Impressionist painters - Renoir

Impressionist painters as Renoir, early species subjected to political attacks, art on the road with many obstacles, which makes him at that time undergone a number of frustrations and suffering. However, we do not see in his dark and obscure works, his pen, whether it is depicting rural landscapes, pastoral scenes or flowers and fruits, all made us feel the joy of the sunshine, the audience's heart very warm, freedom. In particular, he described those naked women, so we feel a healthy, feel the vitality of a life. Watching Renoir's work, I suddenly thought of the great artists of his pain forever buried in the bottom of my heart, the beauty and happiness to more people. According to historical records, impressionist painter Renoir is a small site in ages, during his lifetime created a surprising number of portraits of his representative works are "swing", "piano girl", "box", "bath women "and so on. It is respected, the painter in the last moments of life, hands still grasping the brush, he would like more fun and beautiful sprinkling earth.

Renoir (Pierre Augusts Renoir, 1841--- 1919), was born in France Limo day, had a small ceramic workshop followed an apprentice pottery maker, and later work is to draw on the work in the ceramic pattern. Early portraits showing the tendency to depict fine, had to imitate Courbet, Courbet's art of especially great impact on him. Later, he began contacts with the impressionist painter, his works have begun to appear beautiful woman. Renoir had participated in the three Impressionist exhibitions, and later due to economic and other factors, decided to defect to the official Salon, and a big success, work style has gradually changed, he seems to feel the Impressionist paintings has come to an end, began his interest shifted to classical painting to go. Renault A Yisheng art road encounter many ups and downs, life is full of suffering, old age, suffering from arthritis pain and suffering, life is almost spent in a wheelchair.