Microsoft will stop supporting Vista, XP SP2

Microsoft will stop its unpopular WindowsVista operating system to provide technical support, and this time than planned WindowsXP and Windows2000 stop technical support in the early months.

Microsoft said on Thursday, WindowsVista no service pack for the operating system this year, after April 13 will no longer be Microsoft's technical support, so that the platform has been completely want to use this operating system security vulnerabilities under the threat of hackers.

At the same time, WindowsXP2 and all versions of the Windows2000 operating system, technical support for the cut-off time is July 13. Microsoft will shut down at that time security updates for these operating systems.

At the same time, Microsoft WindowsServer2003 mainstream technical support will advance to the extension of technical support phase. This means that users have to pay Microsoft to get technical support, only the security update is still free of charge.

Microsoft believes it is important that all users have the technical support to take action before the end of the user not only know their own choices and to prepare, but also to ensure that its own operating system environment as secure as possible.


The next version of Firefox will not support Mac OS X 10.4

Popular Web browser Firefox development organization Mozilla has officially announced that, after an internal incentive discussions, decided to launch a new version of Firefox the next time when the only support Mac OS X 10.5 and above versions of the operating system to use, while the Mac OS X 10.4 will be abandoned support.

The news came out, although many User dissatisfaction, but the Mozilla Mac developer Josh Aas programmer said, "We believe that the minimum support for Mac OS X 10.5 operating system, in order to allow users to have a better user experience."

At the same time, the new version of the Firefox browser to give up on the Tiger operating system will support, although Mozilla predicted nearly 1.5 million Mac OS X 10.4 users are still using the Firefox 3.5 version of the browser, there are 36000 Tiger fans are using Firefox 3.6 version, but the next time a new release of these users will not be able to upgrade.

Mozilla said Firefox 3.6 version of the beginning of this year's new, Mac OS X 10.4 and Tiger operating system, users can choose to use that version.


Survey: 3 / 4 users think the Internet will change the intelligent human beings

A recent survey showed that 3 / 4 of the users think the Internet will become more intelligent human beings.

The survey results showed that 3 / 4 of Internet users that the Internet in the next 10 years, mankind will become more intelligent. And 2 / 3 of respondents believe that the Internet will increase people's reading and writing skills.

At the same time, there are still 21% of respondents consider that for the excessive use of the Internet users, the Internet would bring down their IQ.


Google Chrome OS build version of the new hardware acceleration support for ION

Google's Chrome OS operating system, will be released until the end of this year, but because Google already launched Chromium OS open source projects, developers need only to download Chromium OS source code, slightly modified to compile, you can totally have been erected in the normal Run the "pre-Chrome OS" system. Many developers really have to do so, while the recently launched by the Hexxeh new Chromium OS systems have a lot of points worthy of note at.

The developer said his new version of Chromium OS, called "Flow", to improve the program menus and directories, by adding an automatic update feature to improve battery performance, and joined, including cameras, including some of the new hardware support. Among them, most notably to the number of NVIDIA GPU support. Flow can be Hexxeh that offers a full range N card hardware acceleration support, smooth playback 720p/1080p Flash video, including the ION-ion platform. For Chrome / Chromium system is mainly targeted at the Internet in this / Nettop platform, so that the hardware acceleration will undoubtedly have a high practicality.


Buzz has just launched Google service shall become spam targets

According to foreign media reports, according to security company Websense said that, despite Google's "Google Buzz" service has just launched this week, but the spammers have already Google's social networking service "Google Buzz" as targets of attack.

Websense said, Twitter website launched for some time after becoming the target of spammers. However, spammers have learned how to abuse of social networking, they began to attack just two days time on Google, "Google Buzz" service.

Security research manager for Websense, said Carl Leonard, a worrying thing is spammers have recently improved the social networks of knowledge, thereby enabling them to quickly "Google Buzz" and other new services to attack.

Leonard said that to secure the use of "Google Buzz" and other social networking services, businesses need to use a security solution to protect themselves and employees. The real-time security solution to be able to keep up with the ever-changing content of social networking sites.
Websense said, Web 2.0 site for user-generated content become the cyber-crime analysis, and spammers main target. The study found that blog, chat rooms and user-generated comments on the Information Bar, 95% of spam and malicious information.

Moreover, in the second half of 2009, 81% of the e-mail protection malicious link.

Websense said that the current emerging threat to the regular intrusion of traditional antivirus and security solutions, indicating that for a unified network, data and e-mail security needs.

Have the right technical support, Web 2.0 will provide real business benefits of opening up many new opportunities.

Websense advises Internet users clicking on the link, when an unknown to be very careful. It also said that Google should be ready to respond to this new service will generate a lot of spam messages.


