Crude salt elephant leg slimming methods

Crude salt elephant leg slimming methods

Although most of the summer, the opportunity to reveal the meat has passed, but the winter will continue to be popular with the capri short skirt, legs, any fat, can not be ignored.
First of all hands of a handful of crude salt Shou Zhi.

2 and then sit on a chair or on the ground, put his feet on the location of any object above the heart, and then wet the entire water right foot, the hands of the particles of salt evenly coated in the belly with a fist to push back and forth wiping 20 times.

3 Similarly, the particles of salt evenly coated in the thigh to the waist, push the direction of wiping 20 times.

4 When the whole leg was pushed to the wiping of fever, use plastic wrap to wrap the whole leg, 10 minutes after the removal of cling film and use warm water wash away particles of salt.

Edit Comment:

Salt is an indispensable body of a substance, crude salt has been an early rise in the beauty, and beauty and was widely used and the emergence of a portion of the salt system, cosmetics, as to be used for weight loss in this regard, the crude salt diet is a lot of money in downsizing methods, after the showing of several blogs there is some effect, but only through the row of excess moisture off the body and play a role in weight-loss, but not why people are suitable for coarse salt to lose weight, crude salt to lose weight is not less body fat, but also help you rule out the body of excess water, this method of weight loss is more appropriate in edematous obesity. For a simple fat-type obesity, this method may not achieve weight loss results.

Some people used the crude salt weight-loss method that is indeed the effective elimination of edema, this method only edema caused by obesity effect, the helpless in the face of real fat. At the same time some guests and doctors reflects a skin allergy or have damage the skin phenomenon. However, because of inexpensive, I believe that many sisters would like to try, so if it does a way, it is best to use pasteurized off coarse salt and distilled water, you can control bacterial infection.

However, in effect, no matter what weight-loss method will take some time to achieve real results, so coarse salt weight-loss method may not be able to see the results a day two days, so we must persevere.

Crude salt thin warm Tip:

1, massage is very important, can promote blood flow to help the water discharge, but remember to put it mildly, rubbing too heavy, but will lead to more rough leather clothing.

2, sensitive skin, remember not to use the use of edible salt or coarse salt, so that will make your skin injuries. The so-called crude salt is the salt we eat is not so fine, just like the original people to eat salt, salt may cause enormous, are uneven.

3, you want to Ban Cheng paste, we should note that the proportion of salt and water, more some salt, less water can be.

4, Ban Cheng paste gently in the post where you want to slim down massage, without wounds, should not have stung the feeling of pain ah, is not uniform paste, as well as large particles of salt in it, if the sense of uncomfortable, stopped for some time bar.

Identification Results:

Crude salt more suitable for weight-loss method edematous obese, the fat of the simple obesity has no effect!