Pavano back on the brilliant performance today

Minnesota Twins starting today Pavano (Carl Pavano) unstable conditions, the main investment was the Chicago White Sox 5 Board smacked three home runs, but fortunately in the Twin Cities continue to spread the fire wire and frequently not for him to recover low scores, the last relying on Yonge (Delmon Young) wins the two points lay the foundation gun, smooth to the Twins swept the White Sox by 8 to 5, and won nearly 12 tournaments in 11 wins, and Pavano are lucky seized the first 17 games this season.

Pavano back on the brilliant performance today, the White Sox hit the highly anticipated registration plate is somewhat disappointing; teammates was enough loyalty to the Second Board under the first, relying on Yonge, Tommy (Jim Thome), Rui Puke (Jason Repko) and Hardy (JJ Hardy) in the series of hits, as Pavano won ahead of 3 to 0 advantage, but, he was immediately under the three Board can be Koerner (Paul Konerko) play solo shot after he Council is continuously under four stolen bases, knocking out security points, so the Twins in the fourth end of the remaining 3 to 2 lead.