U.S. Major League Baseball will start in Beijing

U.S. Major League Baseball will start in Beijing, China, by the same in the United States West Los Angeles Dodgers vs Padres, the time for the March 15 and 16, all in a couple of days, location is at the Beijing Western District 5 Baseball Song field.

5 Pine baseball field is built for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games baseball field, the subway arrived in the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Olympic team before the invitation to Major League exhibition games in this conduct is to test the new baseball facilities, Road Dodgers and Padres baseball field in 5 loose 2 performances after the game, will make use of views, so as to improve Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee will be an important reference.

Before this, only five pine baseball on August 20 last year, has invited a Japanese team engage in a "Good Luck Beijing baseball" (Good Luck Beijing baseball tournament).

It is reported that five baseball games in the Olympics before the pine, in addition to host the Chinese baseball team can concentrate fully on this, the other team that missed the first baseball field in 5 loose concentrate fully.