Redskins coach Zorn

Redskins team owner known for Schneider are known for their very generous, but his coach in the selection of repeated failures, the recent 7 years for the five coach, he bought the Redskins in 1997, team, 2000 season, head coach Norv Turner was fired midway , the current Lightning coach in 2001 season and paid employment Marty Schottenheimer, a year after his dismissal (the latter served as Lightning coach), 2002, appointed the University of Florida football coach Steve Sperrier, resigned two years later, in 2004 requested the Hall of Fame coach Gibbs to reappear, resigned after 07 end of the season, Zorn is the 5th head coach. It is noteworthy that the last three erythroderma team coach Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier and Gibbs were not winning more than half.

There is no coach Zorn experience, not even served as offensive coach or defensive coach. The Coach in the NFL, the coach is the offensive and defensive following two coaches, and then down to is the various locations of the assistant coach. Zorn had only quarterback Seattle Seahawks assistant coach, to the Seahawks out of the Berk tuning known. Redskins a few weeks ago, he has been employed as attack coach. However, after the process of looking for coach blocked, and then decided to promote him to a two-hop, directly as a coach. Zorn specializes in West Coast offense system, is bound to the offensive line will have to re-create erythroderma, especially the young quarterback Jason Campbell will experience some sharpening. Redskins team owner of this amazing move, can receive the Most Effective, the new season will be a horizon. However, according to Redskins team history, has been appointed coach of the four did not experience the new coach's first season in the Redskins record winning more than half were not, therefore, Zorn was not optimistic about the prospects for this season.