed was tied, and finally into the medal playoff before relying on Miranda (Juan Miranda) concave to the bye walks, 4 to 3 win over, now the eastern United States to lose the light behind the half margin of victory.

Yankees playoff race reduced to a magic number, it will be their first in 16 years to 15 degrees into the playoffs. The Red Sox will swallow nearly 13 lost 5 games, they are now the Yankees 6.5 games behind the wild card, ominously, the schedule also remaining 7 games this season.

The first 3 innings by the Red Sox Martinez (Victor Martinez) hit the first score of the Yankees A-ROD 7 retaliate the next 2 points ahead than the number of guns, this is his 29th season boom. The coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) to Rivera on 2 out of 8, the early clock to work, not only because he was not a long race, but also hope to hold only 1 point lead.


Tigers fire audience shoot, hit 13 hits

Recent excellent Weiland, starting the last 7 games, scored 5 wins 0 lose, but also the Tigers between 1987 and 1988 following the pitcher Morris (Jack Morris), the re-create a record of 2 consecutive quarter to reach 200K.

Tigers fire audience shoot, hit 13 hits, including six, Qiju, all coming down 4 points, lay the base wins. Twins starting pitcher Liliannuo (Francisco Liriano) to vote only on the exit 3 innings, gave up four hits, including a fat 2 points guns, cast 4K, 1BB, lost 2 points, all are responsible for loss of points, swallow The following season, lost 9.


Gelandesen 3 innings guns under the command 2 points

Flash "explosion Bureau boxing," Yankees 6, under the Board immediately respond, first take 1 minute to 3 safety light start Jahaza (Matt Garzar) repel, and replace Brad Buddha (Grant Balfour), Gelandesen in Second, third base was the situation the second floor of a bar down the right field stands, the formation of an important third cannon, the Bureau of the Yankees took 4 and a half, again going back to 4 points ahead, even if the light section after the race to recover two points are useless.

Gelandesen 3 innings guns under the command 2 points, 6 again support the next 3 rounds, 5 RBI single market contributor to the Yankees victory. The two wounded soldiers pull Xue Tucker (Mark Teixeira) and the Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu (Nick Swisher) today comeback, "Teixeira" not out ebb and 5 at bats 0 hits, batting average dropped to 2 percent 56, and the Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu 4 the anti-All on base, including two hits and two walks in, also arranged an RBI.

Yankees starter Nova 5.2 Board voted independent of the outcome of loss of 3 points, high Ting (Chad Gaudin) 6 on the debut did not hold the lead, but still picked up the first win this season (four lost); Rivera (Mariano Rivera) to vote a Board lost 1 point, was still successful rescue (32 rescue). Light starting to suffer Jahaza Board voted 5 8 security, including loss of 7 points Gelandesen home runs (5 minutes responsibility loss), swallow the 9th season defeat (14 wins).

In addition, the Yankees captain Kitt (Derek Jeter) to take 2 points The campaign, to score 1677 career points, and Mantle (Mickey Mantle) tied for third highest score in team history a player, the top two were Gairui Ge (Lou Gehrig) 1888 points and Babe Ruth (Babe Ruth) of 1959 points.


Shabaxiya The campaign is not qualified academic performance

Shabaxiya The campaign is not qualified academic performance, pitched seven Board Board not only in the first 6 opponents stepped Lei Bao, were beaten 7 hits, 4K and 1 sent four balls, the total loss of 3 points. But the line was able to effectively play the Yankees played in nine games Board only 3 and 7 Bureau does not score revenue, other Jieyou score gains for either the Orioles were 5 before and after the pitcher was attacked on 13 hits, 11 stolen crazy points.

Tide in which the Yankees scored on, he Cannone (Robinson Cano) Council on the H-5 2 minutes the most significant gun. This home runs than the number of teams will not only help pull the key, or Cannone first quarter revenue by 101 runs batted in for the evil empire in the 48 775 fans witnessed a St. Louis Cardinals in 2003 after The first branch has three 100 RBI infield team.


Pavano back on the brilliant performance today

Minnesota Twins starting today Pavano (Carl Pavano) unstable conditions, the main investment was the Chicago White Sox 5 Board smacked three home runs, but fortunately in the Twin Cities continue to spread the fire wire and frequently not for him to recover low scores, the last relying on Yonge (Delmon Young) wins the two points lay the foundation gun, smooth to the Twins swept the White Sox by 8 to 5, and won nearly 12 tournaments in 11 wins, and Pavano are lucky seized the first 17 games this season.

Pavano back on the brilliant performance today, the White Sox hit the highly anticipated registration plate is somewhat disappointing; teammates was enough loyalty to the Second Board under the first, relying on Yonge, Tommy (Jim Thome), Rui Puke (Jason Repko) and Hardy (JJ Hardy) in the series of hits, as Pavano won ahead of 3 to 0 advantage, but, he was immediately under the three Board can be Koerner (Paul Konerko) play solo shot after he Council is continuously under four stolen bases, knocking out security points, so the Twins in the fourth end of the remaining 3 to 2 lead.


