The Phillies once again get angry killer Ross

The Phillies once again get angry killer Ross, four Board may point circle one and win the direction of left field hits to help the Giants get the first point of support, now hit the third war, each had a RBI revenue, "I really do not dare to believe I can make the playoffs, the playoffs two months ago, I do not know what it is, is the Giants brought me all this, "Aug. 22 to Ross before transferring from a giant marlin, but repeatedly perform outstanding in the playoffs.

Giants Huff (Aubrey Huff) also knocked in four innings with RBI hits, and of five Sangqi Si (Freddy Sanchez) doubles the direction of ground balls, Atlee (Chase Utely) did not stopped, so that the giant again add 1 point, 3 points, insurance, coupled with the suppression of Kahn, a giant win.

Porch said: "I am very pleased that we overcome the fear, I love my players out."

In the future war will be the fifth, the Phillies Brandon (Joe Blanton), played the giant new Bergman (Madison Bumgamer).