Major League rookie of the winner announced on the 13th

Major League rookie of the winner announced on the 13th, Red Sox second baseman Peizhuo Ya (Dustin Pedroia) include 24 first place votes to dominate the American League, was awarded the National League Rookie of the hit 34 home runs for the Brewers to play strong Junior Brown (Ryan Braun).

Pei Zhuoya baseball career win as Red Sox as full of "surprises", has been doubted he was only 175 centimeters tall and the possibility of major league players all big burly break one day, with 3 Peizhuo Ya hit rate of 17 percent and full year results of only 6 turnovers, so Boston fans just love this "mini-version of" the second baseman.

Pei Zhuoya after winning distress: "Each stage has questioned me, saying I was too short, slow, poor arm strength, etc., but the fact that more people believe me and giving me the opportunity to (the Alliance) to shine. "

Compared to Midland almost "overwhelming" vote, the National League Rookie of the competition is intense, and by the end of May before the major leagues from the 3A Brown rose to the hands of the clubs were popular, 3 into 24 batting, 34 total base hits and 97 runs batted in, "star" of the combat achievements of the Brown received 17 first place votes to score 128 points win over the Rockies shortstop Tuoweisiji (Troy Tulowitzki) 126 points, was named National League rookie of the .

That award, Brown was finally put down the hearts of stone, tensions at home in California to sleep Brown admits: "I mind a blank, the only sure thing is that this is certainly a very close vote."