Wang struggle in the United States the past 10 years

From the Yankees ace, dropping to zero injuries after surgery to re-start the construction of low earners can imagine, the family support day for 10 years, gave him the strength to stand up again. Wang said, "his family said they are encouraged not to despair, rehabilitation can be a good time to start all over again, if they can not play, is back to Taiwan citizenship." Asked whether he had been doing the worst? Wang answered very simply, "For ah."

Wang struggle in the United States the past 10 years, the most remembered in Taiwan is, and team-mates time with athletics. Wang said, "like into the national team to a group training there, are living together, together we concentrate fully on, with a meal, do anything together."

For 10 years, good or bad experiences, build earners are no longer thinking too much, and now the best hope is that the Alliance as soon as possible and then return to their ambitions.