Buffalo Bill team contract six players at the same time

Buffalo Bill team has and 6 players renew including security Wei George - Wilson and linebacker Keith - Ellison.

Wilson last season 12 field starter but get career highest 4 steals. He and Ellison are restrictive free agent, this month early all received team provide contract. Ellison last season 8 games starting, later quadriceps injured lead season reimbursed.

Bill team Mon and three proprietary free agent renewal: linebacker Jon - Cortot, defensive Houwei Kai ri - Harris and Jonathan - Stupak.

Free agent foreign took over Felton - Harkins also and team renew he last season in Buffalo internship group.


Redskins coach Zorn

Redskins team owner known for Schneider are known for their very generous, but his coach in the selection of repeated failures, the recent 7 years for the five coach, he bought the Redskins in 1997, team, 2000 season, head coach Norv Turner was fired midway , the current Lightning coach in 2001 season and paid employment Marty Schottenheimer, a year after his dismissal (the latter served as Lightning coach), 2002, appointed the University of Florida football coach Steve Sperrier, resigned two years later, in 2004 requested the Hall of Fame coach Gibbs to reappear, resigned after 07 end of the season, Zorn is the 5th head coach. It is noteworthy that the last three erythroderma team coach Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier and Gibbs were not winning more than half.

There is no coach Zorn experience, not even served as offensive coach or defensive coach. The Coach in the NFL, the coach is the offensive and defensive following two coaches, and then down to is the various locations of the assistant coach. Zorn had only quarterback Seattle Seahawks assistant coach, to the Seahawks out of the Berk tuning known. Redskins a few weeks ago, he has been employed as attack coach. However, after the process of looking for coach blocked, and then decided to promote him to a two-hop, directly as a coach. Zorn specializes in West Coast offense system, is bound to the offensive line will have to re-create erythroderma, especially the young quarterback Jason Campbell will experience some sharpening. Redskins team owner of this amazing move, can receive the Most Effective, the new season will be a horizon. However, according to Redskins team history, has been appointed coach of the four did not experience the new coach's first season in the Redskins record winning more than half were not, therefore, Zorn was not optimistic about the prospects for this season.


Cowboys beat Lions

Cowboys 28, Lions 27

6 wins 2 losses start of the Lions even have a negative five games, could only stand and hand the wild card will be lost. This field of jeans, leading the three, but was not guaranteed in section 4, so that a red cowboy twice a touchdown pass, one-point air to go Lions. Lions only themselves to blame a series of unlucky fourth quarter, in particular kicked a penalty 35 yards to give breathing space cowboy in order. Cowboys quarterback if the ball very efficient silent, 44 pass 35 in the 302 yards, 2 touchdowns. Tight end Viton 15 times the ball 138 yards, set in the first attack.

Colt 44, Ravens 20

Ravens last week, dropped nearly to the Patriot, hopes people crow day and night match in the weeks to perform well. Unexpectedly, the colt Section 3 touchdowns, including two errors in the use of a crow easily by 23 to 0 lead in the beginning of section II a gain another victory, competition ahead of a foregone conclusion. Ravens this season will undoubtedly reveal the true level. III colt to make severance substitute battle, so save a little face crows. Ravens quarterback Burrough pass was intercepted three times, a second clean sheet, and one on the right hand over the ball four times want to, do not lose also be difficult.


Compensatory draft picks is based on salary

Compensatory draft picks is based on salary, playing time and postseason honors formula for decision. A team losing more or better players get more than that to be eligible for. This draft picks can not be traded.

Tiger Team with the highest compensation draft picks, the first three 33-bit (Total No. 96 overall). In the 09 seasons before they lost TJ Houshmandzadeh, Stacey - Andrews and Ryan - but only signed a Fitzpatrick JT O'Sullivan. Titan team has been the second-highest draft picks, they have lost Albert - Han Bosworth, Criscar, Brandon - Jones, Eric - King, Daniel - Loper and Chris = West James, signed by about 10000 - sea, Nate - Washington and Mark - Jones.

Since 1994, the first time that a compensatory draft picks initiated Baltimore (29) and Dallas (28) get up to Cleveland to be the minimum, only one.


Faffe is older than the fourth linebacker announced his retirement

The evening of January 13 local time, NFL players on active service, one of the oldest, Patriots linebacker Junior - Sow the fourth announced his retirement, he declared that this is the last time, there will be no return.

