The Works of Manet and His Exhibition

In 1859, Sharon sent to the works of Manet for the first time, but was rejected by Jury. 1861, his "Spanish guitar singer" and two works selected, and when the show award. In 1863, his large painting "Luncheon on the Grass" to "immoral" charges denied; then painting "Olympia" by critics condemned. So he follow the example of Courbet's practice, with part of the unsuccessful artist, held an "unsuccessful work exhibition." For these works, mixed media, fanatical touted and eliminate harsh ridicule have reached unprecedented levels.

1867, confrontation with the World Exposition Manet exhibition opening. Manet's success is mainly reflected in the portraits, the first to impressionistic light and color into the portrait, creating the Impressionist style. Manet's early academic years of education received, and later studied many ancient works of masters, his paintings both traditional painting a solid shape, there Impressionist school of painting bright, colorful, full of light perception of color, he can be is an important nexus painter. His works (especially portraits) naturally reflects the character's personality and psychology. "Flute boy" with almost no shadow of a plane figure painting method, the performance figures it, from here we can see Monet's talent and sense of ego.