Today, the Chicago Cubs vs. Baltimore Orioles

Today, the Chicago Cubs vs. Baltimore Orioles, three cross-League series final battle, each side won the first two games in a mlb jerseys.

Third inning, the Orioles attack the overall situation, captured two out bases loaded, first baseman Millar (Kevin Millar) was four bad walks Orioles squeezed back to 1 minute, third baseman Huff (Aubrey Huff) 2 base hits with two RBIs, Huff 4 5 Number of hits and two RBI to play, left fielder Peyton (Jay Payton) of a base hit with 2 RBI, Orioles 5 points this half Board.

Fourth inning, Orioles right fielder Makakesi (Nick Markakis) out in the second one, second base with runners on the case, hit two RBI doubles.