Gonzalez blasted two home runs in this game

Dodge in the 8 inning finally Rocky cow from the hands of a large number of points, played in that one entire Board, with five hits and four bad plus 1 scored 3 points, but then the second half of Los Angeles Board also relied on two hits, including Fowler's first two triples, one breath and then get 2 points, and closing Rocky on to win 10 to 5.

Gonzalez blasted two home runs in this game, this is his 6th consecutive game with a long play, 115 games this season, 61 games to hit a long fight, has accumulated 29 home runs. The Fowler's two triples and let him third base this year, up 12 hits, write down the team single-season history of personal records up to third base hits, Juan Pierre, Juan Uribe, Neifi Perez had a single quarter 11 to third base hits performance.

Dodgers star outfielder Manny Ramirez in game play 6 inning pinch, the results the first one strike Jiugen referee ruling the ball good and bad arguments, the trial was ejected. This is probably his last game wearing a Dodgers jersey, the team finally decided that he allegedly traded to the Chicago White Sox.