Playoff matches and lightning, respectively Tigers team

Playoff matches and lightning, respectively Tigers team, Sanchez two games before a total of 282 yards passing, 38 passing 24 times success is just Faffe or Manning game data only, but the jet team powerful ground attack and defensive alliance will be Sanchez's first tender into the invisible, "a hero 3 help" the situation and even allow some of Big Brother were all jealous, Brisbane said: "It's clear that he has a strong team around , excellent ground attack, and excellent defense, he need only to pass, his offensive coordinator is Brian - Xiao Teng Hymer, who once served as my San Diego quarterback coach, Brian to help him grow rapidly up. "Sanchez agreed Brisbane's view, recognition of this right to use a conservative quarterback is actually a rookie for protection, he said:" At present, very effective, is also the hope that I will be more opportunities, and now is well-behaved some good. I accumulate experience through each game, while the experience is no substitute, I think the biggest reward is to know what is in the end will bring victory or lead to failure. "

Sanchez's predecessors rookie season may be not so wonderful, Peyton - Manning rookie season, led only to play three wins and 13 losses, equivalent to the regular season last year, the third Pirates of the results, Faffe and Brisbane are also eating is not less bitterness, as reached the Federation final, is to get into things after the NFL a few years, even more than the legendary quarterback who started well, Sanchez is also very clear-headed, he said: "In the offseason I will sit down to see more watch the game, see Brady, Manning, France Brisbane, Vladimir, and how to observe the game, I hope I can learn better. "