Faffe is older than the fourth linebacker announced his retirement

The evening of January 13 local time, NFL players on active service, one of the oldest, Patriots linebacker Junior - Sow the fourth announced his retirement, he declared that this is the last time, there will be no return.

As a 12-time All-Star, Sow back again this season, joining the mid-patriot, to help the team a division title, but in the playoffs first round game, home defeat to the Ravens do not go further, but the individual contributions of the season Sow Tackle the highest five times so that he single-season Tackle reach 15 times since the post-game interview, he said: "This is my last game."

And Brett - Faffe like Sow is the NFL's only "60 after" players, 19-year career in the first 13 years spent in San Diego and Miami this month on the 19th will be at least 41 years old, In August 2006, he first announced his retirement a few days after the Patriots announced and signed in two seasons to play 14 games starting in 2007 and 2008, he was all staged a "comeback retired" in play, and Sow, retirement and back more than four times up to 2 times Faffe retired back pale into insignificance.