Gelandesen 3 innings guns under the command 2 points

Flash "explosion Bureau boxing," Yankees 6, under the Board immediately respond, first take 1 minute to 3 safety light start Jahaza (Matt Garzar) repel, and replace Brad Buddha (Grant Balfour), Gelandesen in Second, third base was the situation the second floor of a bar down the right field stands, the formation of an important third cannon, the Bureau of the Yankees took 4 and a half, again going back to 4 points ahead, even if the light section after the race to recover two points are useless.

Gelandesen 3 innings guns under the command 2 points, 6 again support the next 3 rounds, 5 RBI single market contributor to the Yankees victory. The two wounded soldiers pull Xue Tucker (Mark Teixeira) and the Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu (Nick Swisher) today comeback, "Teixeira" not out ebb and 5 at bats 0 hits, batting average dropped to 2 percent 56, and the Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu 4 the anti-All on base, including two hits and two walks in, also arranged an RBI.

Yankees starter Nova 5.2 Board voted independent of the outcome of loss of 3 points, high Ting (Chad Gaudin) 6 on the debut did not hold the lead, but still picked up the first win this season (four lost); Rivera (Mariano Rivera) to vote a Board lost 1 point, was still successful rescue (32 rescue). Light starting to suffer Jahaza Board voted 5 8 security, including loss of 7 points Gelandesen home runs (5 minutes responsibility loss), swallow the 9th season defeat (14 wins).

In addition, the Yankees captain Kitt (Derek Jeter) to take 2 points The campaign, to score 1677 career points, and Mantle (Mickey Mantle) tied for third highest score in team history a player, the top two were Gairui Ge (Lou Gehrig) 1888 points and Babe Ruth (Babe Ruth) of 1959 points.