According to foreign media reports, Google Wednesday announced a donation of two million U.S. dollars of Wikipedia, which is the establishment of seven years, the Wikipedia Foundation, the largest amount of donations received.

6 months ago, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar has, through his investment company's donation to Wikipedia, 200 million U.S. dollars.

Benefited from the high donation, Wikipedia has over-achieved as of June of the current fiscal year income of 10.6 million U.S. dollars to achieve the goal, over the previous fiscal year 8.7 million U.S. dollars grew by more than 20%.

Wikipedia is the world's most popular Internet encyclopedia, by 10 million volunteers in about 270 languages were written. The site most of the income to the voluntary donation, the current fiscal year from more than 240,000 individuals benefited from the contribution.
Wikipedia spokesman Jay Walsh said that, thanks to the generous contributions of the outside world, the website will continue to maintain the non-commercial.


Sharp and Samsung LCD patent litigation on reaching a final agreement

February 5, Sharp and Samsung Electronics signed an agreement after the two sides on the LCD panel and modules in a settlement of patent disputes, thus ending more than two years the two companies of patent litigation.

February 8, Sharp official statement, with Samsung Electronics on the LCD patent litigation reached a final agreement .

In 2007, the two companies were in the United States, Japan, Korea and Europe and other regions, to the local courts request that the other side violated its own LCD panels and modules in the patent. According to the latest agreement, Sharp and Samsung Electronics will immediately withdraw all actions previously, thus the two companies in LCD patent legal dispute drawing to an end.

According to the provisions of the agreement in the future, the two companies will be on a global scale, the joint ownership of litigation inherent in LCD panels and modules related to patent rights. In addition, the Sharp side said, will continue to liquid crystal display technology, continuous innovation to meet market demand.


Google Search for possession of a virus? Poison SEO into the common methods of attack

Internet security firm Websense according to a report released today, Internet criminals to the article in a blog, chat rooms, e-mail and search sites such as trap, improper control of the network.

Last year, in the second half of online threat analysis showed that 81% of email being used to spread malicious code, blogs, forums or chat rooms compared with 95% of the article is obscene spam messages or go to "load data" (payloads) link .

SEO poisoning attacks are common practices, the use of celebrities such as death or major disasters, a hot topic, attracting User designed to allow the computer to link to the poisoning site.
Websense security research manager Stephan Chenette, said: "It's terrible." He said: "The attacker through the timely search results, with Bing and Google towards the same direction."
Chenette said that the use of a large number of hackers known as "botnets" (botnet) of poisoning the computer as fake website hosting, and whenever the hot topic of fast-tampering fake website search engine rankings.

Websense found that, using Yahoo! Buzz or Google Trend tracking service popular topic keyword search, 100 resulted in a great opportunity for malicious programs was 13.7%.


Hubble Space Telescope photographed the Earth from 90 miles outside the two meteor collision map

According to foreign media reports, people may also blamed for millions of years before the disappearance of dinosaurs on Earth asteroid collided with the then two related, and it is that the collision produced out of a comet-shaped objects, the objects are numbered To P/2010 A2, at a distance of the Earth 90 million miles between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt circling. The Hubble Space Telescope last week to shoot photos of the object.

David Jewitt University of California, Los Angeles, said, "In fact, we are also working to understand what that means, it is likely that the most recent collision of two asteroids results. If so, then this will make our first observation to the asteroid impact and shatter the process. "
It is reported that the object is similar to a comet, but at its core from the tail was severed, Jewitt said, "This is a very strange phenomenon, so that we've not seen before." Study of the objects found after a similar object, will increase the collision between planetary scientists to destroy the process of understanding.

In addition, this information may have thwarted an asteroid hit the Earth's events the next benefit. Jewitt said, "We want to know is that this is how the two asteroids collide with each other to destroy each other. This issue for our understanding of how to destroy the asteroid to prevent it from attacking the Earth makes sense."

Scientists believe that a large comet or asteroid had hit the Earth 6500 million years ago, which is also related with the extinction of the dinosaurs. One theory is say this, when the object hit the Earth emit dust or chemical fumes obscured the sun, or triggered a global forest fires.

It is learned that calculations show, P/2010 A2 group of related objects and an asteroid, the Flora family had these asteroids. NASA is working to about 1000 is expected to reach the Earth's diameter to be larger than 3/2 miles of 90% of the objects owned by the door in other classes. The agency has a special budget year, including annual growth of 16 million U.S. dollars to support this work.


Internet dissemination of obscene materials may be convicted of more than 10

Yesterday, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate jointly issued "on the handle to use the Internet, mobile communication terminal, voice sets production, reproduction, publishing, selling, disseminating obscene electronic information in criminal cases of a number of issues specific application of the legal interpretation of (b)", right a criminal offense involving obscene electronic information chain issues and their interests, and further clarified the application of the relevant legal standards in criminal cases.

