But many veteran baseball people and experts

Although the Strasbourg (Stephen Strasburg) rely on a perfect start, frequency will be more shining star halo grazing, there are still many people that he is still qualify the current All-Star Game selection. But such reports came out, for many people pleaded small history, which places "baseball.about.com" Hom expert Patrick (Scott Kendrick) straight choke unreasonable, "All-Star Game, do not do to let the fans see that joy it? "

While his teammates today, A Short History of Fire is not quite the situation with the first time to swallow bitter taste of defeat in the taste of major league, but he pitched six Board sustained winds 9 strikeouts skill, it still provides the majority of fans to cheer and applause, but with a start before he founded the old K rookie record, leaving the previous rumors that he will be All-Star season, the news spread like wildfire.

But many veteran baseball people and experts, however, took opposing views, including the head coach of the Cincinnati Reds Baker (Dusty Baker), the United States "ESPN" anchor and the Hall of Fame star Morgan (Joe Morgan), have said they do not agree that this year's Short History a proposal Star Game, "is not the time now, not to the era of Strasbourg." The group of famous, talking heads of the opposition, but also to stand even behind the counter could not help a small history of the party.