The former Seibu pitcher binary pine (soil reaction) Daisuke

The former Seibu pitcher binary pine (soil reaction) Daisuke, Kazuo Matsui, after an absence of four years will meet in the World Series, but this time their relationship has become a rival from his comrades.

"Rocky Socks war" into the countdown, in addition to super-strong cast Becket (Josh Beckett) can cut the Rockies in the opener seven straight playoff series, the "Heisei monster" Pine (soil reaction) Daisuke and the "nuclear warhead" Matsui This is the first Central Committee Jia former teammates clash, affects the hearts of fans in Asia.

Kazuo Matsui came Koshien Name doors PL Gakuen, the effectiveness of the Seibu period, the Pacific League the second best shortstop makes people want, in particular, Ichiro Suzuki 2001 season he moved to Alliance, the "hit, run, observe the" three beat players Matsui become a fan favorite Western Union, main and received his first stick "warheads" reputation, 10 years experience on staff to leave 09 combat rate of 3 percent, a record 306 stolen bases.

2003 ball end of the quarter, Matsui exercise FA (free agent) the power, duties and went to join city, but "nuclear warhead" light does not illuminate the road Matsui's major league, the effect of city and during the coaching staff has not been reused, and have actually the object of the New York fans boo, until this year before Matsui, "comeback", the rate of 2 percent against 88, 32 stolen bases a firm Rockies starting second baseman.