No baseball people do not know Tommy Strong (Tommy John)

No baseball people do not know Tommy Strong (Tommy John), Hall of Fame ballot this year received only 29.1% of votes, ahead of only the former St. Louis Cardinals home run king Maguire (Mark McGwire) and more out of 30 votes, two stars a Minglasunshan .

Strong Since 1989, Tommy retired after 5 years with Hall of Fame candidacy, but every year get the job. He won a total of 288 career wins 231 lost an average of 3.31 ERA, wins a few ranked 25th in the history of Jason, and 3 years more than 20 wins, Major League ball up to age 26 years from the 1962-89 years, in particular, he is baseball history The first player to move ligament transplant surgery, medical to remember him, he gave his name this operation, known as "Tommy John Surgery (Tommy John surgery)."

Strong right arm in 1974, Tommy ligament rupture by Hooper (Frank Jobe) doctors surgery or, for baseball history as the first laboratory mice experiments, Tommy did not expect after the operation, after 18 months to return to the Dodgers, then board the board voted 13 years, then won the 164 wins (124 wins before surgery), wrote the first major league legendary phoenix.