As a 12-time All-Star, Sow back again this season, joining the mid-patriot, to help the team a division title, but in the playoffs first round game, home defeat to the Ravens do not go further, but the individual contributions of the season Sow Tackle the highest five times so that he single-season Tackle reach 15 times since the post-game interview, he said: "This is my last game."

And Brett - Faffe like Sow is the NFL's only "60 after" players, 19-year career in the first 13 years spent in San Diego and Miami this month on the 19th will be at least 41 years old, In August 2006, he first announced his retirement a few days after the Patriots announced and signed in two seasons to play 14 games starting in 2007 and 2008, he was all staged a "comeback retired" in play, and Sow, retirement and back more than four times up to 2 times Faffe retired back pale into insignificance.


Atlanta fire safety Wei Kok Wei signing

Atlanta Falcons and the former first-round pick Tye - Hill cancellation, and Health and Safety Matt - Giordano signed.

Hill, 2006 St. Louis Rams draft pick was No. 15 in the first round to select. In the ram spent three disappointing seasons, he started shortly before last season, was traded to Atlanta. In the Falcons participated in eight games, Hill had 7 interceptions and one steals. Week 2, he was the team termination.

Giordano has five years of NFL playing experience ,2005-2008 Indianapolis Colts, he played last season for the Green Bay Packers the team. He took part in 60 games, including six starts, a total of 79 interceptor, and 3 steals.


Playoff matches and lightning, respectively Tigers team

Playoff matches and lightning, respectively Tigers team, Sanchez two games before a total of 282 yards passing, 38 passing 24 times success is just Faffe or Manning game data only, but the jet team powerful ground attack and defensive alliance will be Sanchez's first tender into the invisible, "a hero 3 help" the situation and even allow some of Big Brother were all jealous, Brisbane said: "It's clear that he has a strong team around , excellent ground attack, and excellent defense, he need only to pass, his offensive coordinator is Brian - Xiao Teng Hymer, who once served as my San Diego quarterback coach, Brian to help him grow rapidly up. "Sanchez agreed Brisbane's view, recognition of this right to use a conservative quarterback is actually a rookie for protection, he said:" At present, very effective, is also the hope that I will be more opportunities, and now is well-behaved some good. I accumulate experience through each game, while the experience is no substitute, I think the biggest reward is to know what is in the end will bring victory or lead to failure. "

Sanchez's predecessors rookie season may be not so wonderful, Peyton - Manning rookie season, led only to play three wins and 13 losses, equivalent to the regular season last year, the third Pirates of the results, Faffe and Brisbane are also eating is not less bitterness, as reached the Federation final, is to get into things after the NFL a few years, even more than the legendary quarterback who started well, Sanchez is also very clear-headed, he said: "In the offseason I will sit down to see more watch the game, see Brady, Manning, France Brisbane, Vladimir, and how to observe the game, I hope I can learn better. "


Super Bowl viewership data to dominate the U.S. screen

According to Monday's ratings data, the 44th of this year's Super Bowl broadcast also set a record for broadcast CBS (CBS) and investigative bodies Nelson announced that a total of 100 million 65 million U.S. viewers watched the Super wrist television, more than the 1983 TV series "Army field hospital," the final episode of 100 million 60 million, becoming the largest viewership in the history of American television programs.

Steelers Super Bowl last year's Cardinals game against the number of 98.7 million viewers, when a record Super Bowl ratings record was 100 million this year to break 65 million, in a declining television ratings, the era of Super Bowl ratings is climbing every year for the broadcast sector has brought huge business interests in more than three hours of coverage, the 30-second ad asking price of up to three million U.S. dollars, CBS News and Sports is responsible for vice president of Sean - McManus said excitedly : "This is an extremely rare sport in the history of magic moments." Meanwhile, the 44th Super Bowl ratings in the United States reached 45%, the highest 14-year high of 4 percentage points higher than last year, was less than in 1996 Steelers Super Bowl games and the Cowboys game was 46%.

