Wu Teli (Chase Utley) belted three home runs and RBIs

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Colorado Rockies, the three series the second war, the first Phillies team to win.

One Council, the Phillies captured two out bases loaded, right fielder Jenkins (Geoff Genkins) were four bad walks back to the Phillies crowd 1 min.

3 Bureau, the Rockies first base hit consecutive 3 Attacking 1 point.

Of five, the Phillies second baseman Wu Teli (Chase Utley) belted three home runs and RBIs, 17 made this season, Major League ranks first, followed by first baseman Howard (Ryan Howard) was 4 bad walked, Jenkins then belted two-run homer, Phillies 5 minutes then let's use this last half lay Katsumoto.

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