What the ball for Fan Keer leave?

What the ball for Fan Keer leave? Used to be a record vote of the transmission loss of the ball (changeup). The ball was kissed, Fan Keer although literally "black and blue," but without losing sense of humor, said: "so lucky, he did not break my jaw." He does not cast blame Weilemaier lost his rest a 3,4 days after the match could be played.

In fact, Fan Keer kiss a lot of experience was a serious ball, 7 July 2004, he was hit the ball into the right eyes, wearing a black eye like a spot to leave for medical treatment, hang wounded to August 14 only from the new Back to the venue. The doctor in his right cheek in a small metal plate installed, this time was the ball kissed the doctor to take this opportunity to put the board took out a piece of metal, Fan Keer also naughty, said: "This time was better played low, and have a chance to show that a metal plate, and I very lucky. "