The interpretation also made to the "obscene Web site" clearly defined: to produce, reproduce, publish, sell, disseminate obscene electronic information for the purpose of the establishment, or mainly engaged in these activities after the establishment of the website is pornographic web sites can be classified as .

A point worth noting is that two high-side said: not only because a certain part of which contains obscene electronic information is identified as a pornographic web sites or the entire site.
In addition, electronic information he knows to be obscene but not fulfill the statutory management responsibilities, allowing, or letting others to manage their own sites or all or any web page publishing, to the extent that can clearly be a crime.

According to explanation, for the purpose of profit-making, production, reproduction, publication, sale, containing the spread of dissatisfaction with 14 years of age minors, obscene electronic information to reach the number of films, performances, animation and other video files 10, audio files of more than 50 ; dissemination of obscene e-journals, pictures, articles, etc. 100 or more, the information actually been hits to reach 5000 times or more; the use of obscene electronic information collect advertising fees, membership registration fees or other fees, more than 5,000 illegal income, can a conviction punishment.

In addition, if the production, reproduction, publication, sale, dissemination of specific picture is full 14 years of age, minors under eighteen sex obscene electronic information, you should still be based on the old "interpretation" requirement be punished severely.


Ctrip announced that 88 million U.S. dollars acquisition of 90% stake in Wing On Travel Business

February 3 news, online travel sites Ctrip 88 million U.S. dollars, today announced the acquisition of Wing On Travel's tourism business 90% of the shares, now that the deal still needs shareholder approval of Wing On Travel.

It is reported that Wing On Travel Hong Kong's most well-known travel brands, is headquartered in Hong Kong, mainly in Hong Kong as a business focus to provide customers with local travel, out, inbound tourism, air ticket booking, hotel reservations and a series of travel related services.

Early February 2010, Netcom, Ctrip off its wholly-owned subsidiary, C-Travel International Limited, entered into an agreement with Wing On Travel to approximately 88 million U.S. dollars (600 million 84 million Hong Kong dollars) in cash investment in Wing On Travel (Holdings) Limited The company's tourism business (operated by the Hong Kong Wing On Travel) 90% of the shares.

Ctrip said that, through this investment, following China, Taiwan and the market, enhance its market position in Hong Kong. Ctrip can count on the Wing On Travel Service in Hong Kong and productive business operations in the Asian region to establish a more favorable strategic position.

Ctrip.com International Ltd. Chairman of the Board Mr. Liang Jianzhang stressed: "They will integrate Ctrip of the most cutting-edge technology platform and Wing On Travel is rich in tourist market experience, our products and services to bring a new level. Through this partnership, Ctrip in the Greater China District leadership will be more solid, that can better meet our customers local and foreign markets, demand for tourism. Ctrip this investment will be an important milestone in the history. "

However, the successful completion of the transaction will depend on whether the future of a variety of factors, including access to Wing On Travel (Holdings) Limited shareholder approval.


Nokia's full line of Samsung Sony Ericsson to cut handset prices put pressure on

Nokia mobile phones by the end of January to an overall decrease of its price, its the cheapest smart phone with rival Samsung Electronics and Sony Ericsson's mid-range smart phone started competition.

Nokia said the mobile phone price changes are a part of their normal business. Nokia mobile phones in general several times a year down the price. Some industry sources told Reuters that Nokia will cut handset prices by 10%.

In the lower price, the Nokia 5230 smartphone the cheapest retail price in Finland is about 170 euros (239 dollars). This model phone wholesale price is now less than 120 dollars.

Cheap smart phone smartphone market demand-driven downturn in the economy resilient growth, with the industry trend of weak contrast. According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, said the fourth quarter of last year, the global smart phone sales grew by 30%.

Nokia last week said it in the fourth quarter sales of smart phones is 3.9 billion, growth of 26%, promoting the entire quarter revenue growth. Nokia's smart phones in the fourth quarter, the average selling price of 190 euros from the third quarter fell to 186 euros.

Nokia cut prices will undermine the focus on mid-range feature phones, or Sony Ericsson cell phone manufacturers. This mid-range and features of mobile phone configuration is usually a very good camera or music player, but the lack of a computer-style open operating system.

These handsets cheaper than the price of smart phones, but this price gap is narrowing.

Because of the economic recession that has affected consumer demand, the mobile phone industry in 2009 experienced a tough year, is currently being started to recover. It is down at this time Nokia cell phone prices. Nokia said it expects the mobile phone market in 2010 will grow 10%.