Sabathia pitched 4 inning win their six hits

8 Bureau of downstream to the cavalry by the first hitter Ian Kinsler walked on base, but Kinsler death occurred in the base-running mistakes Shique was contacting the one between second base; Yankees 9, and then sent under guard Terminator Mariano Rivera, Yankees whistle Take the 6 to 5 and grabbed the first win the American League Championship Series.

Sabathia pitched 4 inning win their six hits, all to blame lose 5 points, but relying on his teammates defeat vote escaped fire support, back-2 scoreless innings, 4 strikeouts soared out of Dustin Moseley will win the game; Wilson pitched seven Board gave up 6 hits, lost 3 points, but unfortunately bullpen pitchers do not join in, and wins passing, Darren O'Day vote is lost to swallow.

American League Championship Series will be the second war, Taipei time at 4:00 on the 16th for the Yankees starting pitchers Phil Hughes, Rangers were sent Colby Lewis fight.