Super Bowl viewership data to dominate the U.S. screen

According to Monday's ratings data, the 44th of this year's Super Bowl broadcast also set a record for broadcast CBS (CBS) and investigative bodies Nelson announced that a total of 100 million 65 million U.S. viewers watched the Super wrist television, more than the 1983 TV series "Army field hospital," the final episode of 100 million 60 million, becoming the largest viewership in the history of American television programs.

Steelers Super Bowl last year's Cardinals game against the number of 98.7 million viewers, when a record Super Bowl ratings record was 100 million this year to break 65 million, in a declining television ratings, the era of Super Bowl ratings is climbing every year for the broadcast sector has brought huge business interests in more than three hours of coverage, the 30-second ad asking price of up to three million U.S. dollars, CBS News and Sports is responsible for vice president of Sean - McManus said excitedly : "This is an extremely rare sport in the history of magic moments." Meanwhile, the 44th Super Bowl ratings in the United States reached 45%, the highest 14-year high of 4 percentage points higher than last year, was less than in 1996 Steelers Super Bowl games and the Cowboys game was 46%.

CBS CEO Leslie - Moonves said: "The Super Bowl, and any television ratings are very good in comparison, there are 100 million 60 million people watched the game, it's hard to see this in other places figure. "Moonves also predicted that, CBS this year's Super Bowl advertising revenues have exceeded previous years, broadcasters, this year's record viewership data for all future play a role in promoting the sale of Super Bowl advertising," the Army field hospital " Actor Alan - Alda has also joined the celebrated ranks, he said: "If the" Army field hospital, "the ratings have been exceeded, and the most likely situation is that many people are willing to see the Saints win, I am also, I am pleased to could not have been happy, I love this city. "However, as the number of U.S. households have television sets (100 million 14.9 million units) than in 1983 (83.3 million units) is much larger, so also the Super Bowl ratings is far less than in 1983's "Army field hospital," was as high as 77%, is probably a far-fetched figure.

Nielsen also reported that this year more people choose home watching television rather than go out to bars and friends carnival, because the densely populated eastern part of the weather is too bad, McManus said: "Florida's good weather and northeast of the presence of bad weather at the same time the most favorable ratings. "Although this year's economic situation has not significantly improved, but CBS still will be sold out Super Bowl ads, Nielsen survey, in which Snickers (food), Doritos (food), Google (Internet), But Light (beer) advertising the most popular.