Yankees playoff race reduced to a magic number

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox 3, Lien Chan lost the first two games were, swallowed the four-game losing streak, today (27 days) in order to avoid being swept at home, before the starting pitcher by the Mosley (Dustin Moseley) off into Sri Lanka (Phil Hughes), Daisuke Matsuzaka resisted. The Yankees originally have the opportunity to win in the regular 9 Board, but the "patron saint" Rivera (Mariano Rivera) missed was tied, and finally into the medal playoff before relying on Miranda (Juan Miranda) concave to the bye walks, 4 to 3 win over, now the eastern United States to lose the light behind the half margin of victory.

Yankees playoff race reduced to a magic number, it will be their first in 16 years to 15 degrees into the playoffs. The Red Sox will swallow nearly 13 lost 5 games, they are now the Yankees 6.5 games behind the wild card, ominously, the schedule also remaining 7 games this season.

The first 3 innings by the Red Sox Martinez (Victor Martinez) hit the first score of the Yankees A-ROD 7 retaliate the next 2 points ahead than the number of guns, this is his 29th season boom. The coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) to Rivera on 2 out of 8, the early clock to work, not only because he was not a long race, but also hope to hold only 1 point lead.