U.S. Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball, MLB) will start today in Beijing

U.S. Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball, MLB) will start today in Beijing, China. Competition time for March 15 and 16 teams for the Los Angeles "Dodgers" and San Diego "Padres." MLB Chinese mainland official website will be synchronized on the line on race day, as the partner of one of MLB BroadWebAsia (BWA), has reached an agreement with MLB, specify the site's podcast 2.0 - amber MLB Network as the exclusive operator of China's official website.

According to the staff of Amber Network, MLB Network will be the Chinese government formally opened on March 15, the site will serve as a MLB in mainland China's only official website. Official online line, China's sports fans can watch the MLB through the site trip to China information and events of all Chinese situation, race day, Amber Network will provide live Internet video is more live, so that more fans can not personally We glimpse of baseball's charismatic. cheap MLB jerseys

Amber Network CEO Li Xihao that baseball is very popular in the United States, but the awareness level in China is still shallow, the MLB official to China and established network in China to promote far-reaching popularity of baseball. Chinese fans also can Tongguo official website of the Simplified Chinese data Qingsong land searches to Daliangbisai information, without Zai as before only from sports channels and Guowai website to see the information on the MLB and baseball events.