Board Tejada blasted the first 2 points on the gun

National League West King clerics run into the same area 10 game winning streak in Los Angeles, center of batter angry, Cunningham (Aaron Cunningham), Tejada (Miguel Tejada), A-Gon (Adrian Gonzalez), Ludeweike (Ryan Ludwick) and win Padres 11 hits in 10 successful 10-game winning streak to destroy Los Angeles, priests 6:4 win.

Board Tejada blasted the first 2 points on the gun, get points, five Bureau of Tejada in the circle was the case, fired a 2 RBI base hits, 4 RBIs individual single market, individual enough to outdo all the scores of Los Angeles, The other batter also play to our strengths, nine taught Shisuolasa (Oscar Salazar) solo shot to paint the end.


Metropolitan Council's first breakthrough in 3 block opponents

Although Dickey and effective national campaign to suppress, but it is not without encountering a crisis, of which 6 Board, one person out after being captured bases loaded, Dickey is the biggest challenge, but the 35-year-old is not so shaken, it is calm and under the grasp Two outs, so that people would like to advance the aspirations of the score completely broken.

Survived, Things to Come, escape the bases loaded after the crisis Dickey Council on 7 until the fire support team-mate, pinch of Evans in the one out at second base was the circumstances, timely and win their right fielder, "car cloth edge" roller to second base hits to break the tie 2 to 2, the situation for another city to get ahead, and led the way to the whistle.

Metropolitan Council's first breakthrough in 3 block opponents, relying on Luis Hernandez and Carlos Beltran's base hit sacrifice fly to lay an all points, then won 2 to 0 lead, but the people not to be outdone, in the Board under 5 by the Wilson Ramos 2 points gun retaliate center field, so competition has returned to the starting point, but Zhezhi home run or the first rookie catcher Ramos H career.

National starting pitcher Livan Hernandez challenges of the season 10 wins fail, although they pay a 6 1 / 3, lost 3 quality performance, but his teammates did not give enough points to support, so the veteran can only work next time.


Although the light of a Council scored 1 point on

Boston Red Sox rookie outfielder Ryan Kalish today (7) belted slam shot, David Ortiz and Adrian Beltre also knocked a home run each, with starting pitcher Jon Lester pitched six Board soared out of the performance of 10K to help the Red Sox by 12 to 5 win over the Tampa Bay Rays, suspended three game losing streak.

Although the light of a Council scored 1 point on, but the second half of the Board Rod Ortiz Red Sox 4, 2 minutes and shot immediately reversed the score, they make up 5 stick Beltre solo shot. 2 Board, the Red Sox to three hits and three walks and then scored three points, Victor Martinez's hits with two RBIs, Ortiz then hit an RBI base hit.

Although the Bureau of light on the recovery of 1 in 3 points, but the Red Sox in 4, 5 min rinse under Bureau of the overall situation, Jed Lowrie elected to four minutes after a bad crowd back, Kalish from the hands of light relief pitcher Andy Sonnanstine blasted slam gun so that a widening gap between the two sides far away.


Dodgers lefty Kuo of Taiwan people face grim overall impression of few words

Dodgers lefty Kuo of Taiwan people face grim overall impression of few words, but he also has considerable affinity side, "vinscullyismyhomeboy.com" disclosure, despite his trainer 2 Kandy (Stan Conte) "reminded" sitting in the outfield before the game he just wants the fans to play pass the ball, make them thumbs up saying his "OH MY GOD!" and Guo better people to do in the end, to help fans sign.

Professional sports fans are the parents of Kuo also know this, though less on the surface appear normal smile, almost indiscriminately, for the fans asked him, 2 That afternoon, he and the Japanese translation of chat in the outfield, to hear courtside audience cry, originally want to play ball, he really did not expect the promised direct the ball to the fans, when the other person pass back, Guo also to gesture "mass well."

This allows the trainer Kandy see very tight, "vinscullyismyhomeboy.com" said Kuo play while Pei Xiaolian, he shouted, "that you use your weak arm, damn What the?" And the website also Gang Guo Da Qiang Road, "Do not tell Torre (Joe Torre) ...." Torre really seems to be found, complete the final pass the ball, Guo heard someone call his lounge, after his hat to the fans that left the outfield.


Morgan (Nyjer Morgan) rely on a teammate infield grounder back to home plate washed

Neither side scoring the first 9 Bureau, 10 people have the opportunity to broken egg on the original, but Morgan (Nyjer Morgan) rely on a teammate infield grounder back to home plate washed, but was contact and grab failed miserably. The second half of the Board, after an out, Manny Ramirez (Hanley Ramirez) win their hits, followed by Pirates of the last two bases, the final goodbye in Tracy hit back to winning the next points, so that lost people come to grief.
And after careful examination, a small 6-week history of surgery in Los Angeles, treatment, severe elbow ligament tear, but is the team doctor for surgery or teacher about Ken (Lewis Yocum). History of the starting 12 games this season, record 5 wins and 3 defeat, 2.91 ERA, threw 92 strikeouts.

In response, national president of Ruizuo (Mike Rizzo), said: "History of the attitude of the face injuries in a professional, he was determined to be ready for surgery and long-term rehabilitation, and not evade, demonstrated the maturity of over-aged." Ruizuo that surgery End History of San Diego will return to a rest home, estimated 18 months to rejoin.