Line in the Diamondbacks beat Cubs pitcher three joint blockade

7 Bureau, Diamondbacks third baseman Renos (Mark Reynolds) Cubs reliever Malmo phase (Carlos Marmol) for a record 95 miles of the straight ball, a stick bomb hit ahead of spring, and then relying on walks and hits an additional insurance No. 3.

Line in the Diamondbacks beat Cubs pitcher three joint blockade, the center bar plays only Derek Lee (Derrek Lee) hit one hits, turn off the combat is the main reason for losing.

Diamondbacks next game will launch on 12 season 13 games left to vote defeat Davis (Doug Davis) start, Cubs are sending the same cast as the left-Li Lee (Ted Lilly) fight. Davis, Winnie the start of this year had won a victory in games, the games he pitched seven scoreless Board, and struck out eight times. Lee Lee fought in the year before Bear from the Toronto Blue Jays, the regular season also had a field with a rattlesnake grips, threw 8 strikeouts and only lost two points but to swallow the failure to vote. If the Cubs continue to play line hibernation, a hundred years without a crown may have to happen!