Orioles batters to face the first round

Leave the snake nests, wearing white socks, Edwin Jackson's performance reborn, today (27) pitched eight Bureau of the sea soared 10K, led the White Sox 8, Orioles than the 0 to Ku Haha.

Though there have been staged at the end of June no-hitter (8 walks), Jackson lackluster performance this season in Arizona, WHIP values as high as 1.50; 731 trading deadline, but before the return to American League, joining the White Sox, Jackson feels like rebirth, 4 times before Fat total of 28 Board only lost 4 points (3 responsibilities to lose), during the capability strikeouts is surprising, strong hair 34 Old Mr. Chang K.

Orioles batters to face the first round, Jackson walked alone to the one on base opportunities, Nick Markakis 4 Bureau of the honor of being the first one on base hits by the batter, even by mistake, direct steal third base, but still could not break through Jackson blockade, 8 Board Kutun eight duck eggs.