This is not the result of more non-alarmist

Pitched 5 2 / 3 Board suffered a 14 hits, the Indians built the defensive play against Aberdeen, the rate soared to an "unbelievable" 19.06, "Taiwan" was dull in the playoffs this year, although the Yankees coach Torre (Joe Torre) constantly "reminded" Do not forget the outside Wang's contribution to the regular season 19 wins, but even behind the Arab people of Taiwan in addition to fans, but also want to know exactly how the construction of earners?

Yes, the playoffs are Indians no matter how Wang repair, construction of the outside world can not ignore the regular season, Aberdeen's outstanding performance is a key figure in the Yankees Daochiganzhe broke into the playoffs, but when the fourth battle Amin New York fans booed, the bow slowly into the lounge of the screen appears, deeply hurt the hearts of the fans, the greater question mark is: "James really anti-stress level to ACE it?"

This is not the result of more non-alarmist, professional sports more realistic? Time to pull the nine-○ age of the winners of the League of Nations Non-Warriors must go, Since 1991, 15 consecutive playoff appearance, the Yankees more than the current choking, but to ask what the Warriors won several titles? Answer more, no less, only the 1995 champion who once fifteenth win probability is low enough it! Fans are forgetful, and no one will remember the regular season to win a few games the ball, only to remember the last king who is professional sports, the winners and champions can never equate.