So far this season, has three games major league no-hitter

Major League season, the fourth no-hitter there! Today (26, Taiwan time) Diamondbacks and Rays 3 Lien Chan's first game, Diamondbacks starting pitcher Jackson (Edwin Jackson) 9 Bureau does not hit in any one out hits, 8 walks cast, performing no-hitter in shutout victory and closing to help the team 1 to 0 victory over light Jackson scored 5 wins this season.

So far this season, has three games major league no-hitter, the Rockies were Ximannizi (Ubaldo Jimenez) in the April 17 Battle Warrior to cast the no-hitter shutout, Athletics lefthander Braden (Dallas Braden) in the May 9 light cast on the full game, and Halladay (Roy Halladay) play against the Marlins complete game performance; Jackson again to create a simple records.

Jackson The campaign reached 149 with the ball the ball is also a season high eight walks in all in the first three Board; In addition, the history of Arizona, which is the second no-hitter.