Three operators need to build an anti-vice linkage mechanism

The end of 2009, a mobile WAP site to remove bad information, the storm swept through cleansing mobile Internet industry, according to incomplete statistics, in addition to China Mobile's official mobile internet portal "Monternet", the variety of independent WAP Web site, the number of at least two 10000, these independent WAP, also known as free WAP, the main reason lies in its content is completely free of charge, flow as its most valuable resources, which exist for the pornographic websites provide a breeding ground.

A series of reports in the media, the "mobile Internet Shehuang incident", the three operators are also first time to take the relevant measures.

China Mobile arm anti-vice

China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou November 27, 2009 announced that China Mobile would be an additional input 1 million yuan in special funds for technology research, to further establish and improve the WAP bad information monitoring system, firmly crack down on pornographic websites WAP mobile phones. China Mobile noted that it has full mobilization to deal with an iron fist, "She Huang," The WAP mobile phone sites. First, manually dial tests, reports from the public and the media exposure found in a variety of ways such as pornographic websites, an investigation has revealed that blocking the law, as at 18 o'clock on November 29, 2009 China Mobile has 626 mobile phones had been blocking pornographic websites; 2 is to strengthen cooperation in business management, for all of China Mobile WAP service fee agreement with service providers and content providers to suspend billing, inventory, and sought assurances that prohibits the use of such third party ad network business promotion; third, in order to prevent illegal links Prior to the establishment of an effective monitoring system, China Mobile to stop selling its own business through the Internet web site.

As the industry's analysis of China's move to give up profits, "size fits all" approach would maximize the clear in a short time, "She Huang," The WAP site.

China Telecom shielding WAP

China Telecom announced WAPSP services to all of the first shield, one by one audit, qualified and then open; after there were indications that China Telecom has been allocated measured 2665 mobile value-added services, straighten out the ISP (Internet Service Provider) 141, clean off WAP sites are not for the record 49 clean-up close, though not yellow but there are unhealthy content WAP sites 101. China Telecom said that the current WAP business management, especially outside of the block pornographic websites there is a certain degree of difficulty, they are by constantly changing IP addresses, and even take a different time, serving different content and other despicable means to avoid regulation, so that China Telecom by the original means and measures is difficult to eliminate completely. To this end, China Telecom decided at an early stage in accordance with the provisions of the relevant government departments to clear off the illegal pornographic websites based on the full service for all WAPSP shield, clean up and rectify and make black and white list processing.

In the interview with the media, China Telecom spokesman said that China Telecom has always been resolutely implement the national anti-pornography regulation arrangements for the deployment of the network, fully cooperate with the campaign against management work, and never stopped.

China Unicom to set a "military order"

Anti-vice in this turmoil, China Unicom, the same swift action. Earlier, China Unicom and the first batch of Renmin 15 partners, open a policy of "military order." It is learned that, since at 0:00 on the December 6, 2009, China Unicom to open the 15 to the user community has a public commitment, and after a rigorous review of the first partners to provide information services. China Unicom will be closed to other yet to make a public commitment to the community of enterprises information services. China Unicom official said, will these companies provide information services for their critical review of public commitment to the community.
At this point, the three major carriers have said that the establishment of WAP business information content security monitoring system, the negative information on the implementation of mobile Internet technology, filtering, while receiving real-time reports for all users. Insiders analysis, in order to ban "palm yellow net", we need to establish linkage mechanism.