Has overcome testicular cancer to Lowe

Although it is not being noticed, but Lowe is not to look down on the outside, season 3 of the 24 batting average, 120 RBIs were career highs, as brave performance in the playoffs, had 15 RBIs in 15 war, second only to teammate Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) 16 RBI, Derek Lowe after the game did not forget the champagne drenched body laugh at yourself: "It's like icing on the cake, this is the best』 『accessories!"

Has overcome testicular cancer to Lowe, played in the final year of the contract value, reflects the spirit of Amistad, the Red Sox won the World Championship to determine, the third base stands fans constantly chanted "Re-sign Lowell ~ Re-sign Lowell ", requested renewal of the Red Sox and Derek Lowe, by nature optimistic attitude to the Lowe says with a laugh:" Is a free agent after the talk, here (Boston) played very happy, now I just want to concentrate on celebrating the win. "