7 diet of lies to deceive you

Trying to lose weight has been a long time, you feel the weight is not much change? To see that he is not deceived by these lies.

Do you often say to yourself:

Lies 1: "As long as 19 o'clock and will no longer eat, they can lose weight by!"
When to eat is not important, the key is to eat what, how much to eat. If you eat a heavy meal during the day, but also without proper training to digest, even at night without supplementary feeding, is also president of meat!

Lies 2: "Every day weigh-in, you can always pay attention to remind me to lose weight!"
The right diet and exercise to lose weight can guarantee minus 500 grams of body weight per week, but the scale of home weight scale does not clearly show such a subtle change, if the daily weigh-in, no progress will feel frustrated. The correct approach is to adhere to exercise ,3-4 weeks on a regular basis, said once, you will find that he is indeed a lot of light!

Lies 3: "I do not need exercise can reduce the weight, because I can reduce the calorie intake."
May not exercise, you can naturally slim down, but not a long time to maintain, over period of time will rebound. It is only through strong muscle movements can speed up the metabolic rate, consume more heat.

Lies 4: "Oh, Is there any way? My obesity is a genetic father to my mother!"
Indeed, you may be the genetic parents of this little bit genes, but more often is that you may not be conscious of the "inheritance" of the parents of some bad habits.

Lies 5: "I always put a few clever mix with food to eat, because it can more effectively help 'burn' the body's heat."
According to experts, validation, together with a few food to eat, but will generate more heat.

Lies 6: "If you eat something before exercise, I exercise, when it will consume more fat."
In fact, an empty stomach to do exercise, you simply can not guarantee the effective exercise to consumption of heat, the best approach is to 3 hours before exercise to complement something necessary "fuel."

Lies 7: "If you eat low-fat foods, you can lose weight by!"
Intake of low-fat content of foods can prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases, but can not achieve weight loss goals.