CBS CEO Leslie - Moonves said: "The Super Bowl, and any television ratings are very good in comparison, there are 100 million 60 million people watched the game, it's hard to see this in other places figure. "Moonves also predicted that, CBS this year's Super Bowl advertising revenues have exceeded previous years, broadcasters, this year's record viewership data for all future play a role in promoting the sale of Super Bowl advertising," the Army field hospital " Actor Alan - Alda has also joined the celebrated ranks, he said: "If the" Army field hospital, "the ratings have been exceeded, and the most likely situation is that many people are willing to see the Saints win, I am also, I am pleased to could not have been happy, I love this city. "However, as the number of U.S. households have television sets (100 million 14.9 million units) than in 1983 (83.3 million units) is much larger, so also the Super Bowl ratings is far less than in 1983's "Army field hospital," was as high as 77%, is probably a far-fetched figure.

Nielsen also reported that this year more people choose home watching television rather than go out to bars and friends carnival, because the densely populated eastern part of the weather is too bad, McManus said: "Florida's good weather and northeast of the presence of bad weather at the same time the most favorable ratings. "Although this year's economic situation has not significantly improved, but CBS still will be sold out Super Bowl ads, Nielsen survey, in which Snickers (food), Doritos (food), Google (Internet), But Light (beer) advertising the most popular.


Jason suffered another NFL suspensions

Free agent Jason - Sir Alex Ferguson, the last two seasons in Miami Dolphins team experienced the effectiveness of the sharp front, because doping during the race, in violation of the NFL's policy, even a fine in the next season, stopped the first eight games race.

NFL spokesman Greg - Aiello on Sunday confirmed that notification of penalties will be issued later this week, but failed to provide further details. In 1999, Ferguson is also breaching the suspended NFL drug policy fined, he has been detected in the urine during the anabolic steroids ordered to stop four games. Ferguson's agent, Jimmy - Sexton did not call back on Sunday to comment on the matter.

Sir Alex Ferguson in the end of the season in November last year, when the quadriceps injury and underwent surgery one month later, out of action games. Ferguson, now 35-year-old last season, played for the Dolphins completed in nine games 23 times to intercept. Coach Tony - Sparano called him during his injury a "joke player." A Dolphins spokesman Harvey - Green said that Ferguson is still a free agent, he did not sign a new contract. "We will not make any statements because he did not officially on the list of our players," Green said. The team did not say whether they plan to next season to re-sign with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sir Alex Ferguson in 1997 and was elected to NFL, in 2008, joined the Miami Dolphins before his jet in New York and played eight seasons in the Dallas Cowboys for three seasons playing varsity. His career, a total of 325 times to intercept.

In the 1997 inspection tour rookie training camp, Ferguson tested positive for doping. Suspended in 1999, he moved to deny taking steroids, saying he was just taking a dietary supplement, which he can not be identified, but that does not contain any banned substances. "People think I was a drug addicts or drug addicts and the like, and I think this is ridiculous," Ferguson said at the time, "I will look at the bottle, I know what is steroids, I do not take any damn steroids. "


Maradona led his unit to victory over Germany

Yesterday, Argentina and Germany, two strong Allianz Stadium in Munich, a warm-up match, with the goal Higuain, Argentina, a victory over the ball. Led the team to a road victory, Maradona's World Cup in South Africa after the match once again reaffirmed the goal, "we still have to prove the ability to join the ranks of World Cup contention."

37 minutes, the use of personal ability Dimaliya shot straight after the break, the ball hit the lintel on the pop-up, Germany escaped. Half before the end of Germany's goalkeeper Adler committed a great wrong, Higuain the ball calmly into Buddhism, Argentina lead. The second half of the contest and the scene rather dull and eventually beat Argentina, the ball is still a rival newspaper in Germany's World Cup opponents out of revenge. It is worth mentioning that the old horse coach of Argentina, the 5 times against European teams, in addition to losing to Spain, other games unbeaten.

After the match, Maradona said: "Today, everyone can see my players have the strength, in fact, I have said many times before, but my country people do not agree with my views. If we are willing, I will be for me The country sent a wonderful session of the World Cup. "For this game, nag that" we can win the game, Argentina proved itself alive, as long as we continue to maintain such courage, the World Cup, we do not will be empty-handed. "However, the old horse, or received a bad news after the game, the main defender Demichelis suffered serious injuries, he was in the game Barak Zhuangcheng cheekbone collapse is difficult to predict whether the World Cup.