Major League today (12 May) announced the 2010 season

Major League today (12 May) announced the 2010 season, Silver Slugger Award winner Will Lewis, appeared in four new faces this year, including the Toronto Blue Jays Sandro Costa (Jose Bautista), Florida Marlins ugra (Dan Uggla), and two Colorado Rockies players Trotsky Wieruszewski (Troy Tulowitzki) and Gonzalez (Carlos Gonzalez). The New York Yankees and Washington Nationals have a player were awarded.

Silver Slugger Award this year, players were only five winners last year, and this result is head coach of Major League teams and coaches vote, and voters have provided the team can not vote for their own players.

Midland selected list (the number of winners bracket): Catcher - Minnesota Twins Moore (Joe Mauer) (4), first baseman - Cabrera Detroit Tigers (Miguel Cabrera) (3), second baseman - Yang Ji Kannuo (Robinson Cano) (2), third baseman - Boston Red Sox Beltran (Carlos Beltran) (2), shortstop - Chicago White Sox Manny Ramirez (Alexie Ramirez) (1), outfielder - Blue Bird Sandro Costa (1), Texas Rangers Hamilton (Josh Hamilton) (2), Tampa Bay Rays Crawford (Carl Crawford) (1), designated hitter - Ranger Ge Leinuo (Vladimir Guerrero ) (8).