Red Sox's fight broke out in the eighth line

Schilling proves he is a contest-type player, a total of 16 times in his playoff start, won nine wins and 2 losses, ERA is only 1.93 of the high level.

Red Sox's fight broke out in the eighth line. The first beaten with clubs by Lugo (Julio Lugo) was recommended for admission, the Angels replaced reliever Shi Pier (Justin Speier), did not think they fall into hell began. Red Sox hit in the Council six hits, hit a total of 11 people coming down 7 points to lay winning foundation.

Angel is by Red Sox pitching audience repression, only relying on in the ninth sacrifice fly scored 1 point irrelevant.

Red Sox ALCS successful promotion, will face the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians between the winner. Red Sox fans the excitement level is also the 2004 Red Sox swept the Angels in the first round, then the Red Sox won the championship after nearly 84 years.