At Fenway Park on two consecutive days of pitching

At Fenway Park on two consecutive days of pitching, leading to the butterfly ball Timuweike Field Red Sox right shoulder cramps, enter the 15 injured list. His team has always wanted to establish a rotation list of dates back to the pitcher, but now has been uncertain. "We want to do is, we will be placed on the injured list a partner, let him have the opportunity to come back healthy pitching, rather than voting for a return to the injured list," Fulangsike said, "so we did." Fulangsike said Red Sox have been trying to set a return date in order to arrange. There are two days to begin nine days of discharge, and the list can be changed if needed, re-plan. However, still not sure what. "If someone needs a break, we can change about the list, but now do not know," Fulangkena said, "We asked him how he felt Wakefield, if he be in good health, we can let him out of competition. We just try to do a better arrangement. "