The partnership between light and color in painting

After lit, the colors Piece Canvas Art will completely change the proper colors. This change is resembled in the three regions. 1. Highlights of light: it is the most robust and the highest settings of light. The stronger the light, the smaller covering difference between various colors. 2. Insights of the dark light: although it does not belong to the receiving part, its various form and shade changes because of the influence of resembled light. The lagging the light, the smaller depth differences between various colors. 3. Holes neither affected by light nor reflecting light: in these sections, the color difference is barely there.

The three areas are directly associated with the sense of color. In the draw work, conscious exercise to identify different feelings in these three regions not only can accurately express the regards between light and dark in the draw, and not be influenced by various shades of colors. But the color draw also plays an extremely important role.

Because these three areas have completely different color feelings after lit and affect the understanding of the sense of color, many people ability to master of painting color (i. e. condition color) improve very slowly, always fail. And this problem has not been sorted the great relationship.

Why color draw always fail? A simple example oil paintings shop online can be specified here: the color changes that we see are produced by light. No light, there will be no colors. Therefore painting the color should first draw the light color effect. In color draw, no pure color, this basic concept must be clear. In order to make the different light and color light colors produce different feelings in three regions, white pigment will be often added in a variety of colors to draw the light. This is not only to increase the color brightness, but it is more important because all kinds of color itself are not luminous, adding the white color is to make these light colors produced under a light feeling.

In the dark, because of the influence of small resembled light, it should not add white pigment in painting color in the dark side. Adding white pigment which is more than the amount into the dark will also have a direct light. Especially those not reflective position parts do not add the white pigment. Using white both in the light and dark part will generate the lit color sense, which refers to what we say halk", and "painted white. inch The main reason is in color draw, the redeployment of white pigment is to improve the color light. Decorative painting excludes light factors, so in the decoration of colors only color sense is focused on without light sense and white adding issues. The careful use of white color in the painting mainly makes reference to the meticulous consideration in painting the dark.

For Mo Bea Sen Company of oil paintings online European Repin Academy of Fine Martial arts disciplines, because their class room is encased by big class windows and as bright as outdoor, so their students are famous for their more white usage in oil painting draw. That the truth.

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