Rogers in the effect of season on Cleveland's first Pro Bowl

Rogers in the effect of season on Cleveland's first Pro Bowl selection in his 16 games with 4.5 Qinsha and 81 interception. He such a tall (6 feet 4 inches, 350 pounds) but has a unique alarming rate, Rogers free kick in the block and additional points are also very good. Prior to the injury last season, Rogers blocked a free kick - his career in the 13th, also blocked two additional points (penalties).

Rogers and Brown, head coach Eric - Mancini before the start of last season, are a difficult start. Mancini was hired a few weeks later in Cleveland, a city in the awards dinner ignored Rogers, Rogers felt Mancini underestimated. Rogers repeatedly asked to be traded. But then two separate chat and resolved their differences, and Mancini often praised Rogers. Last season because of his charisma, his teammates frequently call him "Big Baby."

Rogers's arrest is the latest incident with the gun-profile players. NBA Washington Wizards guard Gilbert - Gilbert Arenas into the locker room because the gun was sentenced recently to live into the "halfway" in a month and suspended for two years transforming the community. New York Jets took over Plaxico foreign - borres pleaded guilty in the gun after the period is his two-year sentence. NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Guard - Delong Te - West was arrested in Maryland are facing charges of weapons possession.