Rescue team went to Haiti and China to complete search and rescue mission back to Beijing

China International Rescue Team to Haiti to complete the earthquake disaster emergency search and rescue mission, today (27 days) arrived in Beijing. This is China's international rescue team since 2001, the sixth since the establishment of participation in international disaster relief.

Haiti after the earthquake, China sent the first time by the 60-member international rescue team. China's international rescue team under the coordination of the United Nations unity, to overcome various difficulties, which insists on the front line of disaster relief. China's international rescue team excavated the remains of eight Chinese peacekeeping police and a number of the remains of United Nations officials. In addition, they treat more than 2,500 wounded. At present, one from the 40-member Chinese medical disease prevention and rescue team was still in Haiti, Port au Prince to carry out medical and epidemic prevention and humanitarian relief missions.

Chinese international rescue team to Haiti by the search and rescue, medical aid and logistical support composed of three units, including the Beijing Military Region Corps of Engineers 24 rescue team members, the Armed Police General Hospital, 15 medical, 10 earthquake experts, and journalists accompanying such person. They were carrying more than ten tons of search and rescue equipment, rescue equipment, as well as hundreds of three kinds of search and rescue dogs.

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