The face of hot pursuit of the Brewers

The face of hot pursuit of the Brewers, Cubs fire proof with all 22 Taipei time against piracy team, relying on four home runs, including Manny Ramirez (Aramis Ramirez) single-field Pom, irrigation into six RBIs and closing to 13:8 victory over the visiting Buccaneers.

Manny Ramirez in the No. 1 Board and the Board 7, respectively, knocking out key 3 RBI home run, this is the 19th of his career single-game performance has more than Pom is the 2nd of this month. He said, "If you try to hit a home run, you are partial not hit, you just have to hit the ball, and watch what happens next."

Cubs pitcher Marquis (Marquis) poor performance, only pitched 2.2 Bureau, was pounded eight hits, 2 walks sent, lost 7 points and had to exit, but the team relied on the officers and men Yongming, use 6 relief pitcher, effective suppression of anti-piracy team the next, and then rely on the team hit 16 hits, 13 points, including four home runs, defeated the Buccaneers.

"We also need another 1 week of kinetic energy," Cubs coach Bi Naila (Piniella) said: "The feel good to win these games, these are important, are the critical moment of the race, these children are successfully completed." .

As the Brewers Reversal of Fortune Warrior, Bear still retain 1.5 Field margin of victory in the National League Central leader.