Down Lin Xikang (Tim Lincecum) require much time?

Down Lin Xikang (Tim Lincecum) require much time? Red Sox 3 Bureau is you today, Lin Xikang 3 Bureau threw three walks and was hit five hits and lost 4 points, immediately go for the giant while the Red Sox start Rest (Jon Lester) completed only 9-Board lost 1 point, a smooth victory won 9, Red Sox beat Giant 5:1.

The first European Council embankment hereby (David Ortiz) on the use of spring home run, told the overthrow Linxi Kang's determination today, the Second Board bases-loaded situation, Rest self, playing back a sacrifice fly points, Shikuteluo ( Marco Scutaro) has a soft of hits and then the next 1 minute, 3 Bureau of the Hall (Bill Hall) hit a last straw that breaks the Linxi Kang.