Lifetime of Work to Defend the Classical Art

Western Classical Painting while in the background belonging to the final Master ---- Ange. Angel is really indifferent towards the politics, Manet painting once the circumstance altering while in the era belonging to the French, he tells political indifference, but firmly guarding the classical paintings belonging to the grid code and also the exclusion of romantic painting. although Ingres is really conservative in the time, however the essence of his artwork or even the later on improvement belonging to the artwork of painting has performed a large part in marketing their representative performs are "spring", "big ladies", "Aosong Virgin Countess" "Turkish bath" and so on. Angel using a lifetime of work to defend the Lempicka painting classical art, and eventually produced him the background of Western painting, the final a classical master.
Ingres (Jean-Auguste Dominique. I.ngres, 1780 --1867 years), born in France Mengte Pang, dad may be a decorative sculptor and painter belonging to the regal Academy of good Arts belonging to the Knights belonging to the deep musical skills. mom was the daughter belonging to the court creating wigs division. Angel while in the really earlier exhibits superhuman talent, 14 many years aged can be an fantastic violinist, arrived to Paris at age 17, studied painting with David, David, in specific through the influence of colour on , so while in the potential research belonging to the youthful David using the
Monet painting tongue 11 jobs to see.